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  1. cctech

    UniView IP Cameras

    It never works but if I touch the thumbnail I get video. I’ve tried changing resolution etc... but nothing works.
  2. cctech

    UniView IP Cameras

    I actually tried it today. I popped up as a certified driver but I’m still having issues with not being able to see preview thumbnails in navigator.
  3. cctech

    UniView IP Cameras

    Andrew, Can you resend the link please? I lost the software and need to download it again but it says the link is broken now.
  4. cctech

    UniView IP Cameras

    It’s so odd. I am randomly getting a snapshot sometimes but most of the time there’s none and I’ve never had all snapshots. I don’t have a PC in his setup running all the time. At the moment I’m stuck and looking at the option of just switching all 16 cameras out with Hikvision.
  5. cctech

    UniView IP Cameras

    I don’t know much about Blue Iris. Would I need to use their software in conjunction with the Blue Iris driver? C4 has a free Blue Iris driver.
  6. We’re trying to finish up a big C4 project and everything has gone so well until we tried to integrate the cameras. For some stupid reason I decided to use UniView cameras on this project and got a driver from Janus Technology. The issue we’re having is we get no thumbnails on navigator but when you click on the broken link icon for the camera it pops up and looks great. Any guidance or advice would be super helpful. Thank you in advance.
  7. I really appreciate the tips but that is so far over my head at this stage of my Control4 career.
  8. As stated in my post, I was told by Control4 that I could do it without the use of a matrix and the multi-screen driver.
  9. Hello Everyone, I'm in need of some desperate help. I'm a newbie to Control4. I became a dealer in December and have only installed 12 systems so far. I was at a new customer's house a few weeks back and he had a URC remote that controlled his set up of 3 TVs in his family room. He has a main 79-inch TV and two 32-inch screens to the left and right of the main TV for watching multiple games. The main TV is hooked up to a Yamaha receiver with its own cable box and the other two TVs have their own cable boxes hooked up directly. He wasn't crazy about the URC remote and I told him I'd contact Control4 to see if I could make life easier for him. I contacted Control4 tech support and asked them if it was possible to control all three TVs from one remote using the three custom buttons on the remote rather than using the multi-screen agent and a matrix. The tech said yes, I could control each TV individually by setting up programmed custom buttons. So I sold the job to the customer and I go to install today and I couldn't get it to work. I contacted tech support again and explained the situation and they said it's not possible after originally telling me it was. I'm at a loss and need to get this done. Basically, what my customer wants is to be able to hit Custom Button 1 and it turn on the left TV, hit Custom Button 2 and it turn on the main TV and then hit Custom Button 3 and it turn on the left TV. When each custom button is pressed it would then put the SR-260 into that TVs mode and control its cable box and then be able switch between all of them and control them individually depending on which custom button is pressed and ultimately be able to turn them all off at once. I could do this with a Logitech remote or ProControl but I can't according to Control4 with an SR-260 and an EA-5 at four times the price. Any wisdom, guidance or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.