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  1. rolldog

    Apple TV OS 12

  2. rolldog

    Apple TV OS 12

    Hold on, let me look. I forget what everything is/does.
  3. rolldog

    Apple TV OS 12

    It used to be setup for HDR, but today, I noticed it wasn't. I recently bought a projector in the room where I used it most. When I tried to enable HDR, the handshakes took so long between my projector, pre/pro, Lumagen Radiance Pro, etc, when I finally got a video signal, it assumed I couldn't see the screen to verify that I can see HDR content so it switched back to SDR. I tried the same from other rooms, but when I enable HDR, the TV I'm using at the time doesn't receive a signal. I know all of them can get a 4K HDR signal since I can using my Oppo. I'm wondering if this is an issue with Apple TV or not.
  4. rolldog

    Apple TV OS 12

    Control4 EA-5
  5. rolldog

    Apple TV OS 12

    Does anyone have the Apple TV hooked to their matrix, and if so, will it pass HDR content or do I need to get an Apple TV for every room?
  6. rolldog

    Need New Media Solution

    Ok, Atmos only. Just like with my Ultra HD Blu-ray collection. I can tell you with absolute certainty that I have movies that play Atmos, with DTS:X. I don't know. I'll have to check. This is probably why they just partnered up with IMAX Enhanced. I'm not exactly sure what this is yet, but my Marantz 8805, which should be hooked up before the end of the week is supposed to get an IMAX Enhanced firmware update. I though the whole IMAX concept was having a theatre with wall to wall/floor to ceiling screen. I didn't realized it was something that can be experienced with a firmware update.
  7. Does anyone know if these signals can be passed from an Apple TV 4K through a C4 matrix and then to TVs connected to the matrix that support 4K HDR? I realized today that my Apple TV 4K wasn't processing HDR anymore. I tried to enable HDR from all TVs in the house that are connected to the matrix, but once it "tests" the HDR signal, my screen goes black and doesn't come back on until the Apple TV switches back to SDR. I have my Oppo connected to the matrix as well, and when I play an HDR disk using it, the HDR signal is passed through to all TVs. I don't understand how it works using my Oppo but not the Apple TV. Even my DIRECTV 4K minis will pass 4K HLG HDR through the matrix to my TVs. I tried to enable HDR locally in my media room, but the handshakes from my JVC RS4500K and Lumagen Radiance Pro take so long, by the time I finally get a signal the Apple TV already thinks it won't play an HDR signal. Is this possible with the Apple TV or am I going to have to buy one for each room? If anyone has any experience with this, I'd love to hear it as it could save me hours of troubleshooting.
  8. rolldog

    Need New Media Solution

    The next iOS update for Apple TV is supposed to support Atmos, DTS:X, etc. It’s already available on the beta version, but it’s too difficult to try the beta version for Apple TV.
  9. rolldog

    Composer Media Edition - sort playlist

    I’ve finally decided that I’ll probably be better off using a 3rd party integration, like Plex, instead of Composer. It’s nice to be able to see album covers,etc on the touchscreen navigators, but the search feature to find a specific album or a specific movie to match up with the name entered into Composer hardly ever works. I have a QNAP NAS on my network and have Control4 linked to the Multimedia directory and it scans for audio, video, etc, which I just disabled. Since it doesn’t ever find the correct movie by name, I input the metadata manually, as well as adding the cover art. When Control4 scanned everything again, it added duplicates of everything. I remember when I used Plex, it was much less work but I couldn’t view cover art on the navigators. Not to mention, snapshots on the QNAP are stored in the same directories, and the recycle bins, so if it auto scans for media files, it’ll pick this up too. Maybe I’m asking too much, but I’m just having trouble getting it to work the way I want.
  10. rolldog

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    I like the feature of the Ring app where I can view the history, and if it detected motion last night, I can press it and view what the motion was. I also can see who came by my house if I wasn't able to the door or view them through the Ring app live. If the DS2 can do this, then I'm in. The only other concern I have it with the camera angle. I had to install the Ring onto an accessory box so it's pointed to the side slightly. If the camera only faces forward, I can't see who's at the door.
  11. rolldog

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Awesome, thanks! They're scheduled to come out tomorrow, so I'll add it to their "to do" list.
  12. rolldog

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    I ordered two iRUSBs, one for each one of my Shields, and I had my installer install the drivers. Iguess I’m a little confused how to get it working. I installed the app from Google Play, hooked up the IRUSB, and I thought I would be able to control the Shield via IP using my Control4 remote, but I guess I’m missing a step somewhere. I opened the IRUSB app, but I don’t know if I need to change anything inside the app and if I wanted to install the mini apps, with direct access to some of the apps on my Shield using my C4 T3 navigator. Like I mentioned, all I’ve done is have my installer load the driver onto my controller, installed the IRUSB app, and plugged in the IRUSB. What else do I need to do to get it working, and if I wanted to have the ability to setup the mini apps, does this require another driver to be installed on the controller or is there something else I need to do to get it working correctly? Please excuse my ignorance, but I’m not a Control4 guru or anything. After reading through some of the functionality it provides, I know I wanted to be able to use it, especially since I can’t use the Shild controller unless I use an extra long active USB mini cable. All of my equipment, including the Shield, is installed in my equipment room where I can’t use the original Shield controller wirelessly. I would really appreciate any additional info I need done before being able to use the IRUSB. Thanks!
  13. rolldog

    Alexa TV Channel Control

    I deleted all my devices from Alexa control on the Control4 website, then did the same with Alexa, and asked Alexa to discover devices again (I’m assuming this is necessary with the added Alexa features). I then went back to the Alexa devices and hid a lot of things. I have 3 DIRECTV receivers, an Oppo 203, security cameras, and an Apple TV connected to my AV matrix, so it showed 3 different DIRECTV receivers in every room. I hid 2 of them in each room so it would only use one of them. I haven’t tried any of the Alexa commands yet except for some scenes, but I printed out the list of Alexa commands, which is 12 pages long. I noticed commands to turn on DIRECTV, turn on TV, turn on receiver, etc, but how exactly would this work since I have to turn on more than one device to watch TV? In my media room, I have to turn on 6 devices to watch TV, but when I select Watch TV on the Control4 navigator, it turns each device on one at a time, in a specific order, so I don’t get any handshake issues. Would I need to create a scene called watch TV and have all these devices turned on?
  14. rolldog

    RGBW Lights

    I have some DMX fog machines. Maybe I can work those into the mix.
  15. rolldog

    RGBW Lights

    That’s what I’ve heard, but I’d really like to see them plus the have some really cool designs, like being flush mounted into the drywall. I bought one of the LIFX beams, which are modular magnetic pieces that hook end to end, but when I put them in my equipment room, where I have an AP installed, the LIFX beam modules put off so much WiFi interference that nothing else could connect to the AP. This is why I’d like to see the Colorbeam. They sell the only wired LED strip I’ve seen that integrates well with Control4. To be honest, I think Control4 really needs to update their UI for colored lights. I have some RGB LED strips in various spots, but I never use the Control4 interface to operate the lights. If they could add some sort of color wheel, that would be a bonus. I’m not smart enough to know what percentage of the primary colors are used to make up all 16 million colors.