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  1. Control 4 remote/Plex/Apple TV/ Mac Mini Question

    You didn't misread. Please see the issue of processing HDR content, not merely "4k2k" which is advertised. 4k at 30hz is great if you're happy with that. But if you want to go further, with full color gamut processing (4k @ 60hz) AND the processing of HD audio, you will have to use something "a bit" stronger.
  2. Control 4 remote/Plex/Apple TV/ Mac Mini Question

    That won't run what some of us want...at all. I run my plex w/ full 4k HDR movies, and HD audio. Need something strong enough for that...and the NAS drives aren't enough ooof.
  3. Seems easy enough. LOL. DEFINATELY a control4 bug.
  4. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    Justin—looks and works great! Thank you!!!!
  5. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    Justin, ill load tomorrow morning.
  6. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    no idea, would be cool to have a nice nvidia shield icon/graphic though....instead of the plain one...
  7. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    Hey Justin, what kind of icon do you have in this driver?
  8. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    Looking forward to trying this out! How is is this different than the older generic “shield” IR driver? Thanks!
  9. Yes, but if you're doing C4 or any control, go with RS232, and not IP control.
  10. Control4 Matrix Switches

    If you look on avsforums.com, you will see that the monoprice slimrun cables are undisputed as the best to pass 4k up to 100’.
  11. Control4 Matrix Switches

    As far as I know the only thing that will give full 4k HDR is fiber hdmi’s...specifically the monoprice slimav ones for anywhere over 30 feet. I went through balens and switches, and—ugh. For what it’s worth full 4k is 4k @ 60hz; and 4:4:4 color. Add to the fact that the 2.2 hdcp is super crappy on Roku and directv boxes (good on the Shield!) and totally dependent on a good hdmi bus on the receiver for output power and.... 4k is a pain cave
  12. Wink Driver Pack Version 2

    Also, what do we do when the beta period is up? I literally installed this weeks before houselogix took it down/stopped selling it. Then installed the beta. Then it works. Now beta is broken and the period of time has run out for the license. this is the kind of stuff that gives control4 a bad taste in people’s mouths. @phileaton if your driver was never ready to be sold to the general population, you shouldn’t have offered it.
  13. Wink Driver Pack Version 2

    @phileaton are you planning on supporting 2.10?
  14. Is the wink version of the MyQ driver compatible?
  15. I'm just using the serena shades with the caseta integration! The same shades with different motors connect to radiora2--but there is no difference other than the options that come with them.