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  1. That sounds like a vote against Sonos, haha. I don't currently have a Spotify subscription, but like the service. Have been paying for Deezer since I got Control4 for the native integration and have been happy with it so far but am not tied to it for any reason. I'm not in a huge rush to do this project so maybe by the time I get around to it, Spotify will be native to Control4 (CEDIA 2017 maybe???). If I was able to select the Heos wireless speakers AND my built-in Control4 speaker zones through Spotify connect, that would actually be pretty easy and solve the "one app" issue I'm trying to accomplish with my wife. Braydon, I do have the Sonos Playbar and think it's great. Integration seems to be solid with it that's what made me consider going Sonos. I use Airplay a lot (via Shairbridge) and haven't had any issues with it so far. I suppose just some Airplay speakers are an option too.
  2. So I'm trying to figure out an audio situation and would appreciate some guidance. I have distributed audio in my house for 6 zones that are all tied into a Control4 8 zone matrix amp. All inputted music is currently coming from my EA5 via the connected services or my own connected drive. I have a couple of rooms in the house that don't have speaker wiring to them that I would like to throw some speakers in and, of course, I'd like to integrate them into my whole home system. I figure either the Sonos or Heos route is the easiest way to go to do this. I have a Sonos Playbar integrated with one of my TVs and really like the audio quality. I also have a Denon AVR with built-in Heos (haven't used Heos yet). So I have a foot in the door of each ecosystem already but don't have tons of equipment tying me to either. I haven't had any issues with the new driver using my Sonos Playbar but I use it almost exclusively for TV audio. From what I've read on here, the new driver is pretty bad for integrating Sonos speakers as music zones. I really want to be able to control the music in these rooms through the Control4 app and be able to add/remove them as zones as seamlessly as possible. The wife really likes things easy and if she has to "app-hop" between Sonos and Control4 to make these zones work, it's a deal breaker. Would a Sonos Connect hooked into my EA5 and matrix amp allow me to send music to the Sonos speakers in these non-wired zones through Control4's native music options (my music, Shairbridge, Deezer, etc.)? Not having access to all of the services in Sonos (or Heos, for that matter) is not really an issue for me. It does sound like Heos integrates really well and would do everything I want, I'm just not as familiar with their stand-alone speakers and haven't heard as much direct praise for them as I have for the Sonos speakers.
  3. annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with this driver and how it compares to the Cinegration driver I'm using now.
  4. Thanks again for making me think of this, Lippa. I went into the AutoUpdate driver properties when I got home and saw that the dealers didn't have the auto reboot turned on for the director. I did that and re-enabled the doorbell in the Doorbird driver for good measure and the doorbell is operational again. I'll know to check that in the future if something similar happens again.
  5. Thanks, lippa. That was my suspicion and, after checking the change-log on HouseLogix, the timing seems to be about right too. I do actually have the AutoUpdate driver installed (or so I thought--I can see it in Composer) so I'll now have to figure out if it didn't update properly or my dealers don't have it installed right.
  6. My rather inelegant programming example that I posted does bring up the live video feed to clarify. It's essentially acting like you standing in the room and using the remote to get to the security camera view and select the Doorbird. Like I said on the original post though, your on-screen interface may be slightly different (even from TV to TV in your large setup) so you'll have to make sure those commands work for you too and will likely have to play around with the delays between actions a bit. If they're all the same, it'll simply just be replicating the steps in each room. That should give you a good template to get started with and hopefully the tips on where to put in the programming made sense.
  7. ERDrPC, I currently only have 2 zones for my programming so I just built separate macros for each room (one room even has both on/off macros as I was teaching myself as I went and got more efficient on the second room). Given that all the commands are done at the room level, I felt it was better to split them out in case I ever wanted to tie them to something else in the future. Also, by doing this, all your commands (pause, left, select, etc) will be limited to that room/EA-1. This command is just virtually hitting the pause button (and others) on your remote control so it will only pause what's on in the room it's tied to at the time. It should not be source specific. And with regards to that, you will find all the remote control button presses under the specific room (e.g., "living room") in the commands sub-menu (will be the right panel when you're programming). That will bring up every button available on the Control4 remote control. You would do the same in the actions panel if you wanted to program one of these buttons. This is why programming like this will tie each action to a specific room and one giant macro probably wouldn't work well. Your situation sounds a little more complex than mine being you have distributed video. How many of these TVs do you have EA-1s at? Also, in programming, you should see your Doorbird listed under/with Doorstation wherever in the house your dealer placed it. That's where you will program off the button press. You can then add the script here with any/all of your macros or discrete programming. This is also where your announcement agent should go if it's not already there. I'm not familiar with the Snapshot driver that Cyknight mentioned but that sounds very interesting.
