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  1. Anyone tried this new Blu-ray player (UBD-m9700) out? Would probably grab this over the Oppo if the picture quality is even comparable. Having solid streaming apps and native C4 support sounds pretty good.
  2. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    Justin, been very interested in the Shield for my upcoming theater room build-out. What kind of control is built into your driver? I assume basic actions/navigation without direct launch of mini-apps? Would be completely OK with this if I knew the Chowmain Plex driver could use this as a client, but doesn't seem to be the case. Thanks in advance and kudos on all the work you've put in on this!
  3. Xiaomi Mi Box

    I did now---thanks for the heads-up. Looks like a good start and may consider giving it a try, but still seems a bit shy of a proper/official IP driver.
  4. Xiaomi Mi Box

    I completely agree. Would really like to use an Nvidia Shield in my theater room to run as a streamer and my Plex client, but it seems the integration is somewhat lacking for this device right now. Having an IP driver that worked as well as Roku/Fire integration would make things really nice.
  5. Your original post is a little unclear, but if you just want your lights on at night and to turn off during the day (after sunrise) you could just do something like the following with scheduler: If night time>>turn on exterior lights If day time>>turn off exterior lights. I do something similar with my lights but I don't let them run all night so I have a scheduler event based off of sunset to turn them on and then another to turn off in the middle of the night. I then do the opposite in the morning with a scheduler event based off of sunrise to turn them back on as I'm leaving for work and a set time to turn them back off after it's plenty bright out. Using either the day/night time or sunset/sunrise variables should give you dynamic control of your times based on the time of the year without having to reprogram.
  6. With my recent update to 2.10, my EA-5 decided to ever-so-slightly rename my attached usb drive and I lost my playlist I was using from my music stored on there. As the media interface in Control4 is not great (putting it very nicely), I thought I'd throw together a new playlist in Deezer because it's much quicker and then re-program my music keypad buttons to just use the Deezer playlist instead. When using My Music for this, I'd hit my music keypad button and after hitting the shuffle icon in all of my controllers after the first play, it would auto-shuffle on the keypad press to start every time from every room. I didn't have to do any programming in Composer to accomplish this and it worked really well. The Deezer interface in Control4 lacks this option when starting a playlist. Shuffle only becomes available after the playlist has started. I tried adding in a pause and then triggering shuffle from the digital media area in Composer, but this didn't seem to work. It kept starting from the first track and didn't seem to even be recognizing the shuffle command (or any of my commands). I was only adding a one second delay between starting and pausing (with shorter delays after that)--was this just not long enough? Do I need to trigger the shuffle earlier/later?
  7. I have a Doorbird and an announcement chime going through my Control4 8 zone matrix amp and there is a slight delay, but nowhere near a minute. Probably somewhere in the 5 second range. Not entirely sure if my installer put in a relay or not, but I've never had a huge delay issue so I would at least give it a shot and see how it works before you take more time/cost intensive measures. It's pretty easy (and free) to program an announcement for it in Composer HE (or maybe even When>>Then??) and see what your actual situation is first.
  8. Roku Replacement ?

    Just a heads-up, C4tune--Amazon has pulled the newest version of the Fire TV from the store as of Sept. 13. A new version will be dropping very, very soon. May be worth waiting to see what it adds before you purchase. You can see the info (and the leaked info of the new one) in the link below. https://www.theverge.com/2017/9/13/16302724/amazon-fire-tv-not-for-sale-taken-down
  9. I'm in the process of finalizing all my purchases for my new home theater build-out and wanted to seek some advice from the experts on here. I've got most of my movie and TV show library ripped to network storage in lossless MKV. I currently stream via Plex to a couple of Rokus at other TVs where I don't have full surround sound and using Dolby Atmos/TrueHD is not a concern. It works great and the wife loves it. In my research, I saw that Rokus don't support lossless audio passthrough via Plex. As I really want to be able to play my library via Plex in the theater room with original audio, I found out the Nvidia Shield can handle sending lossless audio via passthrough to my AVR. My concerns are: 1) It appears the Shield integrates into Control4 quite well from the few posts I've seen about it on here. Has anyone had any issues with integration of the Shield? 2) When I get the theater room finished, I would really like to fully integrate the Plex experience and get the Plex full app from @alanchow but I don't see official support listed in his documentation. Anyone using that driver with the Shield and having luck with it? Perhaps Kodi with Plex would be a workaround if not? If the Shield doesn't seem viable, it seems I'll have to go the HTPC route to get my audio from Plex that I want but using the Shield just seems to be much easier and cheaper if it will work.
  10. CEDIA 2017

