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  1. EA1 For Sale

    I have an EA1 for sale. I got it for my dad, but he decided to go with an EA3 instead. In original packaging with all accessories. Hasn’t been used.
  2. SiriusXM

    At Cedia, they said the intercom app was in beta for dealers.
  3. SiriusXM

    Has anyone had any luck finding the new SiriusXM driver that was released with 2.10 at Cedia last week?
  4. FS: Brand new Sonos Connect

    I have a new, in the box, Sonos Connect for sale. Hasn't been used or taken out of the box. Will take best offer. Please PM me your offer.
  5. FS: EA1 and SR260

    I have a used EA1, with all parts and box, and a used SR260 for sale. Both have no signs of wear or tear. PM for price or offer. Thanks.
  6. (SOLD) For Sale- SR260 and Config Keypad (NEW)

    I think I have another one if you're interested.
  7. FS: Configurable Keypad (White) New Vesion

    Sent. Thx.
  8. FS: Configurable Keypad (White) New Vesion

    The model you listed is a keypad dimmer. This is the configurable keypad non dimmer. Mine is C4-KC120
  9. I have a slightly used config keypad in white for sale. No signs of wear or tear. And a Kwikset lever style deadbolt.
  10. For Sale: Slightly Used EA1

    I have a slightly used EA1 for sale. I don't have the box, but I do have all the items/accessories that come with it. Message me for price, OBO. Thanks.
  11. I have an EA1 for sale, with 2.9.1 on it. It doesn't have a box, but I have all accessories that come with it. No wear or tear, just no box. I also have a SR260 with the recharge station. This is brand new, in the box, with plastic still on everything. Message me if interested. Thanks.
  12. I have an EA1, that's new, for sale. Message me for details. I also have a new Ring Doorbell for sale.Thanks. UPDATE: EA1 has been sold but the Ring Doorbell hasn't.
  13. I have a Configurable Keypad (white) and SR260 for sale. Both are brand new in the box and haven't been used.
  14. SR260 For Sale (And other things)

    Smart Code 912. Satin Nickel. Keys, yes. Brand new, yes.
  15. I have a brand new, never used, in all original packaging, SR260 for sale. Please let me know if you are interested. I also have a Kwikset door lock (lever style) and some wireless dimmers. The dimmers are new, but are previous models. I also have some PoE injectors, a new in box SpeakerCraft Rock speaker, a pair of in ceiling Paradigm speakers, a pair of outdoor SpeakerCraft speakers (wall mount) and Z2IR's. Thanks.