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  1. Alexa devices not responding

    I had to unlink and relink the skill to restore functionality. Per status.control4.com it looks like there is more scheduled maintenance planned for tonight as well.
  2. Waking Up Nvidia Shield TV (2017)?

    According to the developer there is a new version in the works that will support the Nvidia shield, but there is no ETA.
  3. Liftmaster Internet Gateway

    I use the MyQ driver as well for my Liftmaster internet gateway. I have it controlling two doors and it works great, the only thing I did was increase the polling interval. By default it's at 5 minutes.
  4. Using new PWS in Wunderground driver

    Try playing with the Lat/Lon coordinates. When I had the Weather Underground driver installed I had to tweak them a little and refetch the weather stations. Once I did that mine showed up in the list. Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP
  5. Control4 Communication Protocol

    Thanks for the quick response @Home Theater Advisors!
  6. Hello, I am curious what protocol the Control4 controller uses to communicate with their light switches? I read about their protocol SDDP for device discovery, but is this protocol used for communication post discovery/setup? Thanks, -LzK
  7. Waking Up Nvidia Shield TV (2017)?

    After much searching it appears WOL on the Shield is a known gap. A user on another forum had the following to say. His solution might work for some depending on your setup and needs. I was able to figure out my sleep problem. Even though I had HDMI-CEC disabled on all devices, I found a second HDMI passthrough section on my Denon receiver that needed to be disabled as well. I suspect my receiver was telling my Shield to sleep even though I had it disabled in the settings menu for the Shield itself. Hope this helps others. Cheers! -LzK
  8. I recently integrated my rooted Shield TV (2017) with Kodi and LANmote. However LANmote does not appear to be working whether Kodi is closed or not. My understanding is that this is the case for most, and the dev is working on a updated version. My main issue is that the device goes to sleep regardless of the power setting to never sleep, I also haven't had any luck with wake on LAN. I have attempted sending magic packets to the device outside of my Control4 setup to no avail too. Has anyone ran into this issue or potentially solved it already? It would be preferable to not have to wake it up via its own remote or the Android TV app. Thanks in advance for any and all help. -LzK
  9. Switching Integrators?

    Thanks for the info @eddy.trochez, this has been a learning experience. Your information has been very helpful.
  10. Switching Integrators?

    Thanks gents, glad to hear I am not locked in. I did find an authorized dealer/integrator in my area which I will reach out to. If for some reason it doesn't work out, how would one grant access and provide payment for remote integration?
  11. Switching Integrators?

    Hello, I had my Control4 system installed by Safeguard as it came bundled with my new house. Working with them has been a major pain, slow responses (weeks at a time). I've been unsuccessful in getting new drivers installed as well as licenses installed for expired trial drivers. They must not be motivated by money lol! Is it possible to switch integrators after the fact, or do they more or less hold the keys to my controller? Regards, -LzK
  12. Alexa & Media Scene Requirements?

    Thanks for the info gents!
  13. I recently bought a Nvidia shield (2017), just curious how this turned out as I'd be looking to do the same. Also has anyone messed with the following app instead of LANmote? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.videomap.droidmoteserver&hl=en
  14. Alexa & Media Scene Requirements?

    Thanks d1amund, sounds like the ticket. thegreatheed, I'm looking to say things like the following "Alexa, turn on/off the <apple tv>,<fire tv>,<xbox>" etc. I'd also like the ability to say "Alexa, turn off the entertainment center." Basically mimic, the media "watch", "listen" and "room off" options on the remote, but through voice.
  15. Alexa & Media Scene Requirements?

    Apologies for the confusion. I'm basically wondering which agents/drivers are required to invoke media scenes. As of now I can only invoke lighting scenes through my Echo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk