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  1. You can't make bindings/connections in HE. The only way to do this in HE is through custom programming. When (button) is pressed, execute lighting scene...
  2. It can do TV and TV volume with custom voice scenes. The voice scene driver needs to be installed and blank scenes created (ie, voice scene 1, voice scene 2, etc) by your integrator. Then, if you have Composer HE, you can customize the names of the scenes and program against them so you can have control of everything that C4 can control. If you don't have HE or don't feel comfortable, your integrator can create and customize the scenes
  3. Agreed, unless there is an outage, it always connects
  4. Best is to talk to your dealer - you will need to buy the lock with the C4 zigbee module. Yale, Baldwin and Kwikset all have compatible locks. ] https://www.control4.com/solutions/products/locks
  5. Pandora is a native application to Control4. Sirius XM is not, so there is no way to put Sirius on the Touch Panel. The following services are native to Control4 (in the US at least): Pandora, TuneIn, Tidal, Deezer and Napster (formerly Rhapsody).
  6. If you don't have a control4 controller in place (an HC or EA product), then these dimmers and keypad will be useless to you. They are not stand alone products. If you do have a controller, then follow msgreenf's links for how to wire properly. Enjoy your intro to home automation!
  7. I would suggest lighting scenes within C4 instead of alexa groups. C4 is going to be much more robust at handling the automation, especially for it's own products, than alexa is. Create the scenes and rerun discovery on the alexa app and you should see a performance improvement
  8. SnapAV products are on a dealer-only model. That's just the way it is. You're best bet is to use a consumer-grade or consumer-available line. From what I know, ubiquiti seems to fit that mold, although I know very little about the product other than the fact that it is fairly technical to use and there is no support Other than user forums
  9. Thanks, that's the one thing I was the least sure of. Now I know! We don't do a lot of timers and motion sensors.
  10. stupid question, but any chance they weren't on their wifi and the app was looking for a 4sight license for a cellular connection?
  11. I think Alexa integration does room volume by default - at home I don't have any volume commands and I can tell alexa to "set living room volume to 50%" and it works. I think what is happening for oasis is that he coincidentally used the word 'volume' so alexa is muting and unmuting the volume for the room, which explains the results he is seeing. As msgreenf said, for true audio control, you need custom voice scenes by using the voice scene driver. Talk to your dealer to get it installed
  12. Talk to your dealer and get engraved buttons. They are about $5 each and look awesome. They are backlit as well, so you can see them in the dark. It's really the only way to go!
  13. The attached script should work. I'm not 100% positive, as I haven't tested it live, but I don't see why it wouldn't. It at least gets you at least 90% of the way there. There are two separate scrips you'll need - one for "when the motion is sensed in the bedroom" and one for "when the timer expires". Let me know how it goes Note: Motion Sensor Open means it is sensing motion and Motion Sensor Closed means it is not.
  14. Nothing is really future proof. snapAv makes some very reiliable baluns which we have been using.
  15. Only dealers can create an OvrC account. There is a feature within OvrC called OvrC Home. The dealer set up macros for rebooting outlets on a Wattbox PDU or ports on a POE switch, which the client can activate through the OvrC home app