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  1. Power Tab in C4 App

    Thanks...I'll look into it. No...I have a friend that's a dealer that lets me access Composer Pro when they aren't using it. I don't like to bug them for endless support and try to figure out things on my own, then come here if I can't figure it out. Thank you for your help!
  2. Power Tab in C4 App

    I have a family member that also has a C4 system. When they were using their C4 app, I noticed that they had a tab on the top left of their screen that allowed them to choose a few different power options for the room. This might be a simple thing to enable, but I've tried to find it in Composer Pro and can't seem to locate it. Any ideas?
  3. Mapping Audio from Video Matrix

    Out of curiosity, what do you recommend to do with the two RCA outputs from the HC-800 when two audio matrices are involved? I currently have "Y" connectors coming out of both and into each audio matrix, but I only stream a single Pandora account for now. I'm able to listen to Pandora on all zones on all matrices without any issues, but I'm curious what happens when I add a second account. If I run one connection to each amp, then I'm basically limited to a single streaming service from the HC-800, correct?
  4. Do I have to start with only one of these events? If not, how would I start with something like "When Wii is source for Basement Family Room"?
  5. Thanks, @Matt Lowe. Any chance that you'd be willing to share some tips on the programming? Which event would be a good start to program the rest of the functionality? I see how to start a conditional statement if a certain source is selected, but I don't see how to make that the trigger event.
  6. Mapping Audio from Video Matrix

    It was simple to fix, but it's interesting how it doesn't like it. I have a Sonos Connect used on the same system and I have it connected to both audio matrices using a "Y" cable. I haven't had any issues using the Sonos on both matrices, but it definitely didn't like it when trying it with the video matrix. Since I have some wiggle room with the video matrix, it isn't an issue. Out of curiosity, how should a device with a single output be handled when I have two audio matrices in the mix?
  7. I'm trying to accomplish something similar, but with a twist. I have a room with a single TV and two in-ceiling speakers that are all connected to Control4. I have a Nintendo Wii plugged directly into the TV. Is there a way to accomplish something like the following while keeping everything as a single room: When Wii is selected as source, only Samsung TV is used for sound. All Volume commands from C4 only go to TV. When anything is the video source, only the in-ceiling speakers are used. Since different audio sources will be used in this room, I can see the need to turn down the TVs volume up and down depending on if the Wii was previously used. Is it possible to take the volume on the TV to zero (not mute since the icon always shows on-screen) when the Wii is selected, or when the TV powers off? Thank you for your help!
  8. Mapping Audio from Video Matrix

    As an update, Control4 Support looked at the issue. Since I had a single set of RCA ports on the video matrix mapped to different audio matrices, they said it was probably confusing the system. The technician told me that I needed to physically connect and map all eight sets of RCAs to the matrices before it would work, but that seemed like overkill. I only mapped the two sets of RCAs that I need to a single input on each matrix and it works like a champ. Thank you for your help!
  9. Mapping Audio from Video Matrix

    @Matt Lowe, if you are referring to the physical connections from the video matrix to the audio switch, yes, those have been made. I just went through Composer again and verified that all connections have been set, and I assume that they are correct. Any other ideas? Has anyone programmed this specific video matrix before, or one like it? I'm scratching my head on this one. I feel like something is missing in Composer and I just don't see where.
  10. Mapping Audio from Video Matrix

    Thank you for your reply. Unless I misunderstand something, the connection from the video matrix to the audio switch is already made. The output of the video matrix is mapped to Input 4 on both of the audio matrices. Is that the wrong mapping, or am I missing something? Both of the audio switches are the Control4 16-zone switches. I currently have splitters so I can send the same audio signal to both switches. I read somewhere about the pros and cons of doing so, but I can't remember what the cons were. Even if the audio was faint, I would still hear something, right? If there is a way for the matrices to share a single input and have both of them know about it, I'd love to hear about it. My understanding is that the matrices run separately, so other than splitting the single sources that I have, I guess I don't know how else I can have sources available to both matrices.
  11. I purchased a C4-LU642D video matrix switch earlier this year. This particular matrix downmixes audio streams so they can be pushed to rooms with stereo configurations. I'm pretty familiar with Composer Pro (9.1), but I can't figure out how to map the audio from the video matrix so I can listen to a video source in a particular room. The configuration is as follows: Fire TV ---> Video Matrix Input 1 Video Matrix RCA Audio Output 1 ---> Audio Matrix Input 4 Audio Endpoint 1 ---> Audio Switch 1 Room Selection 14 Audio Volume 1 ---> Audio Switch 1 Room Selection 14 Video Volume 1 ---> Audio Switch 1 Room Selection 14 Video's Audio Endpoint 1 ---> Audio Switch 1 Room Selection 14 When I choose to watch the Fire TV as the video source, the video signal comes through just fine but the speakers don't play the audio. Below are the snapshots of the current programming that is in place. Does anyone have an idea of what I'm doing wrong? I assume that Output 1 of the video matrix is associated with Input 1 because I can't find anything in Composer that would make me think differently. I even tried to map the stereo output of the Fire TV to an input on the audio matrix, but that didn't do anything, and I assume that shouldn't be needed since the video matrix audio is already mapped. Any help is appreciated! Video Matrix Connections: V Audio Matrix Connections: Room Connections:
  12. Alexa C4 programming question

