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  1. Envisalink 4

    I use the envisalink with a DSC panel and I have been really happy with it. I mainly use it for the monitoring service and have found their response time to be really good.
  2. Blinds

    I think you can do % in control4 too as there is a Vera driver for it. I chose not to have it set up that way.
  3. Blinds

    I was able to have these Bali blinds integrated using a Vera hub. The Vera hub sees them as blinds and can do percentage control. In control4 I just have them setup as open or close and has been working really well through the Vera hub. The hardest part was adding the blinds to the hub. I had @Matt Lowe set them up for me in control4 and they have been great.
  4. Remote Programming Services.

    Matt has been great in helping clean up my system that my local dealer struggled with. His communication and his promptness in completing the work can't be beaten. I can't highly recommend him enough!