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  1. patdaman45

    Registraion Error - 403

    We unregistered the controller in Composer and then made sure that the client removed it from their customer.control4 login. Appreciate the help!
  2. patdaman45

    Registraion Error - 403

    Its running 2.5.3. After doing some research it seems like 2.8.2 is the cut off for Rhapsody but registration should still work.
  3. Hi, I'm a network guy trying to register a control4 system to a new client. It was previously registered to the old homeowners account and when trying to register it to the clients newly created account they receive a "403 unauthorized" error. Even when trying to re-register to the old account it fails with the same error. I'd be happy to pay someone to help me figure this out as they cannot use their Rhapsody service because of it. Thanks!