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  1. Mallom made a good point - this only seems to happen from the 'feeds' tab. If I go in through home and then click on a forum it seems to work ok. But not all of the c4forums discussions are listed on my home tab how do I add more discussions (I only have general discussion, tips and tricks, q&a and composer programming, not any of the others - like the one this one is posted in) Thanks! On ios 10.3.2
  2. Hi Dan, I posted on the c4 dealer forums almost a month ago. Can you please upgrade me?
  3. I often get an error when trying to click on threads that 'this site is currently unavailable likely due to a mis-configuration of tapatalk' or something similar. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Other forums I view through tapatalk do NOT get this message. Sometimes it lasts for for days at a time and sometimes it works again in an hour or two
  4. Great to hear it's working now! Mark Feinberg Home Theater Advisors
  5. Try power cycling the extender - that may clean up the 2 that you are seeing. It looks like the motion sensor is going through the outlet dimmer in your living room. Try unplugging that temporarily to force the sensor to use the extender Mark Feinberg Home Theater Advisors
  6. Not sure if this is available in HE, but you can go to tools:network and look at the Zigbee routing tree. This will show you how everything gets back to the EA3. If it isn't taking a path you like, there is no way to force it other then to remove power to the motion sensor and re-power it with the extender in place and hope it latches onto the extender. Mark Feinberg Home Theater Advisors
  7. PM sent Mark Feinberg Home Theater Advisors
  8. Have the showroom license for this driver and it is EXCELLENT. Any clients who have more than a few battery powered devices will be getting this driver, no questions asked! Mark Feinberg Home Theater Advisors
  9. In order to get a Sony tv to communicate with C4 over the networks, several settings need to be changed in the tv. First of all, it always have to have the same IP address so C4 can find it on the network - this is called a static IP address. Second, the TV requires a password to control it over the network, called a pre-shared key, that your dealer set up. A factory reset will rest the TV to its factory settings, wiping out these settings. You'll need to get the settings that your dealer used from him - there are no standard IP addresses or pre shared keys to use, it is at the discretion of the person who set it up. Factory resetting any device that communicates with another device will likely break the link and prevent them from 'talking' to each other. Mark Feinberg Home Theater Advisors
  10. Check out this link on the NAD website. They have all of the pronto codes, which should be in HEX so you can just copy and paste into an IR driver in driver wizard https://nadelectronics.com/software/#Protocol Mark Feinberg Home Theater Advisors
  11. Correct. You can buy shades with somfy motors in them. Not somfy shades
  12. A good rule of thumb (at least here in NYC) is $2000 per window/shade. Less expensive if you have multiple windows next to each other and couple the shades onto one motor.
  13. Correct An end user would go to a shading professional and buy shades with somfy motors in them. You can't walk into Home Depot and buy somfy shades
  14. They make shades as well as far as I know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. With the walls open, now is the time to run wire. The wire you run will depend on the shades you choose. I would run 1 cat6 and 1 shielded 18/4 to each window just to be safe. You may even want to put a power outlet at each shade location. QMotion - the QIS system uses cat6 to power them. You will also need to buy the Qmotion power distribution unit, and all of the cat6 will need to be run centrally to this unit. Communication is over Zigbee, but is native to c4 Lutron - You would need low voltage power to each shade (either a power outlet or 18/4). Chances are you'd do RadioRA so you would need a Lutron dealer to set that up for you. Again, power would be direct, but communication would be wireless via RadioRA Somfy - they have a ton of different shade and communication methods. I know a lot of their powered shades use RS485 connectors to communicate and then use either AC or DC to power them. If AC< you'll need power locally, if DC, you can send it over the 18/4. They also have some motors that can accept a zigbee module that is native to C4. I'm not as familiar with Somfy - you would need to work with a Somfy dealer for full info I don't know anything about Hunter Douglas.