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  1. Press vs Single tap

    I see. So I can remove the timer and just keep the delay in there. I'll try it out tonight. Thanks!
  2. Press vs Single tap

    Here's the logic for when you press and hold...Mistake I had was having step 1 backwards. Variable should be set to True upon press. This works real well, led changes over to "ff0080", aka hot pink when you hold the button down... Now here's the logic for when you let go... So far this has worked really well. I'll report back with any problems. Sure hope this helps others out. Hit me up with any questions.
  3. Press vs Single tap

    I’ll get it up tonight.
  4. Press vs Single tap

    Hey gang, got this working. Thanks again for the help. If anyone wants to see the logic just let me know and I’ll post it.
  5. Press vs Single tap

    Thanks so much. Will play with this tonight and circle back! Can't say enough how generous a group we have here! Really appreciate it.
  6. Press vs Single tap

    Hi, VINCELdUB, thanks for sticking with me on this. You are correct, I'm looking to press and hold the light switch top button for 3 seconds, then begin to ramp volume. Upon release, stop ramping volume. Once I get this programing down, I'll setup the opposite action for lowering volume with the bottom button. I loved your idea of also triggering an LED color change to confirm action. I'll play with that too once I get the basic logic right.
  7. Press vs Single tap

    OK,So far I'm unsuccessful. Here's what I did: 1. Created Boolean variable: "press and hold" 2. Created timer: "3 second press and hold"; interval = 3 seconds. - When timer expires "press and hold" variable switches to "true" 3. Programed press top button to: (i) set variable to false; (ii) start timer; (iii) delay for 3 seconds; (iv) check state of variable: if true begin ramping volume on kitchen sonos. 4. Programed top button release to: (i) check if timer is running: if not: stop ramping volume; if yes: stop timer. Any thoughts? Thanks very much in advance for your input.
  8. Press vs Single tap

    Thanks very much. Wow, more complicated than I imagined. I still have my training wheels on but just might take a crack at this.
  9. Press vs Single tap

    Thanks msgreenf. Wanted to require someone holding for a few seconds before it starts to ramp volume. This way someone can toggle light on or off without impacting volume. This programming tip would also be helpful to me elsewhere, such as programming a press and hold for a few seconds to activate room on / room off.
  10. Press vs Single tap

    Would you please give me an example of how to program a press and hold? For example: press and hold top button for 3 seconds starts volume increase. Thanks!
  11. Upgrading Roku

    Hi, thinking of upgrading existing Roku 2 to the Roku Ultra and had a question. Is this a simple "swap" of the old for the new, or will a programing change be needed? Existing Roku 2 responds flawlessly with C4 today. Thanks everyone.
  12. Relays and Lights

    Mile of lights? We NEED to see a picture of that!
  13. Blinds

    Just installed Lutron Serena and we are very happy. They are currently running a 20% off sale through their website. Installation was simple and my (NEW!) dealer installed the C4 driver in seconds. Did 3 windows with room darkening inside mount honeycomb shades and paid ~$1,300 US including the smart bridge pro. They ain't cheap but they integrate very well.
  14. Is 4Site down

    Oh, Sorry. I'm located in Westchester county in the state of New York. Go YANKS
  15. Is 4Site down

    Hi, Lippavisual, we are located in New York. Thanks, very much!