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  1. I'm using EA-5 for a year now, I'm planning to move to light automation phase! From cost and functionality point of view, do you recommend using Control4 light switches or Philips Hue?
  2. navigator menu on TV

    In my case, it's connected to the matrix and one pointing to one TV/room. Is this also not recommended?
  3. 2.10.1 Released

    @wappinghigh C4 is like a bitter bite that is stuck in my throat Can't throw it out because it reached a no-return point! And I'm unable to swallow it because it's too bitter! We call it in my country the "Bitter cucumber"!
  4. 2.10.1 Released

    @wappinghigh I would definitely do the same, my investment in C4 is a regret.
  5. Doorbird TV integration

    I want to feed the camera to the TV via HDMI, not necessarily the Doorbird camera. (all the camera including Doorbird are connected to the NVR). All TVs are connected to HDMI matrix. As I'm using Composer HE, I'm unable to find advance programming documents to illustrate how to route the camera feed to a specific TV/Room.
  6. Doorbird TV integration

    Hi Elvis, @Elvis Did you find a way to do it?
  7. I'm trying to link a flood light to a motion detector, both are outdoors. Control4 switches will not survive our summer! Are there any alternative outdoor WIFI or Zigbee devices such as relays that I can program it to switch on when the motion detector sense any motion?
  8. Doorbird TV integration

    The KB is available at DoorBird or C4?
  9. Doorbird TV integration

    My aim is to automate the whole process. Once the Doorbird button is pressed, the TV should switch to Doorbird camera or another IP camera. I have Hikvision which is integrated with C4, HDMI matrix connected to all TVs.
  10. Doorbird TV integration

    So there is no way to route the Video to TV?
  11. Doorbird TV integration

    I have EA-5 and Sony TVs with drivers
  12. What is the best way to route DoorBird camera to TV when the button is pressed? Or to route any of the IP security camera to TV when Doorbird button is pressed. I'm using Cinigration driver.
  13. MicroBot Push (2nd Generation)

    I sent them an email asking for API if any.