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  1. Best Motion Detector

    So you can use the phillips sensor on any light, not just hue?
  2. Hello...I'm looking for recommendations for a better motion detector. I have a couple of really old Card Access motion detectors and would like to add a few more. I'm not sure if I want to use the Card Access ones again. I'm looking for something smaller and more modern. My current ceiling one looks like a giant stick up air freshener and my wife doesn't want me sticking more of those on our ceiling. I'm interested in both ceiling and wall mounted units and prefer some that are native to C4, no zwave. I've heard about NYCE, are there others?
  3. Help! Short story is that we consolidated 2 racks into one and got rid of some unused equipment while upgrading networking gear to Pakedge. After all finished, the osd distributed from the ea5 into Videostorm encoder was not working properly. The osd was really slow and there would be a 2 sec delay from a button press for the cursor to move. Picture would also flicker like it was losing handshake. We moved the osd to an ea1 and problem was solved for a week. Just had the system updated to 2.10.1 and now the osd from the ea1 is doing the same thing. Tried different inputs on the encoders, but didn't fix it. Hopefully some of the brilliant dealers on this forum may have an answer because mine doesn't.
  4. Re-working my rack for new Christmas products and am selling a Video Storm CMX1616A2: AV 16x16 matrix switch with full DSP audio and it has the NAB audio board installed. This Unit Retails new for $2926.00 with included NAB 100 audio board and rack ears. Will Sell for $1500 $1000 including shipping anywhere in CONUS. Will not ship out of US. Specs are here http://www.video-storm.com/proddetail.asp?prod=cmx1616a2 PM me if interested Thank You!
  5. Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    bind the drivers ip and hdmi connections and make sure the device id is in the property tab of the driver.
  6. Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    Ok, I ordered 2 of these and installed one irUSB on 1 of my FireTV's and I do feel that there is enough of a noticeable difference. I'm glad I did it especially if it solves the FireTV's waking up problem. Thanks Videostorm!
  7. Curious, can all the music services and specifically Sirius XM run on an HC800 or is an EA series controller needed?
  8. Noise on intercom from dimmers

    Sonic is probably right. LED's might make it worse...they create their own noise.
  9. More than likely the old box can be removed without any drywall damage, then a new deeper box could be installed. Allied make a plastic box which is almost as deep as a 2x4 stud. http://www.alliedmoulded.com/catalog/residential-products/electrical-boxes/wall-boxes-for-switch-or-receptacle-devices/p-241/ You need a good electrician to do this. They will no how to remove the old box without damage. And yes I agree, the wiremold extension box is a hack fix.
  10. I'm wondering will the 4k encoders work with existing VRX020s or will another decoder be required?
  11. OS 2.10 Features

    I believe you need a ea controller for the new music services
  12. Hello all, I have a quick question regarding Phillips hue light bulbs. I have my exterior garage coach lights on a c4 adaptive phase dimmer wired to a c4 remote dimmer. I would like to install Phillips hue light bulbs in these 4 fixtures and am curious if I can change the light color within a schedule with c4. I understand that when the dimmer is off, then the Hue are probable not connected to wifi, so how will they know that under certain programming situations, to change colors. In summary, I would like to have the light bulbs to change colors on holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July, etc. My dealer has no experience with these.
  13. Wireless Security and Control4

    Thanks for the replies!
  14. Our house is not wired for security so I am looking at options to add a wireless system for mostly window and door sensors that can be tied to Control4. I am not looking for monitoring, I would like to monitor it myself. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. Yes, I don't need anything with a built in amp. Could I use the Nuvo p300 player? Is there a way for Control4 to control it? Also, would I need the the Nuvo gateway. I can hook the Nuvo p300 player to my network via an ethernet cable.