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  1. Program dimmer to keep circuit on?

    Maybe ?If time is between 6pm and 11pm ? If dimmer turns off -> pause 2 seconds -> turn dimmer on?
  2. What's the best Apple 4K TV driver?

    We are using the IR driver and it works great. Had issues with the IP driver not executing the play button correctly in all apps. It doesn’t seem to distinguish between play and select and some apps require separate commands for the two
  3. Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    Makes sense. Would be great to make the driver like the TiVo driver. In the properties, let us map any button anywhere. Flexibility always wins over inflexibility. Especially if we replace an existing fire driver with yours - make the transition as easy for possible for clients.
  4. Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    Thanks for the help. IMHO, you should update the driver documentation to match what you told me above. Driver is great and is WAY more responsive than the native driver. Nice work! One thing I have found that would be a nice add - in the native driver, the 'guide' button acts as the 'home' button on the OEM Fire remote. Would be great to map guide to home - it's nice to have a direct access to the home screen, especially since you can get very deep into menus in the Fire TV
  5. Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    Thanks! Do i keep or delete the fire driver? Do i leave the Fire hdmi bound to the matrix?
  6. Need faster Fire TV gui / menu control in C4?

    Just plugged the irUSB into my FireTV USB port. Installed the app on the Fire and updated firmware for irUSB. But don't know what to do next. 1. I can't find the irUSB in my IP scan to get an IP address 2. You say to bind the IP and HDMI connections. To what? 3. What would I think show and hide in navigators? Do you have step by step instructions?
  7. Programming Wake Ups

  8. SR-260 With Charger or Not

    If 2 or fewer remotes, we do AA. They last about 2 months before needed to be replaced. With more than two remotes, customer will feel like they are always replacing batteries and will get frustrated.
  9. Programming Wake Ups

    We do it the way you are doing it - through a line of programming
  10. Cast spotify from Galaxy

    Why not use spotify connect if you are on 2.10?
  11. Programming Wake Ups

    We have the wake up agent fire a macro to do what we want. We set time on an iOS device. Macro runs weekdays only. Here is a ‘wake-up’ Button in each room that toggles a variable. When the wake up variable is active, the led on the keypad lights. Wake up only fires when variable is true (so can turn off for holidays without having to go into the app)
  12. C4 remote volume not working

    We need a lot more info about your system. It is VERY unlikely your remote just ‘lost’ its programming. - where does the sound come from? TV speakers? Powered soundbar? Passive speakers with an AVR? - did you change anything in your system when this happened? - is anything else wrong? Do inputs switch ok? Does volume control work in other rooms if you have more than one remote? - do you have a Control4 whole-Home audio system or is this simply a one-room solution?
  13. New Amazon Fire UltraHD with Leaf

    Try 1x2 hdmi splitter. Or something like the hdfix22 from key digital
  14. Anyone add Zwave outlet?

    I had a couple of outlets, but they kept dropping off of the Zwave mesh so I gave up and found another way (was using them for discreet power control of a sleeve AC unit)
  15. Amazon Fire TV Stick - Slow IP control

    I wouldn’t say it is a full second for us, but it is no where near instantaneous like it is on a Roku or appletv or anything else ip, serial or IR controlled. It’s really annoying when trying to spell something in the search bar