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  1. Thanks for following up. I will be sending my cameras back to them and figuring out what to do next.
  2. Mitch, thanks for the response and no worries about not testing over the weekend. I had asked my dealer to add the driver so I decided to test myself. Keep me posted on what they say. If it can be made to work I'll keep the cameras if not I'll try and see how I can return them. thanks!
  3. I did try the camera and driver (trial ver) over the weekend and couldn't get it to work. The standard ports didn't work so I scanned the camera to see which ports were accepting connections and non of the 9 open ports would work. It seems that even their own (Reolink) software for PCs can't be used to connect to this camera. Here's a list of ports the camera had open when I did the scan: 8142/tcp 15859/tcp 49147/tcp 50577/tcp 52008/tcp 54243/tcp 62082/tcp 63084/tcp 65303/tcp
  4. Now that the cameras are out, has the driver been tested with them?
  5. Thanks! Will have to wait for the new one to come out as I want it for external use.
  6. Hi All, I am looking for cameras that can be integrated into C4 but that are wireless and battery operated as I can't get cabling to the locations. I was looking at the Arlo cameras but couldn't find any integration into C4. thanks