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  1. I personally see thar Doorbird app is more stable and reliable than any app depending on 4sight.
  2. I have a 10" touch screen, the brightness is bit low although it's set to high in the settings. Would this be a POE issue or a defect? The screen is a week old.
  3. Is there a way I can do a paging using the TS microphone to any of the audio zones?
  4. Maybe I failed to get my point clear. The point is that the end user wants a working and reliable product, end user does not care about RCA (and he/she shouldn't). Releasing a product with a bug and fixing it with another bug is not a sign of a proper quality control. BTW, seriously I wasn't pointing to you in regards to defending.
  5. To be more specific, it's a quality assurance issue, if this makes it better. End user shouldn't be concerned with RCA, UAT, QSA... etc When a software company release a defected application and followed by a (defected) fix, it's obvious that the RCA would be lack of quality assurance/control and proper testing (UAT/SIT). If I have a mutual interest with an organization I will find all the excuses for them and act as defender. If I'm an end user I will see it a quality control issue. The purpose of this thread is to pass our concerns to C4 and show the real size of Composer HE problem.
  6. This is a clear illustration of C4 quality control. If it's not a quality issue, then it how C4 looks to the end users. Last month issue, C4 responded only after this thread got longer! And users started complaining on the social media.
  7. The problem is back again!
  8. I'm trying to buy relay Phoenix connectors for EA-5, is there a spesific size model I should be looking for? I tried www.digikey.com but I was lost as they have hundreds of models.
  9. Zuhair

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  10. This is a simple trigger that I created in HE, this is what I get when I try to edit it in When>>Then. You can only view it and test it on the portal.
  11. Will when>>then allow you to modify conditions made with HE?
  12. Does this mean my controller is successfully patched online?
  13. It will happen one day. Hints: Blackberry, Nokia, and Kodak 😉
  14. No email received. Nothing in spam. Opened a ticket and never received acknowledgment or ticket number, the only thing I got is a thank you for submitting the ticket on the website.