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  1. Wirepath changed its app. It's now using TapCMS. Link is on front page of wirepath site for android and iTunes. Will be the same port settings as your wirepath app. this happened to me and I just got it straightened out.
  2. Why do we all put up with this BS?

    Another option is to get Sling TV and order your channels a la carte, including ESPN, instead of cable packages. It's owned by DISH. https://www.sling.com
  3. Hunter Douglas Silhouette

    I have the silhouettes and really wish I had run power to the windows. I hate changing the battery packs. Seems like I go through them every 6 months since we are always opening and closing the shades. I have not integrated them with c4. Wasn't aware that was an option. Just have a wall controller which is also battery powered but lasts more like a year. The window covering are great except that sometimes the thin fish line that controls the tilt panels sometimes snaps. This has happened three times in past 4 years on different shades. It's warranties but requires me to take the shade down and they come pick it up and fix it and bring it back. Edit: mine are the Pirouette ones in the product line.
  4. Annex driver for LG webOS

    Yes if I use the TV remote, the apps inside the TV work. If I use C4 remote from the Watch menu, Netflix, Hulu and Youtube work (the TV displays the app, controls all work, etc). But if I click on the SmartTV LG ir Amazon icons, it doesn't "switch into the app" , it just sits on the Watch menu (like the pic above) except that the lower left hand corner displays the source name (Amazon). Also now the Netflix icon is showing correctly, it's no longer blacked out. Weird.
  5. Annex driver for LG webOS

    Thanks guys. Will circle back with dealer on it. I'm in Texas. If I wanted to have a different dealer work on it remotely (my dealer doesn't do remote stuff for some reason), what info do I need to get from them re: the driver purchase so a different dealer could work on it? I had them buy the driver for me when they came out to install some hardware.
  6. Annex driver for LG webOS

    The Netflix Icon changed from blacked out to an actual icon but otherwise the amazon etc buttons don't switch screen (although it shows up as such in lower left hand corner). Odd @annex⁴ behavior. Might be Matt Lowe time for me!
  7. TV Power On/Off: Now resolved. Dealer came back out to give me new light switch covers for a couple places and he redid the programming to the TV. It was receiving the command, it just wasn't executing it. He took the programming out, did it again, and now it works. I'll blame a Samsung gremlin for it for now. Cable tester: I got a cheap cable tester and now think I probably need a good one. The cheapo lit up all green. Both ends seem crimped correctly and I tightened them up, still at 100 duplex. Might be kinked in the wall somewhere. But it's weird that this is happening with both a Cat5 and a Cat6 cable, I wouldn't have expected both to be bad. Re-crimp both ends with new connectors and cut a little bit off is my next step.
  8. I replaced the IT-100 and now everything works perfectly. I didn't even have to power cycle the system, as soon as I plugged in the new board it was able to communicate 2-ways. I was also able to guess the installers code after a couple of hundred brute force attempts. Now I can move ahead with setting up monitoring as Dave w suggested. Thanks everyone!
  9. Thanks tekki70. I took the AP to the rack and connected it directly to the pakedge gigabit port and it's connected at 1000. Must be the wire or connectors. I'll try to chase down the issue. Good point on it being behind the TV, I was trying to keep it out of sight and really only have it out there to catch a wifi signal within 50 feet of the tv while I'm watching it. I have iPerf and will see what kind of connection I get. I wish I could put it up on the ceiling but I don't have attic access out there. the in ceiling speakers were prewired. I appreciate all the help on my noob issues.
  10. DSC It-100 Issues

    did you get this straightened out? I have a new IT100 on the way, going to see if that solves my problems.
  11. Thanks guys. TV is a samsung UN557100AFXZA. My dealer moved it and reprogrammed. Must have just missed the Tv off part. I've asked them to fix it. Dealer installed the access point behind the patio tv when doing the tv install, he checked the cable, switched cables, used a tester etc. but couldn't figure out why it's at 100fdx. I'm going to get another access point from my office and bring it home and see if that changes anything. If I can't figure it out I'll get a networking guy to come out and stop jacking around with it myself. Thanks everyone.
  12. Annex driver for LG webOS

    I have an LG65C7. We installed the Annex LG driver (https://annex4.link/drivers/lg-webos-smarttv). @annex⁴ I'm having the following issues: The Amazon, LGTV, and SmartIPTV links on the attached picture are dead, the icon appears in lower left hand corner for source but the TV screen doesn't actually change to display it. The TV kind of hangs too and is slow to respond to remote till I switch out of it. The Netflix and YouTube links work fine. Full screen display,, works fast. Only thing is the Netflix logo is blacked out in the display i have tried the U.S. and global version. Any thoughts?
  13. I moved a TV from inside to outside on the patio. Using app or remote, TV properly turns on and tunes to source (cable, appleTV, whatever) and IR module flashes when appropriate. However when I Turn Room Off, IR module does not flash, source DOES deactivate, but TV screen does not turn off and a few moments later the "check signal blahblahblah" message appears on screen. Question: Is this a simple programming issue? Or is it something where I need to physically perform some tasks to get the tv back in sync with the remote/app (powering it on or off before hitting watch source or something, etc). Second issue, a TV upstairs which has heretofore always turned on/turned off properly when responding to remote control commands has recently started having same problem (TV won't turn itself off but source goes away). This is a TV my kids use to play Xbox and the Xbox isn't accessed through C4 remote (they just change the TV source to the xbox HDMI slot and turned the power on manually) so I'm thinking something has gotten out of sync and that I ought to get the Xbox programmed. Question: is there a way I can manually resync the power on/off for TV back up? Or do I just need to get the programming straightened out for the xbox. BONUS ISSUE! Not worthy of its own thread. I have a Ubiquiti AP Pro inside my house that connected fine at 1000 duplex (wall up to an 8 port pakedge gigabit switch). I moved it outside, and all of a sudden it defaults to 100fdx instead of 1000. Switched from cat5 to cat 6 same thing, let the switch power it and same problem, used the POE injector and same thing, connected it to the LAN out of balun and a POE injector and same issue, it's connecting a 24 port pakedge gigabit switch. Question: wtf
  14. DSC It-100 Issues

    Dang, sorry to hear that. FWIW you can order the DSC alarm boards off Amazon, I priced mine and it was $85 I think.