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  1. neo smart blinds

    Yeah, I knew there's a ton of variability with size, pattern, material, etc and that was likely not an easy question to answer. Didn't know if you had any idea if the Shade Store motor was, in general, cheaper than the Qmotion motorized rod, though. The idea of having all the internals and power supply in the rod is pretty appealing with the Qmotion, but if it costs twice as much and I can order and install the Shade Store product on my own, it starts losing that appeal pretty quickly. Have you had any experience (personal/clients) with the Shade Store product? Sounds like the integration is at least quite good on the C4 end.
  2. neo smart blinds

    In the market for some shades/drapes and hadn't seen this brand. Very good to see another option with 2 way integration. Any idea how their motorized drapery rod compares in price with the battery operated one from Qmotion? I can see the Shade Store price on their site, but my dealer has still failed to give me a quote on the Qmotion rod.
  3. Glad to hear it worked and was an easy fix!
  4. Have you tried restarting your director? I had this issue pop up awhile back where my EA-5 wouldn't scan a flash drive after I re-added the drive after adding some more music to it. I rebooted it and everything worked fine once again.
  5. Is this true for the keypads too? My keypad buttons don't seem to work if my controller is down (I really only know this from the lag after a reboot--thankfully the controller is only down if my power is down too). I suppose nearly all my buttons are actually controlling scenes may be why the controller needs to be active?
  6. Best Motion Detector

    Those Axxess sensors look nice. I've got a couple of places where I'd really like to integrate, but my local dealer has been very slow at addressing this. Any of the fine dealers on here carry these and able/willing to sell me a couple and integrate?
  7. Agree with nearly everyone here with the C4 switches. Adding a bulb at a time and having each of them as their own little unit is just very cumbersome if you have even a decent size build. That's not even accounting for all the other things you can do with the C4 keypads that don't involve lighting. They are incredibly flexible and seamless within the C4 environment. If your budget is really limited, you may even do a search on here relating to using Zwave in-wall switches through Vera (with C4 driver just like Hue). Sounds like those using them have pretty good results. I think this would be a better alternative than going bulb by bulb unless you really want the color options that Hue provides if the C4 keypads are too pricey.
  8. Using C4 Amps

    I have a TV in my great room that I have analog audio out going through a Niles Stereo Cat5 balun that runs down to the corresponding receiver in my AV rack in the basement. I have a short interconnect that then plugs right into my C4 8-zone Matrix amp (bound as "great room"). It works great and haven't had the slightest problem with it--no audio delay or sync issues (stereo speakers at this TV are actually powered from the C4 amp) and it allows me to perfectly sync my in-ceiling speakers in the kitchen with the TV audio if I want, too. Is that what you're getting at in your question? https://www.amazon.com/Niles-CAT-5-Stereo-Audio-Balun/dp/B000V9IAK2
  9. My guess is that the WD MyCloud doesn't have a very robust processor in it and unless all your files are directly compatible with your AppleTV and Samsung TV (probably unlikely), Plex will require transcoding to make your files work on your source devices. This can be very processor intensive and your WD MyCloud likely will not be able to handle it (can always try and find some info on this though). What you can do, is if you have a computer that you always/nearly always leave on (and ideally aren't needing to use for other things frequently while someone else is streaming), you can make that your Plex Media Server (PMS) and allow it to do the real work. You can then access your WD MyCloud as a source drive being it's on the network and pull files from that. You'd then just have to add the Plex app to the AppleTV and Samsung TV and you should be in business. This will only work if that computer is on and the PMS is running. You would just navigate your movie library through the Plex app on your device. Plex only charges for advanced features--nothing I've mentioned here will cost you anything to try out.
  10. I have been toying with the same idea and did come across this company that has mounts for a several different tablet and iPad models: https://www.vidabox.com/kiosks/ They don't appear quite as nice as the iPort models, but are substantially cheaper. Anyone attempted using a Kindle Fire for a wall-mounted touch screen? I know there are some workarounds to get dedicated mode to work (i.e., making Android just keep the screen on), but they seem like they'd be a nice option being you can routinely snag an HD8 for $50.
  11. 9.2 receiver

    Not necessarily. I was mostly just saying you can likely get more power for your passive speakers in your hypothetical zones not needing 7.1/Atmos for less money if you just got an amp and allowed the TV to handle the sources (most have 4-5 HDMI inputs these days). Would really only need/want a matrix amp or Triad One if you want the zone connected in your whole-home environment. An AVR won't do that for you either so I wasn't really considering that when I brought the amp up, but certainly always an option. Whether you just want local amplification or connected is another fun C4 rabbit hole to jump down, haha.
  12. 9.2 receiver

    True. And in those situations you may even get more bang for your buck with a dedicated amp anyway unless you need all the inputs with the AVR.
  13. 9.2 receiver

    I find that Blu-ray Atmos support is very sporadic. Seems that most of the new UHDs have it (though the requisite included Blu-ray disc generally still lacks Atmos). As mentioned above, I know Vudu has Atmos support and Netflix supports on certain devices with their UHD plan (don't think you need near the bandwidth to support Atmos as you do 4k). Not sure about the Apple TV--sounds like they may have added recently as I don't think they had it at release. Would certainly not consider getting a receiver without Atmos support if you're shopping for a new one though as it's becoming the new standard. Seems like it'd be hard to find a 2017-18 model without Atmos support though--more a concern if you're looking in the after-market space.
  14. Plex

    I can say the same. I have 3 Rokus going and they have all been rock-solid with integration, control and apps. I even added a Roku to my LG OLED because the native Plex app seemed to have a lot of issues for me. And I'll second that my wife loves the app shortcuts, too, haha. The only problem I have ever had is some weird flickering on one of my TVs when it's on 4k 60Hz which completely goes away if I switch to 1080p. Gotta love that HDMI, @wappinghigh! I'm still looking forward to possibly incorporating the Shield when Alan's driver is ready in my theater room to handle my Blu-ray rips--Rokus can't handle lossless audio via Plex from what I've been able to tell.