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  1. Swapping out LiteTouch with C4

    Thank you sir!
  2. Good afternoon all, I manage all the A/V projects at the company I work for. We use C4 in our Conference rooms and the owners all have C4 in their homes. We are getting ready to do a complete C4 update at one of the owners home and he has a LiteTouch for lighting control. He wants to convert that to C4 lighting. Is this even possible? From what I understand the LiteTouch isn't wired like traditional lighting. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lee
  3. C4 Visio Stencils

    I just tried to click on the link but it says its unavailable. Are you still selling these stencils? Obviously they are a bit outdated but i would still find them helpful for what im looking to do.