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  1. What brand of TVs are you planning on using the Smart apps? Some of them integrate much better with C4 so it may be worth checking how your current TVs would work or help you buy TVs that will integrate well if you haven't purchased them yet. Are you planning on putting Apple TVs behind those same TVs? If so, I'd just use the Apple TV for all the apps (especially being that full two-way control is coming soon-ish). Also seems with your very limited sources and TV locations that distributed video may be a bit of overkill--still not a bad idea to wire for it though.
  2. rea

    Apple TV

    I don't think we'll hear anything until it's officially announced/released. With ISE coming up next week, though, the odds are much higher that we may hear about at least something new in the C4 world (Apple TV related or not) very soon.
  3. That sounds awesome, @alanchow...look forward to the release. Btw, kudos on the CEPro article today! With regards to #3, you could program a custom button to do that and it would be easily accessible from your touchscreen/phone app.
  4. To the OP, if you ever want to look what has official support, you can search the C4 driver database (https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?&fq=certified%3A"true") That being said, there are great paid drivers out there for Roku TVs that would fall in your price range (https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?&fq=certified%3A"true") and newer Vizio TVs (https://annex4.link/drivers/vizio-smartcast-tv). I can personally vouch for the Roku TV driver being very good. You've got plenty of options.
  5. Just a friendly PSA for us TP-Link Kasa users and driver owners. Per their recent CES announcements, it does look like they will be releasing their own LED strip some time in the first half of this year. So if you have that driver/use that ecosystem (and don't mind waiting), I am very hopeful that Chowmain will add that as an option to their already great driver and make it another excellent option for us.
  6. rea

    Apple Watch

    Yes, it's terrible. Reloading the watch app with a long press seems to work for me most of the time, but I don't even bother and just use my phone anymore.
  7. Just wanted to chime in here and thank @HTI Customs for putting through the updates that addressed the issues brought up here in the thread. It seems to be a great driver and these guys certainly provide great customer service! I recommend checking out their driver if you have one of the Roku TVs and want IP control that includes power and input changing.
  8. rea

    Smart outlets

    The Chowmain TP-Link Kasa driver is the best way to integrate as you'll get instant response and two-way feedback. You can also use them with C4 if you have the IFTTT driver (also from Chowmain), but you'll only have one-way feedback and there'll be a short (~1-2 sec) delay in any action occurring. The IFTTT driver is great for a number of other things too so it's a great value if you don't have it already.
  9. rea

    Smart outlets

    Another vote for the TP-Link Kasa outlets. You can integrate via the Chowmain driver and have them in your navigators with instant two-way feedback if you want. If you're only thinking about using Alexa and not concerned about integration, they seem to be some of the fastest responding items I've used with Alexa commands.
  10. Yeah, this is the same thing that is happening to me. Does your TV boot up when you select Roku Matrix as your watch device?
  11. No that totally makes sense and thanks for the reply. The Joey switching and control there does work well. I have tried to control with an SR260 and choosing Roku Matrix from the watch menu on the remote still has no wake-up action on the TV. When I power the room off, it puts the TV into the off/standby, but then quickly shows up in the navigator/SR260 as if the room is on again with Roku Matrix selected. Starting the TV from sleep only seems to work reliably with the Joey. Even with the SR260, it seems I have to launch at least twice to get any response. It does control as expected once it boots up. If you omit the iOS bug you mentioned, I still seem to be having some weird issue with boot up/sleep for the Roku functions.
  12. So I'm the end-user on this issue. Just thought I'd let you know that the "Roku Matrix" selection doesn't work within the iOS app or on an SR260. Choosing that doesn't boot up the TV, doesn't bring up the main Roku menu, and most frustratingly of all, when I select either my Dish input or one of the mini-apps, it reverts back to "Roku matrix" on the SR260 or the iOS app and has no control. I have to re-select the app in use to gain back control. For my purposes, I really just wanted the driver to power on the TV to the Roku TV main screen (or the Dish input) from a keypad button scene and then I'd likely just use the factory remote for now. Currently, it seems that I will have to pick an app/input to boot the TV from sleep. Powering off the room does work. I've included a screenshot for what it shows when I try to control "Roku Matrix" in the app for reference.
  13. rea

    Alexa Settings?

    Yeah, if you already have Composer HE, 4Sight and the C4 skill added in your Alexa app, you shouldn't need a dealer for anything. It'll be called "Voice Scene" in Composer and not Amazon Alexa. You can access a list of the built-in commands that don't require programming (and edit their names) on your customer.control4.com page.
  14. That could be it. I'm using an iPhone and my geofencing actions with the driver have still been working very reliably.
  15. Is it showing as last run in IFTTT or in your driver? I had my Pushover link in the driver act up on me last week so I'd check to make sure your Pushover account is still connected/working.