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  1. Thanks for the answer
  2. Sorry another question when every you have time... how come the camer pan and tilt area is grayed out. is that only availabe on composer pro?
  3. Yes I did Eddy thanks for asking. Is there a way to add another address so my wife could get the emails as well what is the highest picture quality setting? now i want to learn to do video and sms, this is addictive
  4. Oh i got it..... i made a stupid mistake in my typing
  5. ya nothing happens
  6. from the ds2
  7. I Still cant get this thing to send a snap shot..... i follow the gmail setting for the smtp. I put in all other info i create an event that sends email notification and another to send emial snapshot. I get the email notification but no snap shots i dont understant what im missing
  8. so i guess the only thing i dont understand now is what is the smtp username and password
  9. So not using composer pro? My installers can get the email notification no problem but unable to attach pictures for some reason