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  1. I agree with Braydon that it sounds like it's a Doorbird issue with Control4. I did have a brief time where there was a driver problem and once that was updated, everything was fine. I'd second the recommendation to double check that your driver is up to date. Also, I assume you are getting notifications on the Doorbird app each time it's pressed?
  2. I am using announcements (a chime over my speakers) and haven't had any issues with that since my system was put in (~1 year ago). I'm on 2.10.1 with an EA-5 as the director. Is your announcement just not playing, delayed or both? Does it always play if you hit "execute" from Composer HE?
  3. Correction, mine WAS working yesterday. The same issue is back again today...no 4Sight and no Alexa.
  4. Same here. It took a couple of hours before I got the notification about the patch, but I seem to be fully operational again.
  5. It would appear it is not resolved quite yet. I guess I'm part of the 5-6% then.
  6. It seems I've at least gotten my IFTTT services back up and working. Still waiting on remote access and anything 4Sight related though--including Alexa. Just saw another web services incident sent out this morning so hopefully they are still working on fixing this. It seems like it has been a bad week for web services reliability.
  7. I suppose it would help if I actually read these messages in my email. I thought the second one I got was an "issue resolved" message and it appears that isn't the case. This issue seems to be be causing them more problems than most. This would be the first time I"ve experienced a noticeable outage when I've received one of these messages, too. I'll at least wait to pursue anything more drastic until I see it's resolved. Thanks for the heads up there. Hopefully C4 can get this worked out soon.
  8. This is definitely more than just an IFTTT issue as Alexa isn't responding and I also can't seem to access my system remotely through the app this morning. Seems to be a strange connection issue which I haven't experienced in the past year of having the system.
  9. I noticed last night that my Alexa commands and IFTTT programming just stopped working. Alexa would tell me "Control4 is not responding to that command." I reset my modem, router and EA-5 and hasn't seemed to take care of the issue. Any thoughts to what might be causing that? All local/native C4 actions are working as expected.
  10. Did you try rebooting your EA-3 after it (and everything else) came back on? I've had some weird activity after a power outage and rebooted my controller---seemed to take care of it. Worth a shot if you haven't tried that yet.
  11. rea

    Flagship Store

    I checked this and my local dealer who did my install is included in this list as a Certified Showroom. I haven't been in to the store in the last 2 months, but I seriously hope they've upgraded their interactive display with regards to C4. Otherwise, this certification seems to have set a very low bar for admission. I'm half tempted to attend the showcase day just to get a sense of the community interest in the product.
  12. I've been very happy with the Doorbird. Integration with C4 is great, they have been doing a great job of updating the app and adding features, and the flush mount looks great (always a big plus with the wife). The only issue I have is that the video quality is not the best...only 720p. DS2 does look great though if they get all the features working.
  13. Yes. My rack is in my AV closet. That happens to be situated in my theater room so I have a little more plush carpet in there for sound/comfort. It makes pulling the rack out when I need to get in there a real pain. Would love to figure out a good way to make that task a bit easier.
  14. Glad to hear you liked the Triad One. I have one scheduled to add to the project next month to power some new in wall speakers. Sounds like I’ll enjoy it! I think the Triad One route may be a little much for the OP’s request for portability, but I’ll leave that to him to decide.
  15. I have a Heos 5 and a Sonos Playbar integrated--admittedly, I use the Playbar primarily for TV and the Heos gets used sparingly. That being said, both drivers are free and both systems work with Alexa now. The new Sonos driver has very limited control within the C4 app/interface; Heos is much more full featured with search, navigation, etc. If you don't plan on navigating new music or searching in the C4 app, I think either are viable options. If you want full navigation from the app and T3s and want to avoid the Sonos or Heos apps for that, I think the Heos is the better option of the two as far as integration goes.