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    Wireless Contact Relay Power

    A quick question for the dealers out there. Does the Wireless Contact Relay come with a 9v power adapter, or would that need to be purchased separately? I can't really tell based on the following data sheet. https://www.control4.com/docs/product/wireless-contact-relay/data-sheet/english/latest/wireless-contact-relay-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf

    Kodi (v18) Leia Crashing Using Kodi Full Driver

    Oh man, that could be problematic. There are a dearth of dealers in my area so my dealer was remote. Then about a year ago he stopped performing remote work and I had to find a new remote dealer. Any thoughts on how I should proceed?

    Kodi (v18) Leia Crashing Using Kodi Full Driver

    Does anyone know how I can retrieve the license for my Kodi driver through Composer HE? It was purchased from House Logic but migrated to Drivercentral. I’d like to open a support case but Drivercentral requires a key to file it.
  4. Hello All, Has anyone experienced issues with the recently released Leia update to Kodi, when attempting to play media through the Kodi Full driver? If I play media through Kodi's UI (using C4), or through the Kodi Remote iOS app, or their web based remote everything appears to work fine. If I start media through the "Movies" or "TV Shows" menu in C4 leveraging the Kodi driver Kodi it crashes immediately. I've tried all the usual, reboots etc. and the issue persists. Just curious if I'm the only one who's noticed this behavior? System Info: Controller: EA-1 Director version: Oct 12 2018 12:11:15 Driver: Kodi Full v20181225 Hardware: Nvidia Shield Gen2 w/ IRUSB

    Video Source Auto-Activating At Midnight

    I do use IRUSB on a 2nd gen Nvidia Shield. Sounds like I had just the right set of circumstances on this one. For anyone with a similar setup, the aforementioned add-on change does address this edge case.

    Video Source Auto-Activating At Midnight

    After much troubleshooting I was finally able to narrow down the cause of this issue. It ended up being a combination of the configuration for the Kodi Full driver by @alanchow and the "Backup" add-on for Kodi. The issue was that the Backup add-on was configured to show a progress bar during the backup (scheduled at midnight). This caused Kodi to update its video stream showing said progress. This change in video was picked up by the Kodi driver's "Kodi Virtual Switcher" that had been set to "start when sensing video" (e.g. - when starting a Movie or TV Show from C4). Specific to the Backup add-on, you can configure it for silent, like the screenshot below. This will prevent Kodi from showing a progress bar when a backup is kicked off. I suspect the same would result for any Kodi add-on that updates the display or has a progress bar etc., a good data point if nothing else. *Note - The Kodi driver was functioning properly and reacting appropriately based on its configuration.

    Changing TV navigator grid to circle view

    That did the trick, thank you sir!

    Changing TV navigator grid to circle view

    I am curious how this is done as well. I don't see anything under device settings for my T3-7 or EA-3, or even in Composer HE (probably don't know where to look). Control4 uses this view in all their promotional videos and I think it looks better IMHO. Oddly I can see the option in the iOS app, but that's it unfortuantely.
  9. I think I found the problem with my setup. I believe I have tracked it down to a faulty switch, I believe it has something to do with it's ARP table which explains why it couldn't find a DLNA server on the same device. Thanks @neil12011 for your help!
  10. Quick Update: As Neil mentioned we were able to upgrade the DLNA driver to v132, however it is still unable to discover DLNA servers. I tailed the director.log and captured the debug output while kicking off a manual discovery (output captured below). I was hoping to get some additional info but the logs don't tell me much more than what was already being displayed in the LUA output through Composer HE. No changes were made to the existing DLNA servers, and one is on the same switch as my EA1, so discovery of that DLNA server wouldn't even need to traverse Layer-3. https://pastebin.com/raw/kjk872wc
  11. Looks like there might be a newer version (v132) updated on the 21st. http://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?q=DLNA&fq=primaryProxy%3A"media_service"&fq=manufacturer%3A"Control4"
  12. I am experiencing a similar problem. Last week my DLNA driver (v130) started refusing to find my DLNA server (Twonky). It started a few days after having been upgraded to 2.10.4 for me. The odd part is that it won't find any DLNA server not just Twonky, as I have a couple running on my network. However, all other Non-C4 devices that support DLNA can find all the servers, so that would lead me to believe that it is something C4 related, rebooting controller etc. didn't seem to have an impact. 10/01/18 17:42:07 : SSDP discovery socket online [string "Lua Code"]:142: attempt to index global 'Devices' (a nil value) 10/01/18 17:42:17 : SSDP discovery socket offline @msgreenf or @neil12011, have you heard of any DLNA issues with 2.10.4?

    Remote Integration services offered

    Put me down for another satisfied customer of Neil’s. Had him do some work for me recently, new remote, director upgrade etc. He had great communication, and great follow through. Recommended!
  14. Hello, I am looking for a new remote integrator, as my previous integrator is no longer performing remote work. Below are some of the various drivers I have installed and use so you have an idea what the system looks like. MyQ IFTTT DLNA Voice Scenes Nest Rachio (House Logix) Kodi Shairbridge Weather Station Advanced Announcements Other minor drivers... I am in need of a new SR-260 remote, my kids have thoroughly destroyed mine. The batteries drain in a matter of hours, it squeals when the backlight turns on, and the display sometimes cycles through colors, it's messed up to say the least. Would a remote integrator be willing to sell/configure a SR-260 remotely? I have Composer HE and am comfortable with technology so I would happily perform any steps locally that the integrator required for setup. I'd also like my system upgraded so I could make use of the new intercom functionality, currently my director is at Thanks in advance for the help anyone is able to provide.

    Video Source Auto-Activating At Midnight

    Thanks for the input @Cyknight and @knowitall, I corrected the issue with the garage doors, that was test that never got removed (#facepalm). I made a schedule for that so it's no longer firing every minute. The keypad dimmer is one side of a three-way light with a phase dimmer on the other side. I checked the programming for all buttons/presses etc. and didn't find any programming that wasn't expected. After looking up the actual variables it makes sense why there are so many in the logs, it is updating the "MINUTES_OFF" variable for the keypad dimmer, and Kodi is updating the "CPU_USAGE" variable. It doesn't look like Composer HE has the detective suite, I suppose its part of the Composer Pro?