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  1. Useoftime311

    FS: Araknis 700 Series Outdoor WAP

    It hasn't been outside. It's in GA.
  2. I have an Araknis 700 Series outdoor access point for sale. In original packaging. No signs of wear and tear. Nothing wrong with it!
  3. I have an adaptive phase dimmer in white for sale. (C4-APD120-WH) It hasn't been used, as it wasn't needed. In all original packaging. PM for details. Thanks!
  4. Useoftime311

    FS: New Pakedge WK-2 WAP

    I have an unused WK- 2 WAP for sale.
  5. Useoftime311

    FS: New Pakedge WK-2 WAP

  6. Useoftime311

    FS: New Pakedge WK-2 WAP

    I have a Pakedge WK-2 access point for sale. Everything is in the box and hasn't been used.
  7. Useoftime311

    FS: EA1 and Araknis Outdoor WAP

    I have an EA1 and Araknis 700 series outdoor WAP for sale. They have not been setup before.
  8. Unused Araknis 700 Series Outdoor WAP for sale. Message for pics or details.
  9. Useoftime311

    FS: Pakedge WK-2 WAP

    I have an unused WK-2 for sale. All in original packaging. DM if interested. Thanks.
  10. I have a WX-030 speaker in black for sale. Hasn't been used.
  11. Useoftime311

    XBR65X900E USB Drive

    Does anyone know how to get the TV/Control4 to automatically go to the USB drive when the room is "turned on"? There is no "USB" in inputs on the TV, and there is no binding for USB in composer. Thanks!
  12. I have a new forward phase dimmer in white. In original box. Hasn't been used!
  13. I have a slightly used Yamaha MusicCast Preamp for sale. Certified drivers for control4 are available. In original packaging with accessories.
  14. Useoftime311


    What size touchscreen do you have?
  15. Useoftime311

    WTB: Fan Control, Configurable Keypads

    Are you still looking for fan controllers? I have a few.