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  1. Blinds

    Just installed Lutron Serena and we are very happy. They are currently running a 20% off sale through their website. Installation was simple and my (NEW!) dealer installed the C4 driver in seconds. Did 3 windows with room darkening inside mount honeycomb shades and paid ~$1,300 US including the smart bridge pro. They ain't cheap but they integrate very well.
  2. Is 4Site down

    Oh, Sorry. I'm located in Westchester county in the state of New York. Go YANKS
  3. Is 4Site down

    Hi, Lippavisual, we are located in New York. Thanks, very much!
  4. Is 4Site down

    Well, it's Monday and I'm still in the dark. I know, shocker! For the record, I can login to my MyC4 portal and see that my Ea3 is registered but it doesn't make a damn difference because the C4 app isn't working for me. Neither home, nor away from home. I don't even want the damn 4 site anymore, I just want the app to work in the house. ... Brace yourself for the VERY LONG RANT TO FOLLOW... ...This guy has turned out to be every much the CLOWN that knowitall alluded to above. It's really a shame because after "Bozo the Dealer" suggested C4 to me I did some research, especially on these forums, and really liked the prospect of C4. One early complaint from my side was that there isn't much out there in the way of detailed information available on C4 other than some youtube videos and this, as well as a few more, online forums. Other than the technical dialog on this forum, which is tough for an outsider to decipher, everything out there was very high-level only. For example, you watch a youtube video demonstration, see it work (quite exceptionally), but you get no perspective on what it takes to program it. Everything from the main control 4 website points to "Find a dealer near you"... Although the website and online information states that C4 is a dealer-provided, dealer-controlled system, it needs to be noted here that NOT ALL CONTROL 4 DEALERS ARE THE SAME. Not even close, as in my case. Your Control4 experience depends **ENTIRELY** on the capabilities and customer service of your dealer. There are thousands of dealers out there and their "rank" is really based on their length of time and sales volume, as far as I can tell. By way of background, before making the "biggest mistake of my A/V life", I was on my way to having a smart home, maybe just a little dated and antiquated. While no expert, I feel like I possess more knowledge about AV and home automation than your average Joe. I had a few older harmony remotes and was looking to be able to upgrade those, add lighting, and window shade control. I already had sonos in three different zones and was content with the app. I have ecobee3 thermostats and room sensors and love the ecobee app. I have several outside and inside lights on Honewell in-wall programmable timer switches with generic on/off lighting scenes. I have MyQ controlling my garage doors and am fine with the app. I had some old vuezone camera's and was looking to update those at some point. All of these with the exception of sonos were installed by yours truly and doing exactly what I intended them to do. I should have left this all alone. So I called this Bozo up to work with me on my home theater - because I wanted some professional perspective and that's what he does for a living - and told him that I was redoing my family room and wanted to upgrade the TV and add a playbar with in-ceiling surrounds because my old fashioned amp / 5.1 surround satellite speakers were over 10 years old and tiring. He had previously installed my sonos and it works like a charm. He's got a real company, a good website, and excellent reviews both commercial and consumer. I told him what I already had in the way of smart home stuff, just by way of conversation, and he immediately started preaching about Control 4, zigbee, centralized this, automated that, and the best part: You can add to it as you go. I loved the idea, especially about expanding as I go. He has a mobile smart trailer that he rolled up to my house to demonstrate the product and I loved it. I punched my ticket and was on-board the crazy train... I made two wishlists: (1) Short Term (day-one needs) and (2) Long Term. My short term list included: controlling my new TV, new Playbar and surrounds, existing FIOS, existing Roku, a new QNAP media server, existing Sonos, some upgraded surveillance camera system, existing MyQ, existing Ecobee3s, new Lutron smart window blinds, and a few light switches to get my feet wet. Also asked for Composer HE and he agreed and also offered to throw in a year of 4site "on the arm". My Long Term list included systematically replacing my honeywell in-wall timers with C4 switches, my alarm system, a new gaming system, some card access sensors (elk door bell), motion triggers, leak sensors, irrigation system, more lights, keypads, more music zones, etc. I mentioned that other than the initial setup, I'd be installing the add-on light switches that he could sell me and he would only have to bind them. Before we finalized the plan I asked him: (1) was I a good candidate for a C4 retrofit? and (2) was this job within his capabilities? Without hesitation he said yes to both. I asked him about his training and he indicated that he went to one of the Carolina's for a week to do the C4 training and that he has installed several systems since becoming a licensed dealer. I checked his license through C4 and it came back clean. Not gold or higher, just regular, but I was satisfied. We spec'd an Ea3 as my central controller, he sold me on a hikvision nvr and two IP cameras. He wanted to put a Samsung TV and I suggested an LG OLED; he suggested an AV Rack to go in my home gym to contain all of the components; two wifi access points (these actually have been excellent), and all the appropriate PoE switches, power conditioners, rf repeaters, cat6, Lan outlets in several rooms, etc. I had faith that he could deliver on this and got really excited as my renovation project went forward. His first mistake was only running 3 hdmi's from the AV rack to the TV to go along with 4 cat6 lines. Once the walls were sealed up, painted, and finished there was no easy way to add to that. I didn't question this as I was under the impression (erroneously) that the Ea3 would act as an HDMI switch. I know I was wrong, but given my detailed request list and all the other diligence I did on the guy, I figured there was something he knew that I didn't. He shows up to install and program the system and I realize that I have 5 clients (Ea3, Fios, Roku, Hikvision, Qnap) to go with my 3 HDMI's. I question him and he tells me that my TV only has 3 HDMI and that I should have listened to him and got the samsung! My LG was already on the wall so I couldn't show him, but I went online and showed him the specs where it shows that the OLED has 4 HDMI's. He says, OK, I'll sell you a balun to convert one of the cat6 to HDMI and I say, fine, what about the 5th client? He tries to say that I can view the camera's through the LAN, so I don't need the extra HDMI. After some research, I come to realize that this isn't going to work. He then states a second time - should have gone with the samsung... So I politely ask him: Why didn't you tell me that I was going to have an issue with the number of HDMI ports BEFORE we settled on the LG? I mean, he said NOTHING to me about this pre-purchase, other than he "liked" samsung over LG. Had he provided me with a real reason to go with one over the other, I probably would have listened. But he didn't, he simply said "why do you want the LG?" I said, "I liked the reviews; everywhere I read they state that the picture on the LG is the best; I went to the store and loved the picture quality; loved the slim design; versatility....." kind of what any non-professional consumer that has done some homework would say. His response was "yea, they are awesome, OK, we'll get you the LG". No warning about HDMI ports - and he knew god damn well what I wanted to pair with it (short term and long term) before I bought it.... Then he get's to programming the C4. Correction, he gets on the phone with tech support at C4 for three days straight and programs about 3/4 of it. Along the way he hits several walls - which I actually found the solution to using this forum!!!! It was mind-boggling. He'd call support, wait on hold for 20 minutes and ask them a question. They start to give him the answer and he goes "oh yea, now I remember, OK thanks" and starts to hang up....Then I hear the tech guy on the other end of the phone going "WAIT! THERE'S MORE STEPS!!" - CLICK...an hour later he calls back, waits on the phone again for 20 minutes, gets another tech and gets the second half of the sentence. No kidding, this happened about 4 times in the day I was home watching this all unfold. He gets the TV and light switches working and leaves and promises to come back and finish. To date, I have my fios, my Roku, 3 lights, and that's it. If i want to use my Qnap I do so through my roku plex app. No other access to the media server via the TV. If i want to view my hikvision I have to use their app (which is a steaming pile of dookie - for anyone interested). He refused to install any 3rd party drivers so no MyQ and no Ecobee. NOT EVER. No 4site, and no composer HE. No sonos, no favorites, no lighting scenes, and no instructions. I've been following up with him for several weeks now and have gotten excuse after excuse. It's obvious now that this job was way beyond his capabilities and it just sucks for me and I'm forced to go on and on here like an absolute fool. Thankfully I haven't paid the guy for the programming, but that's beyond the point. I know I probably should have spared everyone this long read but I wanted to get this info out there in case there is another "me" out there lurking while they weigh the pros and cons of this system. It's mostly to them that I'm writing to..... ...THE ANSWER IS DON'T DO IT, IT AIN'T WORTH IT... In summary, I wish I could go back and go with my original idea of using a friggin Harmony remote control and some Lutron smart switches. The job would have been done and I would have saved thousands of dollars. Yea, I would have had to use my ecobee app and my MyQ app, and my Lutron app, but at least I'd have been able to control them. Now I'm down a rabbit hole with no end in site... If there are any pros out there that could provide me with some counseling, I'd really appreciate it. Hopefully I haven't offended any of you, as you all have been so kind and generous to me over the last month in sharing your knowledge. Thanks for reading.
  5. Is 4Site down

