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  1. janthony6

    2.10.5 Release

    2.10.4 was unstable for me. Crashed a bunch of times and needed to manually reboot it. Upgraded - costs me nothing to do so...why not
  2. janthony6

    Unifi Protect NVR - Cameras and 2.10.3

    Got the trial to work on the paid driver. No snapshot though and not sure what it does differently or better than the generic driver....
  3. Where do you get a trial license- maybe that’s why I couldn’t get it to work
  4. janthony6

    Unifi Protect NVR - Cameras and 2.10.3

    I tested the paid driver and couldn’t get it working. Now I’m using the free generic driver and it’s working. Only thing it’s missing is the snapshot jpeg but video works. What does the paid driver do that this doesn’t?
  5. Anybody successfully using RTSP camera feeds on the latest 2.10.3 firmware? I'm using Unifi Protect (new version of their NVR software) and there isn't any need for API access and anything like that. Just the address to the RTSP feed is needed. I haven't figured out a way to get it working on the touchscreens yet.
  6. janthony6

    Control4 Intercom App is out! Go get it!!!

    I hope this eventually makes its way integrating into my home app on my Apple devices. So so far I like it
  7. janthony6

    Control4 Intercom App is out! Go get it!!!

    what is communication agent? i have the ds2 driver and i'm all updated. still says system isn't supported. i rebooted and autoconfig and all....
  8. They are totally hosing you. Araknis? No way. Get Ubiquiti. The HDMI cable for 150?!?!?!! Get a Blue Jeans Cable. Install your own TVs.
  9. janthony6

    New NanoHD from Ubiquiti

    I use the SHD and the in Wall Pro. They look great.
  10. I use the MyQ Home Bridge appliance so it natively works in iOS. Previously I was using the Homebridge driver for c4 and the c4 house logix driver.
  11. Translation: "We are too cheap to hire quality programmers and thus most of our software is not compatible with standard internet protocols and the internet in general."
  12. janthony6


    My house is new construction with all Ethernet terminating in the master closet. I installed a rack and all UniFi: -24 port Poe 500w switch* -USG-Pro-4 security gateway* -a couple UniFi switches throughout the house - ac shd access point on the ceiling upstairs -ac in Wall Pro downstairs - cloudkey controller - using att fiber 1000/1000 but I bypassed the RG using a simple script that sends all authentication traffic to the RG so it thinks it’s connected while I’m directly connected to the ONT. My USG has the ipv4 and ipv6 /128 address. You can also bypass the RG by simply utilizing a vlan swap. *if you’re installing UniFi and the model you select has a fan, consider taking them apart and replacing them with noctura fans to keep things quiet. My switch and router were super loud until I changed the fans. Instead of 2 fans in my switch, I know have 4 and it’s whisper quiet and cooler. You can also upgrade the memory on the USG-Pro to 4-8gb.
  13. janthony6

    2.10.1 Released

    If it weren’t for Homebridge, I’d have thrown this entire c4 system out. If you use Apple products, it’s pure stupidity to not set up homebridge in c4. It’s a million times faster than Alexa and far more useable.