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  1. projekZERO

    Need an Integrator

    I wanted to thank those integrators that sent me PMs. There is definitely no shortage of great dealers on this forum. I was surprised how quickly I received responses with offers to help immediately, even on the weekend. It certainly exceeded my expectations. AK1 was able to quickly take care of my needs last night and even provided additional insight. We even ran into a small hiccup we were able to troubleshoot and correct together quickly. AK1 is a super nice individual and a pleasure to speak with. With my experience I am confident I found my new dealer and one I can highly recommend to anyone. For owners who are technical enough to manage their own hardware, and maybe even do some programming themselves, this forum is a great place to find a good integrator to support you.
  2. projekZERO

    Need an Integrator

    Looking for a new Integrator. Immediate needs: Purchase Composer HE Just added two Apple TVs and one Nvidia Shield (IRUSB and app already added) Need drivers added (Apple native)(Videostorm free for Shield). Re-wired my C4 Matrix amp. Not sure if I can reconfigure that in Composer HE, if not I need a few inputs and outputs remapped. I have everything including all the IP addresses (reserved) in a spreadsheet to make it easy. Near future needs: Will be swapping Ring Pro with Doorbird. Will need to add the driver (Annex4, free). Future needs: will be adding voice assistant, but I am not sure on Alexa, Google, or Siri via Homebridge just yet. Would love an integrator with experience in this area to help guide the decision.
  3. projekZERO

    LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Sorry I never followed up on this. We updated the system when 2.10 first came out and that somehow fixed the issue. It has been many months now and all the LG TVs fire up and shut down instantly and consistently. Believe me when I say the issues we were having before updating to 2.10 were real. We didn’t do anything to the TVs, all we did was update the controller and everything has been perfect. We weren’t expecting the update to change anything with the LG driver, but it was a nice surprise and I’ll take it.
  4. projekZERO

    LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Well we fixed it, for a day... We paired the TV a second time yesterday and that fixed it. However, in the middle of the day today it started doing the same thing. We paired it again and it is working...for now. My master Bedroom TV and family room TV have each had to be re-paired once, but when they fail they do not work all together. The living room is just working incorrectly. Not sure if the expectation is to pair the TV periodically, like every day... The only TV I can count on in the house is the Vizio controlled by IR. -Steven
  5. projekZERO

    LG TV IP Driver - Released

    This makes sense, and explains the issue of my Master bedroom. The other TVs never have the problem, even after power is removed. Still haven't figured out why the master bedroom TV takes 4 seconds to turn ON at times. Now I am having an issue with my Living room TV. It doesn't power on with C4 anymore. The living room input and AMP come ON, but not the TV. Then I go to shut the living room back down and try again and the TV comes ON ONLY when I turn the living room off. I thought this was a discreet Wake on LAN command, but it acts like a toggle, except it only toggles when it the OFF command. Mobile TV is still turned ON, and we have reset everything from the TV to the EA5. We also disconnected everything from the network one at a time to make sure wake ON LAN packets weren't getting eaten. We are a bit stuck right now trying to figure this out. -Steven
  6. projekZERO

    LG TV IP Driver - Released

    I'm not worried about the WebOS 1.4 TV. That TV does not have Mobile TV ON, so it was never expected to power ON (but for some reason reason We use IR just to power it ON, and the driver for everything else. The driver works for everything else. What types of devices have you encountered that are eating WOL packets? I see other forum posts where people are having issues with volume feedback in the C4 App. Some report the volume is not even there at the top of the App. I noticed this as well, but it does appear after a while. The most important thing is I notice it doesn't report correctly on the App all the time or is slow to report correctly. The TVs volume changes instantly and always reports correctly, so it is just on the App. I'll double check which TVs it happens on, but I am going to assume only the V1.4 TV since the other two TVs run sound though the C4 matrix amp and not the TVs themselves.
  7. projekZERO

    LG TV IP Driver - Released

    I am running this driver in my project with three LG TVs. One TV is a 2016 model running WebOS 3.0 One TV is a 2015 model running WebOS 2.0 One TV is 2014 model running WebOS 1.4 (which was the "WebOS 2.0 light" version that some 2014 TVs were upgraded to) All TVs are connected via Ethernet. The WebOS 2.0 TV has been flawless. It does have the 30-40 second delay after start-up, but it works great after. The WebOS 3.0 TV has failed to power ON twice. I end up turning it ON with the remote and it seems to work fine afterwards with no issue (doesn't need to be paired again). It does seem to power on slower than the WebOS 2.0 TV. There is about a 3-4 second delay before you hear the initial click from the TV. This could be the TV and not the driver though. The WebOS 1.4 TV will power OFF and change volume (after 30-40 seconds), but will not power ON using the driver. We tried different settings but no luck so far. If I remember right, I think it will power ON once or maybe a couple times when you first pair it, but stops powering ON quickly after that. I can double check that as I am not 100% sure if it ever powered ON with the driver but my memory tells me it did a couple times. Also, changing volume within the C4 app doesn't always register in the APP. For example: Volume is set to 20, I tap volume down in the App. The TV will report volume at 19, but the C4 App still shows 20 (incorrectly). I tap volume down again and the TV reports 18 and the C4 App reports 18 as well. Sometimes when this happens, the C4 App will correct itself after a 5-10 seconds, but sometimes it never corrects itself until you change the volume again. Not a big deal, but not clean. Just my experience so far.