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  1. @sonic30101 there it is, right there. Nvidia Shield is INCREDIBLY SOLID hardware. I have zero issues with my shield either. Directv genie and roku are a bag of hurt. I'm going to try AppleTV 4k....
  2. Monoprice Slimrun 4k 60hz. And re: the Denon, I've run the marantz (yes, same guts) and replaced a NAD. What AVR would you recommend?
  3. Nvidia Shield and Plex

    @rea Sorry I didn't see this. The shield is the best possible device that you can use for plex, lossless, full 4k @ 60hz, etc. FANTASTIC. You don't need the full plex driver...and use the IR on the nvidia shield pro.
  4. @sonic30101 I have a 100' HDMI fiber cable between the Denon 4300 and the Sony 940E Television. Can't get much more "proper" than those two. The interconnects between the sources and the denon receiver are Extron certified 1m cables that pass 4k @60hz. I can assure you that the HDCP/HDMI issues have NOTHING to do with what's "proper" and what's not.
  5. I have sent them an email with detailed specifications on my system. I look forward to hearing back from them.
  6. interesting question. I'm going to talk to them about it today (HD Fury). I have no issues using my Nvidia Shield, but I have issues using the Directv Box (doesn't hold a 4k signal) as well as issues going through the directv channels (1080p, 1080i, 720p, etc) in differing formats. Also, roku is basically worthless unless I "force" connection to 1080p--the signal doesn't hold and gives me the purple screen of death about once a minute. Finally, switching between sources is slow. Ugh. (Denon Receiver connected to Sony 940E display via Fiber HDMI)
  7. Control 4 remote/Plex/Apple TV/ Mac Mini Question

    You didn't misread. Please see the issue of processing HDR content, not merely "4k2k" which is advertised. 4k at 30hz is great if you're happy with that. But if you want to go further, with full color gamut processing (4k @ 60hz) AND the processing of HD audio, you will have to use something "a bit" stronger.
  8. Control 4 remote/Plex/Apple TV/ Mac Mini Question

    That won't run what some of us want...at all. I run my plex w/ full 4k HDR movies, and HD audio. Need something strong enough for that...and the NAS drives aren't enough ooof.
  9. Seems easy enough. LOL. DEFINATELY a control4 bug.
  10. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    Justin—looks and works great! Thank you!!!!
  11. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    Justin, ill load tomorrow morning.
  12. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    no idea, would be cool to have a nice nvidia shield icon/graphic though....instead of the plain one...
  13. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    Hey Justin, what kind of icon do you have in this driver?
  14. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    Looking forward to trying this out! How is is this different than the older generic “shield” IR driver? Thanks!
  15. Yes, but if you're doing C4 or any control, go with RS232, and not IP control.