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  1. Do I need to subdcribe to 4Sight if I'm using VPN to connect back to my house?
  2. Being a Doorbird user for more than a year, I totally agree with @Cyknight . Doorbird concept and its form factor are excellent, the reality is not. Being on a high quality wired network, I was expecting better sound and image. In addition to their faulty integration with C4 (especially when you have multiple T3s).
  3. DoorBird as a stand-alone works fine and their app is also excellent and reliable . Doorbird integration with C4 is not reliable, the integration keeps breaking every few weeks for unknown reasons and it breaks every time the controller is rebooted . I reported this bug to Doorbird and they confirmed that version 1007 has a bug and they offered me a beta 1008 driver, which I didn’t want to install.
  4. I totally agree, the integration with C4 keeps breaking everytime I reboot the driver.
  5. Zuhair

    Alexa to Audio matrix

    My plan is to have a dedeicated Echo for each room, each room with it's own Amazon account. So the commands will be "Play xyz" without specefying the area name. Does this makes sense? (Epic driver is already installed, do I need voice scenes driver? So the checklist will be? Echo #1 located in the desired room (zone 4) Echo #2 in the server room connected to the matrix (input 6). Bind Echo #2 to input 6 (done by the dealer) Add the Echo as a listen source (done by the dealer) Echo #1 and #2 to be in one group (In the Amazon Echo app)
  6. I’m trying to connect Amazon Echo to the ceiling speakers through the audio matrix. Are these steps correct? (I’m using composer HE). Echo #1 located in the desired room (zone 4) Echo #2 in the server room connected to the matrix (input 6). Do I need to bind Echo #2 to input 6? Echo #1 and #2 to be in one group (In the Amazon Echo app) I’m using Epic driver, do I need to install the voice scenes driver?
  7. This might be of a help, this playlist contains 23 tutorials
  8. I have an issue with Cinegration Doorbird driver v2. Whenever the EA-5 is restarted, the driver loses the “Event actions and triggers” information. The driver information field will show: API Operator not enabled for user. Check documentation. Event: User or Event field becomes blank. To fix it, I have to do an auto setup: I contacted DriverCentral support and they told me that something is wrong with the EA-5 controller. Although I wasn’t convinced with their reply, I called my dealer and he checked the controller and confirmed that nothing is wrong, the controller is working perfectly with all other 30+ drivers.
  9. Zuhair

    Advice for 2nd amplifier

    What are the other options?
  10. Zuhair

    Advice for 2nd amplifier

    I have: Control4® 8-Zone Power Amplifier C4-AMP108 https://www.control4.com/docs/product/4-zone-power-amplifier/data-sheet/english/latest/4-zone-power-amplifier-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf and Control4® Audio Matrix Switch C4-16ZAMSV3-B https://www.control4.com/docs/product/4-zone-power-amplifier/data-sheet/english/latest/4-zone-power-amplifier-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf
  11. Currently, I have 16X16 C4 audio matrix with 8X8 C4 amplifier, all of the 8 zones are being used. I'm looking for an expansion for a minimum of 4 extra zones (ideally 8 zones). The straightforward option is to install a 2nd 8X8 C4 amplifier. Are there any lower cost options? My project components: 1 EA-5 2 EA-1 1 16X16 C4 audio matrix 1 8X8 C4 amplifier 1 Atlona 8X8 HDMI matrix
  12. Zuhair

    Relay Phoenix connectors

    Anyone one knows the exact model for Phoenix relay connector for EA-5? Or where can I buy it?
  13. I tried to find such materials for last 12 months with no luck! The only available documents are the Control4 Getting started and User guide which are very bacis. I reached a conclusion that the lack of such materials are ment to be that way! I'm utilizing my programming background in C++ and other languages and do my experements in C4.