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  1. I recently purchased a contact and a relay for a reasonable price...with no real need for them, and I'm simply asking how you all have used yours to hopefully spark some creativity for how I could use them. Thanks
  2. For someone looking at this thread in the future...check out this article...it shows all the reset commands https://dealer.control4.com/dealer/knowledgebase/article/4 (FYI - Must be a dealer to access...sorry)
  3. So I took the extender and put in on the floor the same distance from the EA3 to the Motion Sensor...so right in the middle. I was able to re-identify the Motion Sensor doing this. I then took the extender to the nearest outlet that I could put the extender behind something and it still worked. The crazy thing is that the routing table doesn't show that the motion sensor is using the extender. But as of now...it's working. So I will accept this as a win and find the next C4 project. Thanks for all the help knowitall
  4. Ha...oh the joys of ZigBee I moved the extended into the kitchen...which is right in the middle of the diagram I attached earlier. Battery is at 96% The 200 is upstairs and is almost perfectly above the EA3...just on the 2nd floor.
  5. Here's where the items are: it "appears" that this extender is not helping me at all.
  6. Houston we have a problem...I think I have the motion sensor sitting 1 foot from the extender and it would not re-Identify. There is nothing else that the motion sensor could connect to other than the extender within 20 ft. So I brought it a bit closer to the EA3 and it was able to re-Identify. The crazy thing is that the "Outlet Dimmer Master" is 10 ft further away than the EA3.
  7. Here's what I did...hoping this is what you meant??? I also unplugged all the Outlet Dimmers anywhere near the motion sensor. It's still not "currently" connecting to the extender...but I'll wait longer and see what happens. Thanks for your help....seriously
  8. I'll try that as well. When you say to set channel to 25, are you meaning the EA3? Why 25, out of curiosity? Thanks
  9. Thanks so much Here's what I see
  10. How do you "know" if the extender is working? I recently installed the Zigbee Extender 3 (ZXT30) and I'm having doubts that it's working/setup correctly. Is there a way to know what devices are actually using the extender? I have a motion sensor outside that was a bit too far from my EA3 to communicate...so I got the extender. I'd like to know how I could determine if the motion sensor is using it or still trying to connect directly to the EA3. If for some reason it is still trying to communicate directly with the EA3, and not using the extender, how do you fix that? thanks all FYI - My motion sensor still isn't working...but when I bring it into the house, it works great. grrrrr
  11. Thanks for the reply...but I have to assume that there is a way to play an announcement synchronously over multiple speakers. Like when a doorbell rings, shouldn't you be able to play "DingDong" throughout your house? Maybe an "Announcement" isn't the solution, so I'd love to hear how other have hopefully solved this need.
  12. I have a motion sensor outside at my front door and I'd simply like for the sonos in my bedroom and the sonos in my kitchen to play an announcements...but for the announcement to be synchronized. I'm having issues getting this to work...in fact, only the bedroom plays the announcement at the moment. FYI - I have a variable "BeQuite" that is true after 8:00pm and turns false at 8:00am so I can adjust the volume of the announcements. Any help is appreciated Also...not to take this thread into a different direction, the motion sensor executes the above programming when it starts to sense motion...not when it stops. I don't know why but it only worked when I put this programming in the "Motion Sensor stops sensing motion".
  13. That was it. Thanks. For anyone else interested...this is the driver...
  14. Try holding the ID button while you plug it in??? Worth a try Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Well poop Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk