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  1. C4tune

    Apple Time Capsule as NAS

    Conposer express on iPhone can still see the drive. In fact it shows my pop box and ea-3 as network drive along with the time capsule. I’m unfamiliar with “work groups”. I know user name and password and I know the IP address is correct. But won’t connect from iPhone. any thoughts? No network changes have been made
  2. C4tune

    Apple Time Capsule as NAS

    I have been using my Apple Timr Capsule as a NAS for nearly two years, using a pop box as rendered. Recently I lost connection to NAS. Does anyone else use this setup? Was an update pushed?
  3. C4tune


    I am not an expert, but I would imagine feedback will be a tremendous hurdle.
  4. C4 Remote temperature sensor into a controllers or other contact.
  5. C4tune

    Security systems

    You can but I never figured out how. PC link cable is not very expensive. Prob need serial to usb as well. Got mine for $20 from my old bosses distributor.
  6. C4tune

    Security systems

    2032 panes should be plenty for the zones you’ve mentioned. There may even be a smaller and cheaper one that would fit, I just don’t know.
  7. C4tune

    Security systems

    You can if you find the software. It’s not incredibly easy, but it’s possible. You’ll likely find an out of date version of DLS online. Mine was from some Canadian website. Luckily the application has a way to update itself built in. Plenty of good tutorials available online. When it comes to c4 integration, make sure you follow the directions to a T.
  8. C4tune

    Security systems

    Neo with TL-280 communicator is the solution. Works great. Depending on zone requirement.
  9. C4tune

    Touchscreen Questions

    1st question: can the t3 portable touchscreen be used to monitor a camera without it sleeping? Would love to monitor for quests when I know they will arrive soon. The iPad solution falls asleep. 2nd question : i installed a 5 inch infinity edge into my 2.10.current project. It never showed the intercom icon until today. Have not been in composer lately. Never assigned an intercom license. any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  10. C4tune

    The Verge: Home of the Future

    Lol. Now we’ll just change apps... liked the opening though.
  11. I think it would be interesting to hear how people got introduced to control4 and advanced home technology in general. I remember seeing Central vacuum and being astounded at a very early age. Also, I loved harmony remotes as a child (12/13 y/o) . I remember when I got my Xbox, tv, and cable box all working with activities on my Xbox edition harmony remote. I also had a child hood friend who mcguyvered distributed audio throughout his house by breaking open old radios and using the speaker.
  12. C4tune

    Security systems

    If you’re all wired I would recommend dsc neo. It’s seamless. I love it. It also allows you to monitor or not.
  13. I PM’ed him. Thanks again. All amcrest IP cams work?
  14. Excellent. Much appreciated.