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  1. iHeart Radio - Troubleshooting

    So I figured it out. iHeartRadio allows you to "Save Station" and "Save Artists"...and it's only the items in "Save Station" that shows up in composer. So rus_teee can you confirm that they are "Stations" and not "Artists" that you have saved on you account? Maybe that's the issue for you?
  2. iHeart Radio - Troubleshooting

    I am having the same issue. @msgreenf there is no Action tab for the iHeartRadio driver. crazy enough I have 3 stations to choose from, but in iheart.com, the "My Stations" has 5+. It appears to be something with refreshing the list...no sure.
  3. It was stuck after 1 hour, so I went ahead and hit "Exit". Started 2.10 up and sure the EA1 was updated. (FYI - So was the other EA3 I have) So it appears that THawes was right, use CP 2.10 to update the EA's OS's.
  4. Additional notes... It weird because when in 2.10 the Update Manager says that the updates are available, but when in 2.9.1 the updates are not available. When you launch 2.10 it explicitly states that the OS update MUST happen from 2.9.1. There is a comment from this thread that says to do it from 2.10, but that’s opposite of what the Control4 developers are telling you via 2.10 popup. I went ahead and updated a single EA1, as a test, using Composer Pro 2.10 and now it’s stuck on the update. Fingers crossed it will bully through and actually update.
  5. I’m having the same issue and this doesn’t appear to have been answered for those that do have Composer Pro. Any ideas?
  6. Motion Sensor Timer

    For anyone interested, I was running into this problem as well and solved it with the following: When motion is detected --> Start Timer When Timer Starts --> Activate appropriate Lighting Scene When Timer Expires --> If Motion Sensor is Open...Reset Timer, If Motion Sensor is Closed...turn off lights Seems to work great for me. FYI - Make sure your Occupancy Hold Time isn't set crazy long...or the Timer will get Reset even though you may have left the room minutes before, then you would have to wait the entire Timer length again.
  7. This is great and simple way to do it...It works great now. Thanks a ton
  8. I'd like to be able to control the dimming up and down of my Wireless Outlet Dimmer LOZ-5D1-WH in small increments using my 260. I was thinking about using 2 of the red, green, blue, yellow buttons so that when you click it, it would go up from 0% -> 5% -> 10% -> 15% etc. I can't figure it out, and would like to hear from anyone on what/how they did it...or would do it? Programming specifics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. That's it, I knew there had to be a place somewhere...Brilliant...thanks a ton
  10. I "think" I'm programming my experience button as you suggest with the variables. As far as "set all the pesky EB's to the right state..." after a reboot/restart...where do you do this? I would assume there is a "On Startup" event that I could do all that, but I'm not sure how to get to that...that's a great idea. Thanks
  11. The "Auto Update Driver Agent Event" scheduler runs every night at 3am. Unfortunately, I don't believe there is an option for turning off auto-update...at least that I know about. See image
  12. Unfortunately that didn't seem to change anything...it showed the exact same log as before. Anything else you can recommend?
  13. I just rebooted the controller so I'll check the logs in the morning...thanks for the suggestion
  14. I have been having what seemed to be random experience button clicks...so I bought the "Event Logging Driver" by @alanchow and it did exactly what I wanted...told me where the problem was. Now my issue is...Why is it happening? It appears that when the "Auto Update Driver Agent Event" schedule runs...that it is "clicking" or "reseting" my experience button. You will notice in the logs below, that I put in a temp fix where I take the value of the experience button and save it...then after the "Auto Update Driver Agent Event" schedule runs, I set the experience button to whatever it was prior to the "Auto Update Driver Agent Event". This is a hack fix, but wanted to know if anyone knows what's going on here? and how to fix? FYI - I promise that NO ONE is clicking the experience button at 3am in the morning.