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  1. Home Theater Advisors

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

    Is anyone else having trouble logging in via the Tapatalk iOS app? I keep getting a very long error message. The same log in credentials work on the mobile and desktop c4forums.com. I've already tried deleting and redownloading the Tapalk app. Thanks All!
  2. Home Theater Advisors

    How many keypress events does a keypad understand?

    That sounds cool. I’ll be checking this out!!
  3. Home Theater Advisors

    Spotify Connect in 2.10

    Go to the programming tab Select the room Select Audio Selection changed Go to programming side and select room, conditionals tab below, audio devices selected is spotify connect driver and add to programming Expand 'room variables' under the room name select "Current_Volume" and enter volume you want the room to go below Add to programming under the room selection conditional
  4. Home Theater Advisors

    Roku 4K

    The LU would need to be recalibrated without the non-4K tvs for it to work.
  5. Home Theater Advisors

    Roku 4K

    Chances are the LU is forcing the Roku to 1080p. You will need to put a scaler at each tv that is not 4K to fool the system into thinking everything is 4K. You can not mix and match 1080p and 4K displays on a matrix switch (only with video over IP)
  6. Home Theater Advisors

    Switching TV services - Need help

    Just make sure for the spectrum boxes you either get the avocation video sensor (you’ll need contact sensors for each) or ensure the boxes have the ‘numeric power on function’ and your dealer can set up a macro to provide discrete power control
  7. Home Theater Advisors


    No issues at all. All you lose is on-screen navigator. You can also use the z2IO instead of a controller if you don’t have enough cats for IR
  8. Home Theater Advisors

    IR reliability

    We always use IR on all tvs as IP control requires the tv to be online and the frequent updates both annoy clients and risk breaking IP control. We always use an HDMI Switch (currently the key digital s4x1) so that the tv input never changes. It is just on and off, that way timing for the tv to turn on and accept commands isn’t an issue.
  9. Home Theater Advisors

    Apple TV 4K Extending

    The 4K Apple TV is a bandwidth hog. You are likely to have issues with it with any extender. We have had it not work on hdr with a key digital 18.2gbps hdmi Switch and with a Marantz sr 6012. Roku is the way to go.
  10. Home Theater Advisors


    If you use the same spotify playlists regularly then setting them as Sonos favorites will give you mostly a one app experience (Control4). You will only need the sonos app to set up the favorites (either 30 of 50 is the limit I think). If, however, you are always choosing new music, picking individual songs, creating playlists or queues on the fly, then it will be a worse experience.
  11. Home Theater Advisors

    Can't Connect To App

    Click on the account name, click edit at top and ensure the IP address of your controller is correct (your dealer should be able to tell you the IP address of the controller if you do not know how to find it yourself)
  12. Home Theater Advisors


    Which is why I recommended deezer, tidal, Napster and pandora above. One app solution. With spotify, generally speaking you have to start the stream in spotify and ‘connect’ it to the Control4 system, then go to the Control4 app for volume and room grouping. Yes, there are some variations like presets and direct volume for one room from spotify. but generally that’s the idea.
  13. Weird, I've had that issue with the IP driver not working on certain apps, which was one reason I went back to IR at home, but the IR from Jesse Smith has always worked (watch, now that I said that I'm going to get a call that that buttons aren't working on some obscure app)
  14. Home Theater Advisors

    Is it possible . . . ?

  15. Sorry wrong choice of words - guess I meant PUBLISHED not PUBLIC - ie, not a back door like Sonos was. Would need to hear from C4 developers that it ain’t breaking. Otherwise, I’m not using it. From my limited non-developer knowledge and my experience, I would think IR will always work - they can’t send out new remotes to everyone who’s ever bought an appletv.