    I tried to look into this more last night and still have some questions in addition to those in green above. Advanced Lighting Scenes From what I can find about toggle scenes, they are scenes that are activated when an advanced lighting scene is triggered to be deactivated. Now I'm curious how scenes are deactivated. I remember reading somewhere that toggle scenes are only for buttons but I wasn't sure if the Amazon integration is an exception to that. I went into the advanced lighting scenes in my project and set a few toggle scenes along with deleting some of the voice scenes that had duplicate names of the lighting scenes. I refreshed the skills for Alexa in the Amazon app and then logged into C4 to see what voice commands were available. The lighting scenes were only listed with "turn on" commands and not "turn off" commands. Am I not doing something right or are "turn off" commands simply not available for lighting scenes? Turning Off Audio I now have the "Turn the Room Off" in place in some of the voice commands for rooms that have music playing. Is it possible to program a command that would only turn off the music but keep a TV playing its image? I can see some situations where I'd want the TV to stay on after I turn off the music, and then I could go in and listen to the TV volume if wanted. Conditional Programming I'm trying to build a command to watch different news channels based upon the time of day. Does the attached programming look correct? Does anything need to be added at the end of the statement if none of the conditions are met? Thank you for your help!
  13. Alexa C4 programming question

    Thank you for your reply. Please see my comments below in green. Thanks again!
  14. Alexa C4 programming question

    I took my first swing at the Amazon integration last night and it's awesome! I was like a kid in a toy store and got excited with every command that I gave Alexa. I'm late to the game but this type of functionality sure takes my C4 system to another level, and I already loved it. I have a couple of things that I can't figure out and would like to run by some of you C4 geniuses: How do I program a voice scene to turn off the audio in a room? I have a room that has lights and audio and I only want to turn off the audio. Wouldn't the "Turn the Room Off" command turn off the audio and lights? What is the best way to activate and deactivate advanced lighting scenes using Amazon? I noticed that the advanced lighting scenes are listed as skills, but I guess I don't see how they would be used over voice scenes. For example, if I want to turn on many lights by using an advanced lighting scene, I would say "turn on [advanced lighting scene]". However, if I want to turn off the same lights, I would need to have a separate advanced lighting scene created and give another "turn on" command, right? It doesn't make sense to me to give a "turn on" command to turn off some lights. I like that each voice scene comes with a "turn on" and "turn off" command, but I caught myself running into some naming conflicts. I had created some voice scenes that activated nothing but advanced lighting scenes before I noticed that the advanced lighting scenes were already available as skills. I named the voice scenes after the advanced lighting scenes and now I have duplicate names. I either need to rename the advanced lighting scenes or the voice scenes, but I'm curious what some of you have done in your programming. The "turn on" and "turn off" approach seems easier to me but I'm curious if I'm missing something. Is it possible to have a voice scene change my satellite receiver to a specific channel? I've read that there are some third party drivers out there that can do this, but I frankly wouldn't know where to start with those. I see that the current driver gives me the ability to emit a macro to set a channel but I don't know what that means or how to create a macro. I see that I could also try to send keypad commands, but that doesn't seem as clean. If Request 3 is possible, is it possible to have a voice scene change the satellite to a specific channel based upon the time of day? For example, if I crawl into bed before 10:00 PM, I'd like to watch a specific channel for news. If it's after 10:00 PM, I'd like to watch another channel. Any assistance with any of these requests is appreciated. Thank you very much for your time!