    @alanchow That Morpheus product you are making a driver for looks kind of interesting, but what advantages does that have to just using a NAS/connected drive with your Plex full driver? The Morpheus website is somewhat enigmatic and mostly appears to be a glorified NAS with a "polished" Plex interface built in from what I can see. I don't see any built in media store/service like Kaleidescape.
  11. Eero Router

    I haven't tried to set up a ddns, ftp, VPN, smb share, etc so I can't help you there too much. I would guess most of that is possible, but can't confirm. I'm pretty sure it doesn't support QoS. My external connection is so slow right now that I don't even want to bother with any of the advanced settings. As far as my traffic, I generally have 40+ devices connected (as per my Eero app). I use Shairbridge quite a bit and haven't had the slightest issue with it. I don't have local IP cams set up yet, but do use a Doorbird and it works great. I do stream video through the house via Plex quite a bit and don't have any issues--even with full quality Blu-ray streams. My local music streams have never had a problem either. It is generally only my wife and I in the house so having multiple, different streams at once is never really a concern for us. And yeah, Eero is a full mesh--it's a seamless transition between your router/access points as you walk through the house. Hope that helps.
  12. Eero Router

    I've only had Control4 in my house for about 3 months but use Eeros (1st gen) for routers (my dealer actually sells them and says they've had mostly excellent experiences with them in their installs). My house is wired with Cat6. I have all my Eeros wired so that they don't have to use WiFi for backhaul network traffic and nearly all my locations for streaming (Rokus, TVs, Xbox, etc.) are wired. The main Eero goes directly into an Araknis switch in my AV closet. I haven't had any network issues whatsoever and I've even got horrible 3 mbps DSL coming in. With that in mind, they are actually quite helpful in identifying, very quickly through the app, random iPads/computers that are using up my precious little bandwidth. The WiFi coverage has also been great. I have full coverage in every part of my 5000 sq ft house (I have 3 eeros total). They also look good enough to place them in a position to maximize coverage and not hide them in a cabinet. When the gigabit fiber that's available 500 ft away from my house finally makes it way to me, I'm sure I'll find them to be even better!
  13. HDMI Switch

    Happy to help. I'm just figuring out a lot of this myself! MakeMKV is great and I definitely recommend it as well. I bought another program, Acrok Ultimate Converter (Mac), and it's much more polished than MakeMKV and generally faster, but I've found it has one big weak spot...it really struggles ripping any Blu-ray with a Dolby Atmos soundtrack. MakeMKV handles them without a problem. It's free for the first 30 days so I'd give it a try. If you need something more full features or find you want to convert file types a lot, you can always give something else a try later.
  14. HDMI Switch

    Joecheech, I have the 55" model of your TV and can confirm that the Plex app on it is a little unreliable (occasionally crashes the TV). I'm using Plex via Roku on another TV and it's been rock solid. Plus, unless you have the IP driver for your LG OLED, you can't navigate directly to Plex via your Control4 remote like you can with the Roku. Safe to say, I'm planning on getting a Roku for my LG OLED sometime soon. And, yes, you can watch your ripped movies via Plex without a direct HDMI connection. I'm currently in the process of digitizing my library and am just using my desktop with an attached HDD as my Plex Media Server until I get a dedicated NAS. Your source for Plex does all the hard work (transcoding if necessary) so the only concern you may have is whether your TS-251 can handle really high-res video transcoding--but others will likely be able to help you out there much better than I can (haven't used that NAS). Also Plex will play your movies with whatever audio formats you ripped from the original source. Most will have multiple audio tracks available for you to select (make sure you get at least one compatible with your output sources). The quality will only be diminished if you compress your rips. I rip mine with lossless MKV so audio and video are exactly like you'd find on the disc.
  15. I have a Sonos Playbar as the audio zone for my bedroom TV that has an EA1 connected to it. If I add this zone to one of my other (non-Sonos) Control4 zones, the TV turns on to the EA1 input and the music source playing from Control4 in the other zone(s) will stream through the Playbar like it's a native zone. I'm assuming you have a TV in this zone if you have an EA1 (??)--seems overkill if you don't. Obviously, if I'm just playing music only in the bedroom zone it's much easier to just stream music to the Playbar via the Sonos app like others have mentioned.