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  1. Sports Team UI Buttons

    Yeah, sorry, I meant to ask what are YOU doing with these buttons just to get an idea of how they would work (other than change the LEDs). Are you just turning the TV on to a random station like BTN for IU games, etc.? I know most teams wouldn't play on the same channel all the time is why I ask and am interested if you have a clever way to work around this issue.
  2. Sports Team UI Buttons

    Go Hoosiers! Speaking of that...can your experience button fast forward us to next year for them? ; ) On a more serious note, what action are these performing right now? Like knowitall mentioned, seems a bit of a challenge to know what station any said game would be on without pulling TV info.
  3. Unfortunately when using the voice scene driver, it's best to always think of it as just an audible button. Having it act on Control4 devices like you're mentioning would really require you to have a Dot tied into the Amp like some have discussed above with the mentioned difficulty in getting the device to the amp and the loss of audio quality. One, possibly important, question is what music service are you planning on using for this plan? I don't think I saw that mentioned above and Amazon Music isn't natively supported through C4.
  4. And if you have a C4 matrix amp/audio matrix, it's not hard to program audio commands to play native C4 audio with high audio quality. Just use the voice scene driver. If you only have one Dot, it's likely your zone(s) you would be thinking about controlling are limited and this would be pretty easy and would save you any wiring if you already have wired speakers.
  5. Nvidia Shield and Plex

    This sounds really good @alanchow I'll be sure and keep an eye out for the update to the Plex driver...thanks for the nice early notice on this!
  6. Nvidia Shield and Plex

    Awesome...thanks, Jed!
  7. Along the lines of the Sonos idea, I have a Heos speaker integrated and it works pretty well. I also have a Denon AVR with Heos that I plan on tying into my matrix amp so that I can get whole house Heos if I ever want to add the individual speaker as a zone with my wired speakers. The Triad One will certainly be the most seamless way to go like others have mentioned. Something to keep in mind if you're putting a Sonos/Heos in your garage--temperature. I live at elevation and the winter mornings get very cold. My garage was getting down to freezing and the Heos would drop off the network and need re-booted. It never did this when the weather was warm so I just ended up having to move it inside for the winter. Would just try and check the operating temperature range of whatever speaker/amp you get if your garage isn't climate controlled.
  8. New remotes in the pipeline??

    Yeah, I agree with many here. On initial examination, I was a little disappointed in how the SR260 looks. Then I use it and realize it feels great and am in the camp that I really shouldn't even have to look at my remote control to use it. Other than starting my operation or changing devices, I can operate the SR260 just off of feel very quickly. The biggest reason they will beat touch screen interfaces for that purpose for a long time to come.
  9. Programming Wake Ups

    I use the Wakeup agent and have a macro selected in there for the actions with lighting and music settings plugged directly into the agent. However, my wife and I work very weird schedules and it's nearly impossible for us to hard-program anything into Composer that would work when we want it. I got around this by triggering the Wakeup agent with the IFTTT driver from @alanchow. That way, I can just schedule "good morning" in my Google calendar from my phone (or wherever) when we actually want it to happen and the scene is triggered via IFTTT. I don't have to go into Composer or the on-screen to make it happen and don't accidentally leave it on when one of us is sleeping later. This may be an option to consider if your schedule is slightly erratic like mine.
  10. This was confusing and disappointing at the same time to me as well. I think you're misunderstaning @msgreenf though. That "From Jack's Echo" in your app is where your commands (Echo related like weather, etc.) will be read out. You're likely not getting a response on your other Echos because you can't hear the one where it is outputting your actions. For instance, if you create a routine that only has "smart home" actions in it, it won't even give you the option to choose the "From" because your Echo devices aren't outputting any sound and it doesn't make any sense to choose one. That's why you can't create more than one "good morning" routine--all the Alexa devices are still hearing the command and you can't give Alexa the same command with different results. I was really hoping you could create device specific routines as well so I could eliminate the room names from my commands. Not yet it seems. Maybe that helps a little?
  11. I have my music keypad buttons now triggering a Deezer playlist instead of the MyMusic playlist and figure the process is similar to Tidal (haven't tried Tidal yet). I used HE to set it up, but will say that it's much more work than using a MyMusic playlist . My playlist through MyMusic would auto-shuffle after I hit shuffle on the controller/app after the first time--no programming needed for this. It actually only took one line of programming in Composer HE-- "play playlist XX in room XX" The option to "shuffle play" doesn't exist in the native Deezer player so I basically had to program the playlist to start, pause it, put in the shuffle command in digital media, advance track and then play again with enough delay in between the steps that the streaming could catch up to the commands. Very irritating that they don't offer the option to just "shuffle playlist" in the streaming service as I doubt anyone wants to listen to the same song over and over every time you hit the button. Would be very easy if you just want to play a station or something similar that does the shuffling for you. With that in mind, I'm very doubtful you can get a personal Tidal playlist to work properly through When>>Then. Would be awesome if they incorporated that feature though. Highly recommend getting HE if you want to do more advanced programming like you've mentioned. When>>Then is nice, but quite basic right now.
  12. Yeah, just got the Oppo UDP-203 and found out it will not play MKVs with Atmos/TrueHD tracks off of an attached HDD. So I wouldn't recommend it for this purpose--considering the 4k Solo myself as a future purchase to address this same issue.
  13. Amazon Echo Driver!

    I did what Elvis did and it works quite well. As long as you have the channel you're wanting to call in your "broadcast channels" in the media tab, the programming is pretty easy and then you can manipulate the voice scene as you wish. I just use channel name followed by the room. The wife loves being able to turn on HGTV hands-free. Not certain how this works with the Epic driver, but would think it would be pretty similar as far as coding it goes. And I saw the Kodi mention above. Not sure if there's a skill for that yet, but just tried out the Plex skill for Alexa in the last week and it works quite well. I can now turn the TV on to Plex and then navigate to movies/TV shows all through Alexa.
  14. C4 Update

    Happy to hear this is getting taken care of. I was tired of my remote always acting like it was about to die and then only charge for 30 seconds because it was actually fully charged.
  15. Blinds

    @eggzlot So I did a little test when I came home and it does look like the Wink works with percentages as well. I just changed my shortcut tied to IFTTT to ~half closed and pressed my keypad button and it worked perfectly. So it looks like Smartthings or Wink would work for this--both would work with IFTTT driver. Like I said, still don't think there is anyway you could control with a slider in Control4 app as Control4 just doesn't see these shades as being there. You could create a series of custom buttons (10%, 25%, 50%, etc.) that tied into your desired levels though and trigger off of these as an option. @wnpublic I actually thought the same of my Wink when I initially set it up--only open/close and no percentage control. I didn't mind because that's all I really wanted and we could use the little included remotes for anything else. With that said, I rarely use the Wink app to control being I have them tied to C4 keypad buttons and when I opened the app up for the first time in awhile to check today for @eggzlot I was surprised to see the interface for these blinds had really been revamped. It's actually got the Bali brand name on there and you can virtually pull and open the shade to your desired level/percentage. It's actually pretty slick now. Also can't recommend the IFTTT driver enough. If you're the DIY type, you can really do a lot with it. IFTTT also seems to have a lot more options with Smartthings than it does with Wink.