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  1. Collection Management Driver and OS2.10

    ok what the client needs to do is purchase the the 2500 points from what I understand from the developer that opens the account to utilise the remote section I am open to correction, but thats how we have got it to work in our office and for all clients we have done to date
  2. Paradox can do it as well
  3. Collection Management Driver and OS2.10

    Thank you for the welcome, Are you still having issues? Are you using a NAS drive? Is your my movies database showing up in my movies itself You can always check the data base on the drive you are using by looking in the directory
  4. Collection Management Driver and OS2.10

    Correct I am not using a developer account. This may be silly question, but is the client logged into to my movies on the pc. Had that once after a my movies update, the My movies program signed me out. Once signed back in all good.
  5. Collection Management Driver and OS2.10

    had a similar issue All we did was go to the "drive" our database is stored on and clicked set in the collection management driver. The database remained intact (ours did)
  6. I am interested in the EA 1 if its still available
  7. Future of C4 forums?

    We are happy to host this site free of charge should the need arise.
  8. Good Day We are offering onsite integration in the Johannesburg area as well as remote programming PM us and let us help you in anyway we can Mike
  9. Conditionals

    My Most humble apologies for not getting back to you msgreenf and Matt Lowe for some reason I assumed no one responded I will get those screen shots over to you asap. Matt I have never used SNMP but you never to old to learn so will look into it thank you
  10. HI Chris I just looked on your site and dont see any Rachio Driver?
  11. Conditionals

    I am trying to figure how to use a various set of conditionals I want the system to send a push notification when the alarm is set to specific state - (AWAY, STAY etc) but I can't figure how to set it up. I have tried the push notification as the action with the conditionals under it, but the system wont accept it. I have 4 partitions and I want each one to state that once it has set and been verified it must send one push notification I hope I made it clear......
  12. Control of Existing Roller Blind

    Thank you Crustyloafer I will look into that Appreciate your time
  13. Good Day Is there a device thats able to control existing roller blinds using the control 4 ecosystem,
  14. My Movies and Dune Player

    Hello Apologies for delayed response. I had a chat with customer support at C4 and the dialed into the controller and it turned out to be a corrupt driver pack on the EA5. They reloaded the driver pack and all is functioning as it should Thank you all of your time in helping me with this
  15. My Movies and Dune Player

    Hi Cyknight Yes I never scanned using the media tab I let the collection manager scan and they imported correctly, as far as I am aware I am using the DUNE HD (04 2016)) certified C4 driver