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  1. rea

    Need New Media Solution

    Thanks...sounds like a great option.
  2. The voice scene driver is a free C4 driver. Have your dealer/one of the fine remote dealers on here add it to your project. Very easy to program once you have it. If you are using Alexa, you'll want it.
  3. rea

    Need New Media Solution

    Does this solution play lossless audio (TrueHD, Atmos, etc.)? I wasn't sure if any of the streamers outside of the Shield did this or not. I use Roku with Plex in my non-home theater zones and just go old school with discs and an Oppo in my home theater currently, but have been thinking about adding a streaming device that can handle lossless audio streams from my Blu-ray rips so this would be good to know as another option--particularly being that it looks like Apple TV is going to have native C4 support this Fall per the WWDC announcement.
  4. You can do this, but I don't think you can get it to work with the native skills--pretty sure you'll need to use the voice scene driver for this. For instance, I have a great room and kitchen zone that are all part of one open main floor. I made a voice scene called "Add kitchen." If my TV (and speakers) are on in the great room and I then go to the kitchen and want to turn on my in-ceiling speakers to play the TV audio, I just say, "Alexa, turn on add kitchen." I just have that scene programmed for the kitchen to play the current selected device of the great room. Obviously, you can then say, "Alexa, turn off add kitchen" to remove it from the group if you want too.
  5. Good to know. I knew all the devices got added, but I haven't tried to use Alexa for room control features like Turn Off and volume yet. Have you had any issue in Alexa getting confused if your Echo shares the same/similar name as your room in C4?
  6. I don't have a DS2, but have a Doorbird and I would play with your video calibration settings if you can. I have a similar situation where I have a covered front porch and getting the camera to balance the dark foreground and bright background (the inverse at night) is a real challenge. Even then, I'm still relatively disappointed in the lackluster 720p video the Doorbird puts out.
  7. So I got my dock yesterday. I have to say, I'm rather impressed with it for $35. I stuck a Fire HD8 I bought during Prime Day last year with this dock on my wife's bathroom vanity and she likes it--total cost: $85. It has a clean setup and you can remove the tablet in its charging case to use as a tablet very easily. As good as a T3 for C4? Of course not--but it's 1/10 the price. On another note, for the price of this tablet and the dock with the new "Show mode" and hands-free Alexa, it makes the Echo Show seem like a much worse value unless you absolutely need its speaker(s).
  8. Also have to give my thanks to @Derrick Cain for reaching out, unsolicited, to see if their fix had addressed the issue. Despite the issues with HE over the last month, I've been nothing but impressed with C4's customer service. Thanks for the personal outreach and quick fix--strong work by you and your C4 team.
  9. Same here. Mine is down again. Tried to re-install both HE 2.10.2 and the patch and still got the error.
  10. rea


    I certainly agree that media management could be vastly improved. The interface to add/build playlists in Composer is really outdated and very cumbersome.
  11. rea

    Security on Apple Watch

    Don't worry, before long everything else won't work well either. The C4 Apple Watch app is VERY unreliable. It's been brought up before on here and I think the consensus is that it is at least as much (entirely?) the Apple Watch's fault as it is anything to do with C4. Mine usually works after reloading (a long press on the Watch app), but I've pretty much given up on it unless I don't have my phone on me or something else close by to use.
  12. Agree with @Cyknight above about assessing your particular needs. In crucial, high C4-use situations, I definitely think the T3s are the way to go. That being said, I just installed an iPad with iPort's LuxePort mount in a non-crucial area because I had an older, but very functional iPad that was due for retirement and the space it's in (a rec room/wet bar area) would really benefit from having a portable tablet around too. I did test my iPad out on my network and found no speed/reliability issues whatsoever over the course of a couple of weeks before making the plunge. The extra tablet-based functionality was worth the trade-off of losing some of the C4 features in this area for what I needed. And, in 3-4 years, I can swap in my current iPad that's the same size and basically get a free upgrade. It certainly wasn't about price as the LuxePort is crazy expensive for a charging case. Its design does at least allow you to easily pull off the wall and remove from charging on occasion which should prevent the battery swell issue that's been mentioned on here as well.
  13. Pre-ordered this yesterday to stick a Fire HD I have on a bathroom counter to use as a C4 touchscreen. I like the design, too. It reminds me of the LuxePort system (from iPort) that I just got for an iPad--minus the fact that the LuxePort had an extra zero on the end of its price.
  14. I have my fan controller down in my mechanical room next to my panelized lighting modules. I then just have keypad buttons in my bedroom programmed to change the speed on the fan controller. Just another way of doing it.
  15. rea

    Centralized AVR with local video source(s)

    So yeah, I realized I worded that poorly (which I just edited to hopefully make a bit more clear--sorry about that). I have no HDMI/video going to the AV rack from that location--just analog audio out from the TV with a Cat6 balun. That audio goes straight into the C4 matrix amp. Being the great room and kitchen speakers are both getting fed by the same amp, the audio is seamless between the two zones.