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  1. Looked into it briefly but was too much of a hack for my knowledge level. I ordered the Monoprice 21614, it was on sale for $60. I'm going to use the HDMI port that the Fios STB currently occupies and keep the other two ports as EA3 and Roku. I'll have Fios; Hikvision; and Qnap running through the switcher. If the switcher fails I can easily unplug it and run the Fios STB to that same HDMI port on the TV and at worst be right back where I am today. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, everyone. Zaphoid, as Ex-Galactic President, can you tell me if you were able to integrate control of your Monoprice devices with your C4 system?
  3. Thanks for the help everyone. What do you folks think about this unit: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=21614&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_uSxh_ff3AIVw5CfCh1t_gefEAAYASAAEgIhYvD_BwE
  4. Running a 4-channel Hikvision.
  5. Let me preface by saying I'm not cheap, but I don't think one of the many high-end HDMI Switchers / Matrices that have been discussed on the forum are necessary for my application. Let me explain: My OLED has 4 HDMI inputs and I'm using 3. I'd love to use the 4th but my installer never ran that 4th line to my TV and the walls have been closed up long ago - so no way back to the rack. I'm currently using the 3 inputs for: EA3; Fios Box; and Roku Ultra. In my rack I also have an NVR and a Qnap. I use the Qnap via the Roku Plex app so I don't need an HDMI for that one, but I'd love to be able to review my NVR footage from the TV. So the question is, how dumb of an idea is it for me to get one of those less-sophisticated HDMI switchers like the ones on Amazon and re purposing the HDMI that is currently used by the EA3 for this device? I'd stick it in the rack and run the EA3 and NVR through it and add an IR bud to switch it. Can I get off that easy? Thanks for your thoughts and looking forward to the colorful responses scolding me for such a sacrilegious idea.
  6. joecheech

    Need New Media Solution

    +1 on Roku and Plex.
  7. joecheech

    Vista 20 Alarm Event Programing

    Quick update, was able to figure out question #3 by programing individual notification events for contact open / contact closed for each zone and set a variable to send notification if alarm is triggered. Going to work on #'s 1-2. Any guidance greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm an "advanced beginner" level Composer HE user. Just integrated my Honeywell Vista 20 panel and have began programing notifications but need some help. 1. How do I program such that I receive one notification for Alarm Stay and another for Alarm Away? 2. Is it possible for the system to notify me which user code armed / disarmed the system? 3. Should the alarm be triggered, I'd like my notification to indicate which zone was breached. How do I do that? I have several more questions on this but I think if someone would be kind enough to assist with the above, I should be able to apply the logic to my remaining questions without burning up too much bandwidth on the forum. Thanks, all.
  9. joecheech

    *** NEW *** Is Composer HE down AGAIN?

    I'm back up. Will circle back if things go down again.
  10. joecheech

    *** NEW *** Is Composer HE down AGAIN?

    Looping in @RyanE please help.
  11. Just tried to log in to HE and got the, now infamous, "Director is unable to authenticate Composer HE" message we were initially blessed with back in June. I was one of those effected by the Security Certificate issue we went through and was back up after the fix rolled out. Worked great since, until tonight: @Derrick Cain have you gotten any reports of this new outage from anyone else? Other than trying a few times, restarting PC, I haven't done further troubleshooting to see if this is just me. Thanks!
  12. joecheech

    Dimming a Scene

    I created a simple kitchen lighting scene that turns on my can lights to 100% and my island pendant lights to 100%. I programed the dimmer switch that normally controls the can lights to activate the scene on a press of the top button and activate the corresponding default toggle (off) on a press of the bottom button. In the switch advanced properties I ticked "use as 2-botton keypad" to break the normal link to the can lights. Is it possible to program this dimmer switch to ramp up/down the scene? Thanks.
  13. Ok, didn’t see the other thread. Probably best if we stick to one thread per topic so that we don’t flood the forum. Someone will eventually address this, if not I will reach out to my dealer and see if he knows of anything. Have a great night.
  14. Didn’t work for me but I’m on 2.10.2