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  1. Three TVs, One Room, One Remote

    CK - that looks very interesting! Will have to keep that in my back pocket for future!
  2. Optimum to Fios switch

    They are different IR code sets so you will absolutely need a new driver installed. A remote dealer can do that for you
  3. Spotify Connect in 2.10

    The only thing that will be odd is if you do use the presets in the control4 interface - the presets are by account (I believe) so each room will have different presets (or you'll need to do the presets 8 times - once for each room)
  4. CXM-RCR1-B Contact Relay Extender

    Or use the new z2io released at cedia
  5. Figured he wouldn't know it off hand, but dealer should be able to tell him pretty easily. Or a remote dealer hear could login and look at the network settings in composer
  6. If you know what up addresses the Apple TV and fire were on before, you can set them as static ips in the devices themselves instead of DHCP reservations in the router, so c4 will find them again. This all assumes that you are on the same subnet as before (192.168.1.x, or 192.168.0.x, or something else
  7. Spotify Connect in 2.10

    Yes, that is the only instance where you can have multiple streams going without having multiple accounts - the family account. You would need a separate driver for each stream
  8. LG Smart Features

    There is a great paid driver from annex4. You'll need a dealer to buy and install it. It also has mini drivers for streaming services
  9. Wireless SpeakerPoints discontinued?

    They are announcing everything that is new tomorrow. No way to know if a speakerpoint will be announced or not. But with how old the current ones are and all the issues people have, I sure hope they have a new one this week!
  10. Sound on Zones 5 & 6 not working

    Take a picture of the rack and we can help direct you to which piece is being discussed above
  11. Sonos still best for multi-room?

    Correct you can't use the c4 app outside of home, just as you can't use the sonos app outside of home. But you CAN use the services c4 supports outside of home with their native apps (pandora, tidal, deezer, napster)
  12. Atlona Pro3 88M Audio Connection?

    Glad to hear you solved the issue. Hopefully the Atlona is easy to RMA!
  13. CEDIA 2017

    @alanchow care to share where you're drivers will be featured? Would love to check them out!
  14. Amplifier, receiver and matrix products

    True, it is SPDIF coax only, but you can use the digital audio streams out of EA controllers and put of sonos for this. You can also use some outboard, inexpensive DACs if necessary - you'll need bi-directional - actual an ADC - analog to digital converter
  15. Atlona Pro3 88M Audio Connection?

    Need more info about your system. - are you using audio amps or tv speakers, and which in which rooms - any surround sound rooms It might be that the Roku and Blu-ray are outputting Dolby digital and the matrix is having trouble (or can't) downmix it for that room. Try going into audio settings for Roku and blu ray and set audio to PCM