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    KNX To Trigger Control4 ?

    Hi, I'm hoping someone here can offer me some advice. I have a Control4 system running version 2.9.1 I have a lot of devices controlled by KNX modules. The KNX has an IP interface and my installer has put in the TISCO KNX driver into Control4 so that we can control lights etc from the Control4 system. It's driver version 3.2.04. I also have Composer Home Edition which I have been successfully using to implement some additional functionality. I have come across what I am told is a limitation and I'd be grateful if anyone could confirm this or suggest a workaround. We have various relay contacts in the house that close upon various events. For example, we have a contact closure in the event of a sewage pump alarm. Ideally we wanted to connect this relay directly to a KNX input device and then pick up the event in the Control4 system. This would give us the flexibility of having visualisation of the status on our various KNX screens as well as allowing us to program various things in the Control4 system such as sending out push notifications to our mobiles. We already have one such relay connected to a binary input port on a KNX device and this is used to open all the blinds in the event of a fire. My understanding is that the TISCO driver only uses KNX for (a) sending a KNX message to command a KNX device to do something or (b) to read the status of a KNX device in order to display it on a Control4 user interface such as a touch panel or app. I am informed that you cannot use a KNX message to trigger a Control4 piece of code in Composer. Is this correct? If so I'm a little puzzled as under the programming tab in Composer there are all manner of Control4 device variables on lights and blinds that can be used as triggers - for example for a given KNX light : "When LIGHT_LEVEL changes". I'd be really grateful if someone could give me a little more information on this as I'd like to gain a better understanding of the Control4/KNX integration possibilities. Thanks in advance, Anthony
  2. Hi - I have an interesting issue. I have created various voice scenes in Composer HE such as turn on kitchen television and this all works fine through Alexa. However I have added some scenes to change TV channel. SO I had a scene called "BBC News" and one called "Sky News". I know the code behind them works as I have pressed "Execute" to test it. However I am having a problem getting Alexa to do its thing. It seems to associated the voice command with the corresponding live station on TuneIn. So I changed the voice command to be "Channel Sky News" and "Channel BBC News" or "Programme Sky News" and "Programme BBC News". In each case Alexa sees it not as a scene request but as a request for one if its own services. Any suggestions?
  3. Anthony Mckay

    Control4, KNX, Coloured LEDs - user interface

    Thanks everyone for your answers. Much appreciated.
  4. Hi, I'd really appreciate some advise from all your Control4 experts here. I'm new to this and have had Control4 installed in my new house, V2.9.1. We have lots of coloured LED strips in the house and they have Lumento KNX driver modules. The KNX network is connected through a gateway to the Control4. In the control 4 an LED strip is represented as 3 separate lights - a red, green and blue, each of which can be set to a percentage. These each map to a unique KNX address. There is additionally an RGB address that can be used to brighten all 3 LEDs proportionally and the Control4 shows this device too as a slider. This is fine and all works however what I'd really like is an interface on the Control4 that gives me a colour wheel and/or favourite/recent colour selectors. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this? My dealer is happy to install any extra drivers necessary. Many thanks in advance for any advice.