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  1. New Sony AndroidTV Questions

    Just wanted to say that this info works, and works well!!!
  2. Compatiable Window Shades

    We just integrated lutron—so good, so seamless—it’s incredible. The hunter-Douglas guy actually installed them (he was here to put in some plantation shutters) and he loved them.
  3. Wink Driver Pack Version 2

    @phileaton can you PLEASE either respond to my email, fix your driver in my system, or refund my money so I can get a driver that's properly functioning?
  4. Wink Driver Pack Version 2

    Please read my posts. This driver has been nothing but trouble for me.
  5. Wink Driver Pack Version 2

    Phil. Are YOU providing support?
  6. HELP get LANmote on NVIDIA shield....

    @sonic30101 I am rooted. So this won't work? Should I just get a Shield Pro and use the IR dongle?
  7. Can you guys help? I need to get LANmote installed on my Shield, but I don't know how to sideload it from another device--I can't even get it right now from the Play store since I only have a Shield as an option. Can anyone help?
  8. Deleted....

  9. vera/MyQ garage door/composer

    I don't suggest going even with the Wink V2. Total bag o hurt.
  10. Houselogix supporting 3rd party drivers?

    Too bad @phileaton and his synapse team have failed to assist/support their driver. @alanchow you have consistently supported and been there for your product for YEARS now and I'm sure it's not a "hobby" or passing phase with Chowmain. Too bad I got screwed on the Wink side of things. And to think all I wanted was for my garage doors to actually work.
  11. Wink Driver Pack Version 2

    weird. it's now been 5 days since I've attempted to contact this developer both through here and their website. It appears that they are not supporting their drivers, either. Sad. Hate to be out the 200 bucks plus all the integration time and costs.
  12. I bought (2 weeks ago) one of @phileaton drivers—the Wink pack through Houselogix. Looks like they are not selling these anymore? Is there still support? This driver is a bit of a nightmare. I’ve so far had two integrators look at it and both state that it’s the driver’s issues... possible to either get my money back or get their MyQ driver integrated instead?
  13. Wink Driver Pack Version 2

    @phileaton I'm having a hell of a time getting things to work with your driver, and I've had two people take a look at it, both with mixed results. 1. There is a huge resource suck happening on the driver...keeps trying to ping an outside site and trying to ping a wink activation server--but just gets stuck in a loop. 2. The garage door function works--then doesn't work--then works again. Can you help?
  14. Remote Programming Services.

    Okay, so dealt with Matt just yesterday and today to clean up some stuff while my programmer is on vacation. (Didn't need to bother him!) I can say with assurance--Matt Lowe is top notch and I am VERY happy with his services. Highly recommended.
  15. Kwikset Locks / Hc-250-BL1A

    PM Sent.