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  1. I'm trying to use Composer HE to program my Nest thermostats to go into "Away" mode when our security alarm is armed using the "Away" mode. Anyone know how to do this? I see an option that allows me to do this when I arm the system, but I want C4 to recognize the distinction between the alarm system's "Stay" and "Away" options so that arming the system in Stay mode at night does not tell the Nest thermostats that no one is home. Has anyone done this? I see "Home State" and "Away State" under partition 1 of my DSC Neo, but it just refers to when those states change, not specifically when it is armed. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help
  2. pshrop

    New SR-260 Set Up

    Thanks gentlemen, that's the outcome I was expecting, but was hoping I was wrong
  3. Very kind of you, thank you. I'll be rooting for you (and sending you postage). Good luck!
  4. My new puppy just chewed up my remote so I bought one new/unused from a friend that had an extra. Anyone know if I can set it up myself (presumably thru composer HE)? Or do I need to contact my dealer? I feel badly not buying a new one thru him, so am hoping to avoid contacting him on this. I don’t have composer HE yet, but am contemplating it. Thanks
  5. if you don’t have a use for your old battery cover, I have a home for it. Our new puppy chewed up our battery cover (non-rechargeable). No clue if there’s any other way to get a replacement. Good luck and thanks!
  6. pshrop

    Amcrest Driver Relased

    My C4 installer recently set up a new C4 system for me and was able to get both of my Amcrest cameras - hooked up through the 4108E NVR - to show up on C4. After installation, I installed 2 additional cameras via the NVR (bringing the total to 4), but I can't get them to show up on C4. My C4 system only shows the 2 original cameras. Is there some sort of reset that needs to be done to get the other 2 cameras to show up? Also, I wanted to confirm (i) the thumbnails on C4 do not work with Amcrest cameras - you have to click thru to the individual camera to see the video feed and (ii) there's no setting to keep the video feed from timing out (TV screen goes blank after about a minute). Thank you!
  7. Is there a way for a retail user (i.e., not a developer/installer/etc.) to see if the driver is 2-way?
  8. Is there a way to know which receivers pass sound levels thru to the C4 app? I'm about to install a C4 system and have an old Onkyo TX-NR717 receiver that I want to use for outside stereo speakers. I understand there's a C4 driver for it with IP control, but I'd like to know whether the numeric sound level will be visible on the app. I understand this functionality is necessary if you want to set a standard beginning sound level when the receiver is turned on? If I have to replace the receiver, is there a list I can refer to so I can determine before purchasing which receivers provide this functionality? It's my understanding this functionality is hit or miss across receivers. Also, if I have to replace it, does it create any issues to have 2 of the same receivers hooked up to C4? I also have a Sony 1060 and curious if getting a 2nd would create conflicts? I'm assuming not if it's IP controlled, but not sure. Thank you