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  1. This has been working very well for us and allowed us to create some very natural commands such as: Alexa, I'm Leaving; Alexa, I'm Home; Alexa, Goodnight; etc... It is also nice to have It respond a bit more naturally than "OK" every time. Just a heads up for anyone controlling Hue bulbs in their Set commands. The Hue bulbs do not seem to like to turn on by simply setting the "LIGHT LEVEL" variable on the bulb or group. It works much better if you set the bulb or group to on, then adjust the brightness to the Alexa input variable (Brightness).
  2. Awesome, appreciate the feedback. Thank you both.
  3. We have had the Epic Driver running with Alexa for the better part of the year and have been very happy with command response time for turning on lights and activating different scenes in the house. We have been underwhelmed with Alexa itself in a semi noisy environment and speech recognition. Setup is 8 Echo dots spread throughout the house fully integrated with C4 setup. We decided to purchase a couple Google Home Minis to run a couple room test/comparison to see if the speech recognition/noisy room responses were improved at all. Since the Epic Driver for Google Home can no longer discover devices, we have been looking at the IFTTT driver for integration. Question to anyone who has used both: How do response times compare? We were not happy with the lag time on the native C4 Echo driver. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  4. Hey Ari, just to confirm, the driver is now working in 2.10? Does it still require an android device for the initial pairing? I went to the site and it says to not purchase still. Look forward to trying it out!
  5. Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    Create the triggers and verify they have been added. From there I did find it a touch finicky on initial discovery. If you turn on the driver's debug you will see it trying different ports to connect. I noticed it was likely a timing issue. I had much more luck not using voice to "discover devices", but used the echo.amazon.com webpage instead. Select discover devices then immediately flip back to Composer HE and send triggers. It takes a couple times, but once it locks, it works consistently and you will see a message that Triggers have been discovered. Another thing to watch out for is to use the first added echo on your account. We have 8 echo's and I noticed the one listed at the top (first added to Amazon) worked the most reliably. Epic notes this in their tutorial as well. Hope that helps. Driver is well worth any effort.
  6. Looking for quantity 3 Control4 Zigbee modules for Yale Locks. Also interested in New/Used Satin Nickel Yale Door Handles/Deadbolts with C4 Zigbee Module. Please PM with details or pricing. Thanks!
  7. Wanted to take a moment to throw a big thank you to the Epic Systems Team for their awesome Alexa Driver. I finally caved this past week and spent the money for it after getting frustrated with delayed responses on the stock C4 Voice Scene driver. My dealer had it loaded a few minutes after purchasing and programming was quick. The improvement in response time is amazing and I no longer get the dreaded "device failed to respond" after waiting 5 seconds for a light to turn on. To anyone on the fence, don't hesitate, huge improvement.
  8. WTB: C4 White Fan Switch

    All set. Thanks!
  9. LU642 HDMI Matrix Fan Noise

    I had a bad fan bearing after about 1 year that was causing a loud fan/high pitch noise. Fan was also running way more often than usual. C4 replaced the entire LU642, not just the fan.
  10. WTB: C4 White Fan Switch

    Please PM with total price including shipping to South Carolina. Thanks!
  11. All set, thanks for the messages.
  12. I am looking for a dealer/re-seller of the following Axxess Products. My local dealer hasn't been super responsive. I think this is due to not being familiar with them. All that aside, I think they would be a nice addition to my system if anyone would be willing to give me a price on them and shipping via PM. Appreciate it! Axxess White Door Bell Button -DB-C4ZB-L3-21-W Axxess Chime Relay - CR-C4ZB-11