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  1. Hello Because Multichoice don't allow IP control of their boxes, and they don't allow 3rd party access to their boxes Elan South Africa have been trying for years
  2. Please could you give some examples Pounce Would rather not invent the wheel if we the experienced people on this forum
  3. Mike_S101

    Control4 clear out.

    IO extenders and controllers Switches motion detectors sensors
  4. Mike_S101

    Control4 Clear out ( UK Based )

    hi Dave Whats left?
  5. Mike_S101


    price please on 1 or all
  6. Mike_S101

    Spotify - South Africa

    Thanks MSGreenF I should of elaborated a little more apologies for that
  7. Mike_S101

    Spotify - South Africa

    Family membership is not active yet, as it was only launched today but they say soon yes I feel it is there is a native C4 driver and I was using the uk version and we thoroughly enjoyed via Spotify connect, if you buy the songs different story but for streaming we find Spotify better (our opinion) no Spotify is more then enough
  8. Just a FYI - Spotify is now available in South Africa - https://techcentral.co.za/spotify-launched-in-south-africa-at-r60-month/80134/
  9. Mike_S101

    Video Distribution in new house

    Here is the link on the Samsung 2018 Range https://www.engadget.com/amp/2018/03/07/samsung-qled-tv-2018/
  10. Mike_S101

    Video Distribution in new house

    they are about to place the order for the their next Outside Broadcast vehicle which is full 4k
  11. Mike_S101

    Video Distribution in new house

    IMHO I would go for JAP for video distribution but I enjoy that kind of scalability that they provide, there is also PHD solutions which are great, and yes ATMOS for sure TV's: 2018 Samsungs models will have SDDP and IP integration (as per a chat with C4 distributor at the beginning of the year) and if I am correct they will be controlled easily from C4 NAS Synology is our choice, been installing them in our last bunch of installs and never looked back, Solid for music and movies (1080 and 4K) streams in full ISO no issues Why UHD Blur ray when discs are becoming few and far between with streaming and the likes of iTunes and Amazon selling titles that being bought and downloaded to the NAS Multichoice may go 4k in the next year or but not much chatter in that area
  12. Mike_S101

    Video Distribution in new house

    As far as I am aware 8k Is being tested in Japan and may very well be used alongside the normal broadcast for Rugby World Cup and Olympics
  13. Mike_S101

    Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    I would love to test this out in our demo room as we have had a few requests of late as HomeKit becomes more popular
  14. WE have Paradox and its works well. No complaints and especially now that Cinegration has updated the driver
  15. Mike_S101

    Yale Real Living Door Lock

    I saw it mentioned before in a post on this but can't seem to find it again, how do you send a push notification of who has opened the door? I have looked under programming and I don't see where you specify when a certain Pin is used on the keypad to then send a push notification or mail