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  1. King's Electric

    Samsung art mini driver

    any update on this? would be amazing to give clients a direct connection to the ambient mode. Via the Samsung IP driver we havent been getting much reliability. Might be our location in canada maybe?
  2. We have several projects using HikVision Cameras. Modeles Include: DS-2CD2742FWD-IZS & DS-2CD2T42WD-I5 Would be happy to test out...
  3. i have been unable to load the v2 driver for PLa888 running 2.10 Is this something any one else has encountered?
  4. King's Electric

    Apple TV4 IP driver

    Set up a dhcp reservation for the Apple TV and it should work fine. Integrated two Apple TV 4k units last week via IP with no issues
  5. King's Electric

    vera, mi casa, wink, etc.

    i found the range and also the ability to extend the range of the vera via the Aeon labs extender was poor at best... Just my experience though...
  6. I currently integrated a schalge z-ave door lock in a project at the front door. The client likes i so much he wants to do the same for his garage door. Only issue is that the garage is located at the back of the property and out of range of the Vera controller and cannot connect. Would a second Vera controller be the solution or a z-wave extender? If anyone has any experience with either would love to know your thoughts. Thanks