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  1. iTunes driver powering of my receiver

    Would that be a setting I have access to via Composer Home Edition? Currently I only see "AutoRoom Select," nothing specifically power related. I see a power section on the iTunes driver but I don't have it configured, as not to interfere with ShairBridge. I have configured it in the past but it didn't have an impact.
  2. Hello C4 Braintrust, This one has been stumping me for some time, and I'm hoping you all have some additional insight, or potentially ran into this scenario before. Currently I have the iTunes driver installed, AirPlaying to ShairBridge on my controller. The controller is connected directly to my Denon receiver, and the ShairBidge driver is configured to auto-power room, auto-power is disabled for the iTunes driver. The issue I'm experiencing is that if the iTunes driver is already playing a song, and I pick a new one my receiver get's powered off. If I use the controls to go to the next or previous song using the iOS app or T3 it works as expected, and the receiver remains powered on. It seems specific to only selecting a new song from the menu. So far I have tested the following scenarios. Start playing song (iTunes driver), auto-power room on ShairBridge (Enabled), receiver powers on and song plays, pick new song, the receiver powers off. Start playing song (iTunes driver), auto-power room on ShairBridge (Disabled), receiver powers on and song plays, pick new song, the receiver powers off. Start playing song (iTunes driver) with the iTunes driver configured to AirPlay to my receiver (not ShairBridge), pick new song, receiver remains on. AirPlay from iTunes (Mac) to ShairBridge, pick new song, receiver remains on. AirPlay from iPhone to ShariBridge, pick new song receiver remains on. I verified that none of the iTunes driver states have been configured to power off the receiver. It appears that the issue is specific to the iTunes drivers interaction with ShairBridge as far as I can tell. Or something possibly connections related, I am not a dealer and my purview is limited to Composer Home Edition. I should also note that I am running 2.10.1, though the issue was present on 2.10, and 2.9.1. All drivers were upgraded by my remote integrator with the 2.10 upgrade. I also enabled debug logging for my receiver, iTunes driver, and ShairBridge and ran through scenario #1. You can clearly see the that a receiver variable is changed, followed immediately by the power off command. I looked for programming on all variables for my receiver, iTunes driver, and ShairBridge and did not find any. Using push notifications I was able to tell it was simply updating the POWER_STATE Boolean variable. LUA: https://pastebin.com/hDM430ap <controller_ip>/log/debug/driver_event.log: https://pastebin.com/RVpRkv2E So far I have been able to program around this issue by checking the power state of my receiver when the iTunes driver is a playing state, and to power it up if not. However I am concerned long term, of the effects of rapid power cycling my receiver will incur as a result. Any thoughts on this one would be most appreciated, and thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  3. Control4 3.0

    Another idea would be to just temporarily show the volume on the remote screen while it's actively being changed. After a short period of time the remote display could return to it's normal state, and no new display real estate would be required.
  4. 2.10.1 Released

    Can the 2.10.1 release notes be viewed anywhere? I'd love to see the bugs that were squashed in this release. I checked their "press releases" page but didn't see anything about it, maybe they haven't gotten around to posting it yet. https://www.control4.com/press_releases
  5. Custom Button Visibility

    That was it, thank your sir!
  6. I recently enabled the custom buttons agent and configured a single room with a few buttons. I see the button in the specified corner on the on-screen navigator (EA-1), desktop app, and my physical remote (SR-260). However it doesn't show up on my tablet (T3), or iOS smartphone app. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this in the past? EA-1, and T3 have both been rebooted to no avail. Everything is on Cheers! -Ty
  7. I was simply referring the name of the following driver. I agree, it is not an AirPlay driver but can orchestrate an AirPlay workflow via iTunes. Possibly a rename is in order to avoid further confusion. https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?&fq=manufacturer%3A"Apple"&fq=primaryProxy%3A"ipod"
  8. Indeed you did, however ShairBridge wasn't installed at the time though. The volume option is for ShairBridge driver, not the iTunes/AirPlay driver per @cyknight's comment above.
  9. I just wanted to fill everyone in what the fix ended up being. Ultimately ShairBridge was installed and the iTunes/AirPlay driver was reconfigured to AirPlay to the ShairBridge rather than my AirPlay enabled receiver. Also the ShairBridge driver was configured to "Ignore Source Volume." Thanks to @eddy.trochez for the help on this one! -Ty
  10. Since I don’t see any volume controls in the driver properties I wonder if this is now handled via “connections”, can anyone confirm?
  11. Here are the settings I see. Unfortunately I wasn't able to obtain a copy of the "full documentation" they mention on the documentation tab.
  12. I have Composer home edition but I don’t see anything regarding volume. Is the setting only accessible in the full Composer for integrators?
  13. Hello All, I recently had the iTunes/AirPlay driver installed and I noticed some odd behavior. When play the first song from after everything coming from an off state the initial volume up or down sets my iMac volume to 100%, and since I am using AirPlay it sets my receiver volume to 100% as well. Thankfully I have a limit set on my receiver so no damage occurs. The odd part is that after this happens on the first song it isn't an issue for any song after, unless the room is powered off and the process is started anew. Any thoughts on why this might be happening? The iTunes/AirPlay driver version is 100. Thanks! -Ty
  14. Control4 UI Refresh

    I'd love to see UI refresh for Control4. Considering what Control4 is capable of, it's a little out of place to see so many old skeuomorphic icons. I know users don't like change but I think it would help freshen things up a bit, maybe for v3.
  15. Alexa devices not responding

    I had to unlink and relink the skill to restore functionality. Per status.control4.com it looks like there is more scheduled maintenance planned for tonight as well.