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  1. Cost of C4 Install

    Thanks. I appreciate your feedback. I agree not being cheap as this install will bring me happiness over a course of atleast next 3 years. My worry is with C4 programming being short changed. I will talk to the dealer again. Cheers
  2. Cost of C4 Install

    Okay. Sorry if I was not being clear. I am going to make myself clear. His rate seems $125 an hour. So 8 hour job for running wires through the channel and also installing 4 overhead atmos speakers. Currently these 4 may either be monitor in ceiling or martin logan in ceiling. I again don't feel his costs are off, but distribution is off. I am worried to get screwed with a bad C4 job. With C4 you may not know job quality as well, until i put that too paces. Right now weather is good and I want this job done in March. Cheers
  3. Cost of C4 Install

    I am in Santa Clara, California nope I did not miss. I called to confirm. It's clearly written. I run operations for a start up and think understand his pricing logic. I called them initially for atmos quote. At that time, they asked for what i use for automation and showed them roomie remote and my irritation with that. I also told interested in C4 in future. At that time he mentioned being a dealer and can quote me. I said fine. He understood my first interest is Atmos. In order to win business i feel he marked up products and install and reduced C4 cost to make sure I do everything. His take is I would do Atmos & Rack Clean even though it works out more and C4 is more of an after thought. At his current pricing I may not say no to C4. Thanks
  4. Cost of C4 Install

    I agree. In my case, as I ran wires for 5.2 initially know its easy. I am not an expert but took just couple of hours to fish wires through. I also ran xlr cases and now use powered speakers. I have channel for running extra wires there as well. So I feel its more of a wash, but just worried about programming quality as its quoted so low.
  5. Cost of C4 Install

    My only worry is I don't want him to come back and say this is all covered in 2 hour programming. I would rather be happy if he prices according to job. This makes me think should I look for a different vendor. Unfortunately I don't have a C4 Dealer near my house. I have multiple people who are interested to do atmos install.
  6. Cost of C4 Install

    I feel that is how he is making this viable and its my worry. His quote for labor is $1k for wiring four in ceiling speakers $500 for cleaning up all wiring in my AV Rack He also wants to sell me 4 Monitor in ceiling speakers @850 each for atmos and a $2500 amp to run that. I am probably going to ask him to just give me a C4 quote and separate out the job. Cheers
  7. Cost of C4 Install

    I also have to mention this they have quoted me $1K in labor to wire 4 in ceiling speakers to run Atmos. Mind you my house has an attic and channel already run to get wires to my AV Rack. So my guess is they are looking at this from a big picture and making money there.
  8. Cost of C4 Install

    Yes. My system is functional and currently was able to show Roomie remote working this. I just want something that is little more polished.
  9. Cost of C4 Install

    Hello All Thanks for the all the messages. I may not add another room for atleast few years. So I would be happy with a EA-1. Currently I have three light switches on Caseta System. He has quoted me for the bundle. Thanks Rajesh
  10. Hello All I just want some level of clarity on pricing received just for one room solution. I have a media room with following: Epson 9700UB Projector Kaleidescape Vault and Alto Player Marantz UD5004 mainly for playing CD, SACD and DVD Audio Dish Hopper Marantz AV8802A Apple TV Roku Bluesound Node 2 for Audio Server Lighting system Lutron Caseta Pro Now I am being sold an EA-3 for $1300 and rack mount kit for $49 and just couple of hours programming @ $125 totaling to $250. So cost is basically $1599 plus taxes. My question is can i go with EA-1. Even if I want to upgrade in future can get a EA-3 and EA-5 and make EA-1 a slave. Why would I need a EA-3 now. I am also not sure he is making more $ on equipment sale and showing less on programming. Not sure what you guys think? Cheers
  11. Hello All I am looking for a C4 Dealer who can sell me the hardware and program and install this solution in my Santa Clara Home. I appreciate any help in this regard.