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  1. Bought this before I realized how much better off I would be with the D version. Device is obviously pre-owned, but in great working condition. Can provide rack ears if interested, but does not include baluns. Not sure what it's worth, maybe $3,500? Interested in buying (or trading for) LU862D if you happen to have one. Please DM me Thanks
  2. pshrop

    WTB: 6x6 4K Matrix and 8-zone amp

    No one out there looking to sell 4K matrix? What about without downmixing?
  3. Understood on the lowest common denominator, although in this case (no D), I think it would potentially mean there’s no sound unless I downgrade the sound output from the C61K (Genie mini), or as you suggest, add an external down mixer. Samsung support told me over web chat today that my TV can downmix a 5.1 signal to 2.0 and play it out of the TV’s speakers, but I’m still a bit skeptical. When I tried to check with my existing mini setup (mini direct to TV via hdmi) I saw the TV could support “Dolby Audio”, but it’s not real clear to me what that is. Thanks for the response @Matt Lowe
  4. Will a TV receive and play sound when hooked up via BaseT to an LUxxx "non-D" matrix when the source audio is 5.1? Asked another way, will the TV downmix the 5.1 audio input to 2.0 and play the sound from the TV speakers? Or do I need to make sure the input into the TV is 2.0? If it matters, the TV is a 2016 Samsung KS 8000 series. Reason I am asking is I'm looking at adding a non-D matrix to my setup that will distribute video to 3 A/V receivers (with TVs) and 1-2 TVs that are not hooked up to a/v systems (TV speakers only in bedrooms). I'm wondering if the absence of a/v systems necessitates an LUxxxD (or forfeiting surround sound). Thank you
  5. pshrop

    4K Matrix Question

    That was my thinking too, have been looking into it this morning. Do some work better than others? Is it safe to assume the matrix can't look thru the scaler to the TV? Will this add a level of lag to the system? My 1080 TV is a room over from a 4K and I'd like them to be in sync if possible (significant factor in purchasing a matrix). I like the $99 price tag on https://www.hdtvsupply.com/4k-down-converter.html over the $399 price tag on https://www.avproedge.com/4k-updown-scaler.html, which I've seen recommended elsewhere on this forum. At $399, seems like replacing the TV would make more sense
  6. pshrop

    4K Matrix Question

    Special thanks to @livitup who discovered that hooking up a 1080 TV with other 4K TVs to a 4K matrix (LU) scales the feed down to 1080 for all TVs. The video feed quality is not driven by what TVs are on at the time, it’s driven by what is hooked up to the matrix. To maintain 4K out of the matrix you would have to section off the 1080 TV via an EDID group. I understand this would isolate sources that could only be used with the 1080 TV. Appreciate the help @livitup
  7. Looking for pre-owned: 1) LU642D - I’m open to 8x8, but probably only need 6x6 2) 8-zone amp - Open to non-matrix (Triad?) if I can find the matrix above, otherwise needs to be matrix Please PM me. I’m in DFW area if anyone is local
  8. pshrop

    4K Matrix Question

    My understanding too
  9. pshrop

    4K Matrix Question

    Agree with this, but to clarify, you can send coax audio out over HDMI/balun in stereo as audio only (screen stays dark). Would be great if there was a way to send separate audio and video feeds simultaneously to the same room. There have been times where it would be great to have a game on in the background with music playing Anyone have an LU hooked up to DirecTV with both 1080 and 4K TVs?
  10. pshrop

    4K Matrix Question

    Good to know, although I think I can run digital out from my EA-3 into an audio in on the LU? It looks to me like the LU is also an audio matrix with only coax ins? If so, think I’m still good? Only challenge would be number of controller music instances = number of coax outs on controller(s). If I’m right, I just need to understand how the LU works with a mix of 4K and 1080 TVs and confirm DTV genies can verify 4K compatibility (where in existence). Thanks Cyknight
  11. pshrop

    4K Matrix Question

    Are you sure? This came from the LU642D spec sheet: The integrated audio matrix combines audio extracted from the six HDMI sources with eight independent coaxial digital inputs to create a 14 source × 8 zone audio solution, with variable volume, bass & treble controls and audio delay for lip sync correction. Eight total audio zones can be served when AV receivers are connected to the local HDMI outputs. May not be a big deal b/c the only audio sources we use that aren’t derived from video are the integrated music services within C4, which I assume will come from the Ethernet connection and pass thru the LU642D?
  12. pshrop

    4K Matrix Question

    I feel like I’ve seen some conflicting commentary on here on IP video distribution and am a little hesitant to take on a new technology that my local guy doesn’t support. My understanding is that the benefit is primarily scalability, but there could be some challenges with playing TV sound in a room contiguous to where the TV is (we watch our LR TV from our kitchen and use kitchen ceiling speakers as a unique zone to play TV sound)? I believe this is easily resolved with the down sampling matrix? I’m still a little confused by the responses above and the LU642D. Will it know which TVs are/aren’t 4K and only send 4K signals to the 4K TVs? Will DirecTV recognize whether the TV supports 4K, which is a requirement for the box to send 4K? Maybe DTV only looks to the matrix to answer the support question? What happens if I try to send a 4K signal to the HD TV? I could dedicate a box to the HD TV, but that takes away some of the benefit I’m seeking from the matrix. Yes, I understand this could be resolved by replacing the HD TV. Also, any thoughts on whether I need an audio matrix or if I can get by with the audio capabilities of the Leaf video matrix and use a non-matrix amp to power speakers? I’m thinking the video matrix will dictate what sound is sent to a room and whatever that sound may be will always be running thru the video matrix. So passive amp is okay? Sorry for the seemingly ignorant questions. Thanks again for the help
  13. I’m itching to upgrade my current setup with a 4K matrix switch, but worried I won’t benefit much from it. Is there something I’m missing or is it just a waste of money? I have 3 TVs on C4 (2 are 4K) and one 4K TV not on C4. Each TV has its own DirecTV box and there’s a sprinkling of DVD players and Apple TVs here and there. I understand the obvious benefit of distributed video (eliminating duplicative sources) and it will let me bring the 4th TV on, but will it prevent me from distributing 4K content anywhere because of the one TV that’s not 4K (lowest common denominator)? I’ve been eyeing the LU642D so I can also play TV audio in a couple zones that rely on a TV from the adjoining room (think open floor plan). Also, I have 3 receivers that distribute to the 3 C4 TVs and also Power 5 audio zones (2 are obviously zone 2s). The house is wired for 4 more rooms of speakers, but I haven’t installed them yet. If/when I do, do I need a matrix amp? Or can I get away with using the video matrix into a non-matrix amp? I know I will still need 1-2 receivers for surround in certain rooms, so thinking 8x8. Thanks for the assistance
  14. Endorsement for Mitch/Amcrest