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  1. C4tune

    Infinity Edge

    So will mjpeg interfere with my ea navigators? I don’t know much about secondary streams.
  2. C4tune

    Dealer Demo kit

    That makes sense. We’re in a smallish market. Prob only 1 install a year. Average install was just a 250 working with cams and security.
  3. C4tune

    Dealer Demo kit

    My ex boss did not do much sales. No problem hanging onto it once you train and do initial buy. At least that’s how it seemed to me.
  4. C4tune

    Infinity Edge

    I installed the V2 touch screen and it works perfectly but the camera streams do not work on it. Do I need to set up a sub stream since the cameras are broadcasting 720?
  5. C4tune

    Infinity Edge

    What can the speakers do that are built into the infinity edge? Door chime?
  6. C4tune

    Infinity Edge

    Already bought the 5.... it’s fot an unfinished basement... it’ll do
  7. C4tune

    Infinity Edge

    Have a 5inch infinity edge on the way. Would anyone know if the power box is the same size as an 1gang box? Or if it’s centerered behind the touch screen ? I’d like to cut and prepare beforehand. Any suggestions welcome
  8. Cannot used a t3 in a unfinished basement...
  9. You could do if window is open while alarm is armed. You have all your security contacts connected to generic door/window/motion sensors I assume.
  10. C4tune

    Temp Displayed on 'Comfort' Navigator Button

    Can you pull this info from a dsc motion sensor (that has temp )?
  11. Are all previous model of touchscreens obsolete in current 2.10.3? If so which work? Don’t need intercom. Small apartment
  12. C4tune

    Custom buttons with code

    Pleasure to work with @dcovach. Prompt and thorough. Highest recommendation for anyone that requires a remote programming service. Thank you, again, dcovach !
  13. C4tune

    Custom buttons with code

    Thank you! Hopefully dcovach can help. Will dm now
  14. C4tune

    Custom buttons with code

    Yes exactly. The way it’s at now feels like two systems are barely integrated. A smart home shouldn’t have so many steps in my certain scenario. Really need advice on how to program. Disarm lines are being ignored. It’s an hs2032 with hl 280.