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  1. I think card access makes them but C4 branded. https://www.control4.com/solutions/products/sensors as your dealer. If they're spashproof I'd guess they can take rain and snow but not positive. They've wired and battery versions. Batteries last about a year but 9V lithium would last longer. Easy to replace.
  2. We have the C4 motions which run the C4 switches on the flood lights. Out of six, 1-2 were defective but the rest work well. Also software configurable so that is nice (we have composer HE). I think you have to put sensors under overhangs because they're spashproof but can't be immersed. My philosophy is to use C4 native hardware. It is reasonably priced and just works.
  3. I'm interested in #2 as well. We had about 100 switches installed and there's a fair amt of variation in LED brightness even with switches with same settings and same ambient light (bright and dark). Natural variation or defective? If defective we've got to get control4 to replace a bunch.
  4. I can check but was just seeing if I was missing something obvious. I don't mind removing the driver as I don't find mockupancy that useful.
  5. Installed for weeks. C4 supports the DMP model. Logs didn't indicate any activation of Mockupancy.
  6. It is DMP and yes it works w C4
  7. It is programmed to turn on w security system. But security system wasn't turned on.
  8. Has anyone had issues with Mockupancy driver? We had it installed and yesterday lights started randomly turning on and off. Had had mockupancy installed for weeks and no issues. Mockupancy wasn't on. Before you opine, we have a Pinnacle dealer, great programmer, and our dealer checked with C4's office and their (C4's) tech folks confirmed our programming was fine. Reboot of EA5 didn't help. Using EA5 with OS 2.91. Baffling. Stopped happening when we removed Mockupancy driver. Was like system was possessed. I accessed remotely (have HE and 4site) and saw a slider move myself. And I confirm we've no known ghosts!
  9. Due to this we switched to native C4 audio. Bagged Spotify and now use native Tidal and Pandora and could be happier. IMO native is way to go. We kept one (of two) sonos just for SiriusXM but may bag that ultimately. We have second home w C4 and are doing same thing--tossing sonos.
  10. Hikvision work well. Just pick model supported by C4. Prob other models fine too.
  11. Windows 8. Windows 7. OS 9...
  12. Best this is to toss sonos and use native C4. I've two systems and sonos doesn't play well w C4. Not matter what others say is it clunky. Also bagged Spotify and switched to Tidal (native).
  13. The anachronistic nature of it cheapens the conttol4 brand name. In my opinion. Shouldn't be available but should support legacy for a bit.
  14. Why don't they remove it?
  15. Not sure I understand the 4Store. Have tried some apps but it seems like a half-hearted effort on C4's part or a functionality which is no longer supported. Does anyone have insight?