  8. I have the flush mount Doorbird installed in my build. I've only been in my house for a couple of months now and until the last week, the Doorbell had worked great--no significant lag, reliable video stream and good access off of my Doorbird iOS app. I even built some programming to make my TVs bring up the video stream when the doorbell was pressed that was working quite well. Well, at some point in the last week, Control4 stopped recognizing the doorbell press. When I go into Composer and execute the programming, everything works fine (announcement agent triggers and my custom programming works). For some reason, though, I can press the doorbell button a hundred times and my Control4 system does not respond. Absolutely nothing. My Doorbird iOS app still picks up the doorbell press so I do at least get a notification that way. My dealer has told me they "think they have the solution figured out" but haven't told me what that is and don't seem to have tried it yet. They will actually be on-site tomorrow to install some speakers and will hopefully get it taken care of then, but I wanted to see if anyone here has had this issue and if there was a fix I could try within Composer HE.
  9. I've been wanting to tackle this problem for the past several days (and actually brought this up with Matt when we chatted last weekend!). I also have a Doorbird. My doorbell audio alerts have been working very well and I haven't tried to incorporate anything into motion alerts (mine seems way to sensitive to want anything tied to that). But I really wanted the video feed to pop up on the TV if you're watching it. Vincedlub, I tried hitting the Control4 button twice (with the physical remote) and that did not seem to work. It would take the curser/highlight to the last selected menu icon, i.e., it still wasn't consistent. This got me thinking though... So my Doorbird camera is located under the "Security" icon on the OSD of the EA1, which means it's at the far left of all the icons. Importantly, I tested that if you keep hitting left when you land on that icon, your selection stays there. With that, 3 left clicks (at most) are necessary no matter where your selection ends up when you trigger the OSD and hitting it more than you need doesn't take you into any other menu--a way to always land on "Security." From there I just placed in the proper clicks and navigation with a slight delay in between "button clicks." Worked like a charm. I attached a screen of the macro for example.
  10. Just wanted to update and say thanks again to all for all the help. I finally had some time this weekend to sit down and try these suggestions and got each way to work! Marty, I look forward to trying out some of the Macros with Voice Scenes soon. Thatguy and abovedeck, quick question on the programming for your method. I ended up getting this to work and really like having it tied to one button (Custom 2) as a toggle. Makes things really easy. It did seem that the code wouldn't work until I reversed the order, i.e., I had to input like: if selected source in kitchen is dish satellite {my name for the TV audio in my setup} Turn kitchen off Stop if the video source in great room is dish satellite set the audio source in kitchen to dish satellite Stop Is there a reason that the "off" instructions had to come before the "on" instructions for it to work? I tried many different methods the other way (having the "on" code first) and it would turn it on, but wouldn't do the toggle. Reversed it and it worked perfectly but it doesn't really make any sense to me with the way the conditionals are inputted.
  11. Thanks so much, Marty...that's perfect!
  12. Thank you all. That helps a ton! Abovedeck and Thatguy, I think I figured out how to pull the "Ifs" in now and it does seem that my dealer placed a "Dish Satellite" audio zone in the kitchen that automatically ties it to the Great Room so I have that to use as my default source. That should address your last question/comment, above deck. Marty, that sounds like another great way to do it (and I also have an Alexa in each space, haha). Would love to see your screen shots. Thanks again to all.
  13. First, thanks for the suggestion on using the "Listen" button. I actually hadn't tried that yet and can do what I want through there (and many other options). That said, we add this particular zone so often that it would be nice to add it to one of these buttons on the remote so it can be done in one click (this is Control4 after all, right? ) Now, looking at your programming suggestion, I have been able to figure out how to access the remote (through the Room selection) and choose the button I want to program there. I was able to look through the action list and when selecting the kitchen, I saw the option of "turn audio zone on." This seems like an option but would probably require programming another button to turn it off. I do like what you're talking about where it would be a toggle, I just don't quite know how to do the "ifs" part you're talking about. Could you dumb that down even more for the newbie here?
  14. All, just had my Control4 system installed last week and looking for some (hopefully) easy programming projects to get a better grasp at how to use Composer Home Edition. On our main floor, we have 2 independent audio zones (Great Room and Kitchen). The Great Room has the TV and we really like adding the Kitchen speakers when the TV is on to carry TV sound back to the kitchen while we cook. Of course, we currently do this by just adding a zone through the navigator. Is there a good way to program one of the color/dot buttons on the SR260 to achieve this? Ideally, I would also like to program another button or toggle that button to turn the kitchen zone off as we don't need it on when we are all on the couch and having the kitchen zone on prevents the "Room Off" function from turning off the Dish box. Thanks!