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  1. Is it showing as last run in IFTTT or in your driver? I had my Pushover link in the driver act up on me last week so I'd check to make sure your Pushover account is still connected/working.
  2. I have my modem on one of these TP-Link plugs because it's in a wall box behind my rack and hard to access. As long as my router is up, I can power off and then power on the plug to power cycle the modem like you mentioned. It works great. I haven't gotten Alan's driver yet, but assume the commands would work the same as those in the native app that I've been using for that purpose.
  3. Thanks for the input @sonic30101 and @Thatguy230. I re-entered my credentials in Composer again this morning and it actually connected this time. Not sure what was going on there, but seems to have fixed itself. And I did pay for my Pushover license so I should be good there.
  4. Anyone else experiencing issues with their Pushover connection with the IFTTT driver? Mine was working as of yesterday but seems like I've lost it today. I checked on ComposerHE and the driver is saying the Pushover Websocket is disconnected. I'm also getting this readout in the Lua output dialog box: ERROR: Most likely cause is Control4_IFTTT device on pushover already exists. Please delete this device on the pushover website and re-enter username and password in properties page I tried deleting the device from my Pushover account and re-adding but still getting the disconnected status in the driver. My C4 connection is showing up in Pushover and telling me it's connected so I can't really tell if this is the driver or a Pushover issue. The outbound commands in the driver seem to still be working so I'm thinking it's more of Pushover issue, but figured I'd see if anyone else on here is experiencing the same.
  5. So this paid one doesn't include power on/off then? It's kind of hard to tell from the documentation. If not, seems like there is no reason not use the very good free driver.
  6. https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/c4-roku-ip/ I've seen this driver mentioned on here, but have yet to see anyone comment if they've had actually used it. The documentation states it works with Roku TVs and doesn't specify a brand so may be worth a try with the 72 hour trial. Anyone given this a try on here?
  7. rea

    Echo Buttons

    So you're saying not everyone has an Echo device every 20 feet in their house?
  8. rea

    Echo Buttons

    I've seen some people interested in turning Amazon Dash buttons into "smart buttons" for actions on the forum. I know many of you are probably aware, but Amazon just made their very gimmicky Echo buttons for games much more useful. You can now link any smart device, scene or routine to the button press. This means you can trigger C4 scenes/actions with it now. It seems they can now do what some wanted the Dash buttons to do without any tedious workarounds. I can certainly see having a super-cheap battery powered button having some interesting use-case scenarios and look forward to giving them a try.
  9. No wiring involved--just battery operated. And, @Unsocialtoaster and @lippavisual, I totally agree. It was more that with the additional 3 hours of integration, I was looking at almost 7 hours of time per shade and that seemed a little high being there was no wiring involved. I'm happy to pay the money if that's what it is--wasn't sure if there was anything more challenging or specific with integrating blinds into C4 as I've yet to do that. I tried clarifying my original question to better state that. Thanks for the comments.
  10. Integration is an additional (much lower) charge. And I'm quite proficient at Composer so all they really have to do is add it to the system and bind buttons for me and I'm good.
  11. Looking to do some shades with my local dealer. Prior to this we have installed all of our shades and thought we'd let them install these as these are very big. They are quoting us an install price that's basically 50% of the parts price (essentially 13 hours of time between install and integration; 10 hours labor and 3 hours integration). This seemed high to me and wanted to solicit some of the dealer opinions on here as I wasn't sure if there are special considerations for shades in the C4 environment. I only have a few Bali shades currently that I've integrated via IFTTT/Wink so this is my first time with "high-end" shades and didn't know if they present different challenges.
  12. rea

    inconsistant work schedule

    I've gotten this to work by using the IFTTT driver with a Google Calendar event titled "Good Morning" as the trigger. I have this activate a Wakeup (think that's what it's called?) agent programming in C4. Granted, I only remember to add the calendar event about once every 3 months so hopefully you're better at adding your schedule to your calendar than I am if you go down this route.
  13. rea


    I use IFTTT for geofencing and recommend you do just like @sonic30101 said and use variables for each family member. This allows for a lot of other location/occupancy based programming options as well. There are ways around it, but it's also easier to just have a separate instance of the driver for each family member who you'll be using this to make the programming easier. I've never had an issue where it mistakenly sent a location trigger. The biggest issue is that it's not always the fastest on its response. This doesn't really affect anything I use it for, but I could see it being a problem/annoyance with gates and garage doors if you use it for that. You could always test that and see how it works for you though.
  14. I use the IFTTT driver for geofencing and it works quite well for my purposes. I haven't used any of the other solutions so I can't make any comparisons. You'll need an instance of the driver and a separate IFTTT account for each person you intend to use it for though. The best thing with this driver is that you can do an endless array of other things with it on top of geofencing for a very reasonable price.
  15. Yeah, I'm not sure any of us know what you mean by "stations." What service are you using? What exactly are you wanting?