    I'm sorry too, fellas, LOL. I definitely have just one wifi in the house and since my dealer said nothing, I simply assumed that I would connect via the app, using my wifi.
  6. Is 4Site down

    Hm, not positive, I'm connected to my home wifi for sure. Could the c4 be on its own wifi or something else? Nothing was explained to me.
  7. Is 4Site down

    Thanks Derrick for the generous offer. I'm going to give my dealer until Monday to figure this out before troubling you. I'll revert back, hopefully with good news.
  8. Is 4Site down

    Hi everyone, thanks for the support. Phone / iPad app has never worked - home or away. See pic below. I've been tempted to signup for 4site from the MyControl4 portal, except my dealer promised the first year on the house so I've been sitting around waiting. Losing confidence in him with each passing day
  9. Is 4Site down

    Still no access. Per my dealer, C4 accidentally changed his dealer account into a customer account and they are working on fixing. Two weeks in and I'm having some serious buyer's remorse....
  10. Is 4Site down

    Thanks Msgreenf, appreciate your input.
  11. Is 4Site down

    So, I got C4 installed on 8/21 and have yet to gain access to 4Site. I've asked my dealer several times for an update and he is telling me that 4site was down, that it came up on Sunday 9/3, and that they are backlogged in setting up new accounts. Is he pulling my chain? This sounds fishy to me, I think he's just lazy. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  12. HDMI Switch

  13. HDMI Switch

  14. HDMI Switch

    Hi, dcovach, thanks so much for the response. I am running an EA-3 to my OLED via HDMI. I also have a Hikvision DS-7604NI-E1/4P nvr with two IP cameras and I understand there are C4 drivers available for Hikvision. We haven't integrated the nvr with C4 yet because we thought we needed to run an extra HDMI or balun to the OLED from the rack room. As I was planning that new run I paused to contemplate whether I need to make this run at all, given that the nvr can be accessed via the LAN (I do this on my PC now). I'm just not sure if C4 can see the nvr on the LAN and send the output to the TV. Thanks so much for your suggestions!
  15. HDMI Switch

    Just another quick thought / question on this topic. Given that my NVR is connected via Ethernet, could I potentially view my cameras / recordings through the LAN and disconnect the HDMI, similar to the above example of QNAP/plex? I know I can log onto my NVR on my PC this way... if so that would free up another HDMI port on the TV for future use, like a PS or XBox.