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  1. Hey guys, trying to connect a Denon AVR to my system, using C4 pro, having an issue identifying the AVR, is all connected, control 4 sees that the AVR is there, but I cannot connect, driver says to press 2 buttons on the front, when I do this the AVR says "Control4 identifying" but this doesn't register on the networks tab? Any Idea?
  2. Hey Guys, I'm trying to map some Philips hue led strips to my system, i can control them with C4 and change colour with hue app, using the single lamp brightness seems to give the best result, using the full colour seems to have an issue where brightness is effected by all faders and colours are all over the place? I tried to create custom scenes with an iPad but still have major problems as when i want to change colour both scence's come on at the same time preventing the colour change. is there a way to map custom macros to buttons within the lighting scenes? or will i have to have these as separate custom buttons? any help greatly appreciated. using Hue Bridge Driver OS2.9 (v0.04) Single Lamp Brightness Driver (v8.0.5)
  3. Hey Guys, Would really like to see native integration with Nest Cam streams for security, other than using blue iris as a workaround!
  4. Thanks due
  5. Hey Guys, Just been trying out some alexa triggers to turn the tv on and off, just was wondering how to get my remote to read the states the tv is in, for example turning on the tv with a voice command does as its told, however when sitting on the sofa and trying to use the remote, the remote needs to be navigated through the menus and the source selected, the source then switches (blank screen mute 2-3 seconds) then is back up and running with full control, Is there a way of controlling what the remote state can be and for this to change so this doesn't happen?