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  1. Can't tell if you're a dealer or not, but when I right click on any of the script in Composer HE (I'm an end-user), there is now an option to unlock the programming (or something along those lines) so it's visible in When>>Then.
  2. rea

    Inwall speakers

    I had some of these Monitor Audio in-walls (https://www.monitoraudio.com//en/product-ranges/controlled-performance/cp-iw260x/) installed within the last 6 months and really like them. Not as much bass as my Silver 100s in another room, but that's to be expected with in-walls. You have the option of running these horizontal for a center channel as well.
  3. rea

    Cheap TV

    This paid Roku IP driver (https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/c4-roku-ip/) says it works on the TCL Roku TVs. I haven't used it, but maybe someone on here has and can comment about how well it works for you. Documentation seems to me that it would work over Wifi as well. Vizio also makes pretty good cheap TVs and the Annex4 guys have a driver for the newer SmartCast versions that you could also check out (https://annex4.link/drivers/vizio-smartcast-tv). Not sure if theirs works over Wifi but seems likely.
  4. rea

    Lutron or C4 for lighting

    Thanks! Sounds like I'll have several options to work with. And just to add for the OP...I use C4 lighting and really like it. I've never used Lutron lighting, but the flexibility of the keypads going the C4 route is very nice.
  5. rea

    Lutron or C4 for lighting

    Awesome...thanks, Ari! Will definitely have to do that then when I get around to getting the shades in then.
  6. rea

    Lutron or C4 for lighting

    Do you use the up/down buttons like this instead of volume control or is there a way to program them to do both based off of a prior action? Adding some blinds in an area soon where this would be really nice if you can do the latter--don't really want to give up my volume control.
  7. rea

    Streaming Device

    Yeah, FireTV is definitely good for side-loaded apps. Given the limited zones and how cheap these things are these days, it would be easy and work to have both--use the Roku for your core apps and the Fire for the side-loaded ones.
  8. rea

    Streaming Device

    Roku integrates with C4 really well. I have 3 in my system and they are fast and the mini-drivers mentioned above really make it nice (bonus points: one of my wife's favorite C4 features). I've had Fire Sticks and, frankly, I feel like the Rokus are faster and run apps just as well. Other than built-in Alexa integration and Atmos in the Fire 4k, I don't think the Fire hardware is anything special compared to Roku. If you're a big Kodi user, then that changes thing...you may want to go with Fire (or Apple TV). The user interface is a personal preference, but that's the nice thing with Roku and the mini-drivers...I barely even see the Roku interface. I just go straight to the app I want.
  9. rea

    Iwatch glitch

    C4 on Apple watch is (very) sub-par. I have noticed that it has gotten a little better with the new WatchOS update...but it's still not great. Try doing a hard press to reload the app. That generally makes things work better.
  10. rea

    Neeo Remote for Pro Channel

    That's what I was worried about just looking at it. It certainly is aesthetically pleasing, but there's so much wasted space there on the remote that adding some more hard buttons seems like it would've been both possible and very functional. I'll take usability over looks any day with something like a remote control. Thanks for the input!
  11. I was listening to the HomeTech.fm CEDIA recap podcast today and they brought up the Neeo remote. Looks like there is a consumer model that's been around for a little while (and even a 3 year old thread about it on here), but it appears they've just added a model for the custom install channel: https://neeo.com/neeo-pro/ If you click the link, they even have a picture of it with an EA1 describing "plug and play" C4 integration. Any of you dealers play with this at CEDIA? I know a touchscreen C4 remote has been brought up on here a few times and this could be a 3rd party option for those interested if it works well.
  12. rea

    Apple TV OS 12

    I brought that up because in all of Apple's press releases and the description of tvOS 12 with regards to "home control systems," Siri integration is always mentioned as a component of this new feature/compatibility. If adding some level of official Siri voice control support is part of this update, it seems like this would be a much more significant update than just better IP control for the Apple TV. Not sure how C4 is approaching this (obviously), but understandable that it would take some more time if Siri is added to the C4 world for the first time in an official manner. Not relevant if C4 can just update the Apple TV IP driver separately, but seems to be if they are linked as Apple seems to imply.
  13. rea

    Apple TV OS 12

    Didn't Apple also infer that there would be some degree of Siri/HomeKit integration with this update at WWDC? The linked article above seems to insinuate that too.
  14. I'm just figuring the Snapshot driver out myself and I think like @dcovach was saying (btw, your party mode snapshot idea was great!): 1) where the Snapshot driver is in your project really doesn't matter. It's the properties you have for it like you took a screen of above. Disregard that it says "Take Snapshot in X room" when you're doing the programming--that's just where the driver is located in your project. For instance, my Snapshot driver isn't even in a proper room, it's in my "Clouds" room. You can still choose whatever device/action as your event to take the snapshot. I'll certainly admit that this confused me for a bit as well given most other things in C4 are very room specific. 2) If you want very limited Snapshots (likely with different triggers for the snapshot), you will need to add a separate instance for each one. You can then name each one as you wish. That, again, is just for reference and ease. It doesn't really change what it does--that's all in the Properties tab. 3) I can't tell what you're using/planning on using to trigger your Snapshot. I know you want your theater lights, but is this off of a doorbell or something similar? If it's a doorbell, it seems having your theater and office (or the whole house) on the same Snapshot would work just fine. You aren't going to notice it do anything in the rooms you don't have the light toggle programmed in anyway.
  15. rea

    Doorbird Chime

    Oh sorry, I misunderstood and thought you still had it. You'll likely have to contact Doorbird then. That is one of the weird quirks of Doorbird for sure. I took a photo of my QR code and the login and saved it on my computer because I was worried about the same thing happening.