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  1. joecheech

    Composer Help

    Is this regarding Composer HE? If so, search the forum for the topic “director could not authenticate” and you’ll find a couple of long and heated posts about this. There was an issue this summer that affected all of us. There is a patch to download that fixes it. Hoping this helps you.
  2. joecheech

    Axxess Chime Relay

    Thanks Mitch. Called Blackwire Support and they referred me to Axxess tech support. Lobbed a call and an email. Hope to hear back from them but as an end user might get stonewalled.
  3. Hi everyone, for my next trick I’d like to integrate my doorbell. I currently have a traditionally wired doorbell with a wired doorbell button, transformer, and chime. I’m looking to integrate this setup to do fun stuff like send push notifications, activate lighting scenes, play announcements and all the other wonderful things we C4 junkies enjoy. I have acquired an Axxess Chime Relay and wanted some guidance on how to wire it. The instructions provided by those Canuks at Axxess only contemplate wiring this relay along with a wireless doorbell button so I’m not sure where to stick this thing (don’t say it!). As always, thanks in advance for your thoughts, I love this forum and I’m grateful for the people here that take the time to help goofballs like myself figure this stuff out.
  4. joecheech

    Streaming Device

    Not sure why, maybe one of the OS updates, but I kind of lost my Roku channels on my SR-260. Used to be able to press watch...."PLEX", or watch..."Netflix". Now there is a sub-menu: Watch Roku Channels....then pick the ap. It was annoying so I hid them and just watch Roku and launch from Roku home screen.
  5. joecheech

    Network and Sonos Issues

    Sonos is now up to snuff, too! Thanks so much!!! I got my life back
  6. joecheech

    Network and Sonos Issues

    Holy crap that got the wifi going....THANKS so much sonic30101!! I'll now attempt to repair the sonos. Tune in for results.
  7. Good morning my C4 brothers and sisters. I have gotten out over my skis once again and could use some help if possible. Here is the background: A few weeks ago I tore down my rack and redid it - reason: needed to make room for a UPS and a few other items (like the HDMI switcher discussed on the boards) + original installer was a major wire slob. Since the redo I’ve had some gremlins and can’t figure out how to fix. Here are the issues: 1. Terrible WiFi speed - prior to the redo my WiFi was Turbo-charged all over the property, now when I run speedtest I get <10MB/s download speeds on the WiFi - slower than 4G! Note that LAN speedtest yields 75-80MB/s downloads and 90 upload. 2. My surround speakers in my theater (Sonosance in ceiling connected to connectamp) are not connected / detected - either when playing music or when tv surround is on. I will get into my gear in a second but first wanted to ask if this is something that can be troubleshooted remotely or if I should get someone over the house to fix. My remote dealer tried a few things to troubleshoot the WiFi remotely like rebooting gear, pinging APs changing WiFi channels, etc. Seems like the gear is speaking to each other efficiently through the lan, but the WiFi radio waves are compromised somehow. I realize this may be a tough one and more info may be needed to help, I’m happy to provide more info as needed and THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE for any guidance here.
  8. joecheech

    Permanent Christmas lights

    Check out LeaveUp Lights. Heard good things
  9. joecheech


    We have 5 Lutron shades in our home and plan to add more. We use the smart bridge pro and they are quiet and integrate flawlessly. Expensive but we love them.
  10. I’ve used Northern cameras with my Hikvision DS-7604NI-E1. No issues. I’ve moved on from my Hikvision and if you are interested I have a Northern bullet camera that is gently used. PM me if you are interested.
  11. joecheech

    Vista 20 Alarm Event Programing

    Thanks Mitch!
  12. joecheech

    Would you do it all over again?

    I’ve had this system for a year. It’s great, however in my case the frustration far outweighs the enjoyment. My problem is that I had an absolute hack as my original dealer who set my expectations very high and then failed 1000%. I was lucky enough to find an AMAZING remote dealer on this forum but it has taken us the better part of a year to finally get my system to where my original dealer promised and along the way I have had to learn far more than I ever wanted to know about this kind of stuff. It’s been tough on my remote dealer too - imagine trying to tweak something easy from a thousand miles away but you have to explain what to do via text message to someone that is untrained. I’ve lost a lot of sleep over this and it’s been tough on my wife, who has been very patient while we go through the various trials and errors of learning how to design, actually, redesign, a turbo-charged home automation system. In my final analysis, I would probably pass if I had to do it all over again. When you read a post on this forum that says “get a good dealer” take it to heart. You need someone that has the ability to design the system properly and plan for every contingency. Plan on having repeat / remote visits after the installation too because you’ll likely make front-end decisions on your system and later realize that you would prefer different functionality such as lighting scenes, or maybe this switch controls that light. Other than some basic IFTT programing you’ll need to buy Composer HE to make those changes (or pay dealer to perform) and there is a pretty big learning curve there as well. Best of luck
  13. joecheech

    Vista 20 Alarm Event Programing

    Nope, got frustrated and gave up...
  14. I looked into HD station today and, as my luck would have it, my cameras aren’t supported 🙁. I have Northern cameras, which I think are made by Hikvision. I installed HD station today and was not able to add cameras. Cameras, however, are connected to NVR, not the POE switch. Think that matters?
  15. LOL, if things were simple I would have kept my Harmony...