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  1. What keypad would I need for this?

    Control4 (or any system for that matter) can’t control ‘dumb’ switches/dimmers. Any light you want to be controlled by a smart system, must be ON the smart system
  2. Intermission for Kaleidescape

    Not too hard When pause is pressed ? If current video device in theater is kscape - start intermission The pause command will execute no matter what, so you don’t need to add that for the kscape or any other device. You can’t stop the command from executing without editing the driver, which only driver developers really know how to do with IP drivers. I don’t have a kscape to test this on or to answer your question about exiting intermission. Not sure what intermission does. You could do When play is pressed ? If current video device in theater is kscape - execute whatever commands you need that puts the room into the state you want
  3. My apologies for the frustration

    Didn't realize so many had posted - I was just repeating what was already said.
  4. My apologies for the frustration

  5. Audio

    add the houselogix driver to your project (it comes in as an A/V switch) and make the the bindings. Here are the input and output bindings on a quick sample I made up
  6. New YouTube AppleTv App

    There is some discussion about it in the C4 Dealer forums. Some people have had success by: 1. Updating firmware on appletv 2. going into settings of the youtube app and resetting settings 3. Reboot AppleTV 4. Wait about 5 minutes and try search function Didn't work for me (might be because I am using IR driver), but has worked for others.
  7. Audio

    YOu will also need to put a driver into composer pro that has a digital in and analog out to be able to make the bindings. You can use the pathsetter driver or create a very simple driver on your own.
  8. New YouTube AppleTv App

    One more reason to only use IP when it is a certified driver.
  9. My apologies for the frustration

  10. New YouTube AppleTv App

    Are you using the IP or IR driver? I have the IR driver at home and it is working perfectly
  11. Adp120 blinking red

    Thanks Matt. Really appreciate it
  12. Voice Scenes Driver Problem

  13. How to implement Alexa into C4? What do i need to buy?

    I think there are others on this forum better qualified to answer this. We have not used Dots as a source as it can be very limiting. However, here are my thoughts: From what I understand, to do room grouping with voice control, you can do this one of two ways: 1. You will either need several voice scenes pre-defined in Control4 that will trigger the grouping of rooms via the matrix, ie, "Alexa, turn on the first floor music" which will tell Control4 to group the rooms together (it would be a predefined group and could not change on the fly). You would then say "alexa play chill playlist in whole house" (or whatever you call the source (dot or Sonos) connected to the matrix) - if you have more than one dot (or sonos) at the matrix, they will have to have separate names. This will allow a single stream of music to play to any room connected to the matrix. If you want more than one stream to play (different music in different rooms), you will need a dot for each. If you use dots, you can ONLY start the stream with your voice or the Alexa app. If you use Sonos or native control4 streaming, you can also start music with touchpanels, keypad buttons or the Control4 app. 2. One dot per room connected to an amp (you probably couldn't use a matrix as that would screw this up, so your only source for music would be dots). Each dot gets a room name and you create room groups in the Alexa App. Again, room groups need to be predefined and can not change on the fly. While this may seem easier, you are limited to only dots as your music sources and can't do anything from keypad buttons or touchpanels. Again, only voice or the Alexa app. I highly recommend option 1 with control4 native services (not sonos or dots). In this scenario, you only need dots in the rooms you want voice control, not as sources in the matrix. I also highly recommend you go spend a hundred bucks and get yourself a couple of dots so you can understand what they are capable of and how they work. there is no substitute to using the product. No amount of forum posts will be as good.
  14. Voice Scenes Driver Problem

    i have found it can sometimes take a while for changes in C4 to populate through to the alexa cloud. I've seen it take up to 24 hours
  15. View by devices

    I guess I’m not fully getting what OP is trying to do. I thought they wanted to be able to see and and control all shades in the house from one ‘shades’ screen and see and control all thermostats from one ‘comfort’ screen. It’s a dreary Saturday, I’m not fully functional