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  1. MicroBot Push (2nd Generation)

    I sent them an email asking for API if any.
  2. Are these any similar products that can talk to Control4? MicroBot Push (2nd Generation)
  3. It's also looping when executing it through the button. I deleted the macro and rewrite it exactly the same. For an unknown reason, at least to me, it worked!
  4. The macro is being called by Schedule It driver. The loop is happening when the macro is executed through the driver or through the execute button.
  5. @South Africa C4 user @knowitall I changed the delays to 500ms. Yes, the timer is 10min and there is no event firing off on starting the timer. Yes running the macro once. Still looping
  6. Hi @knowitall I tried the above code, the music keeps looping
  7. I'm unable to find/access music media from actions, is there something to be done by the dealer?
  8. Thank you @knowitall After creating the media scenes, what is the action to play the music? (I'm using composer HE)
  9. Many thanks @VINCELdUB whats is the best way to play the music in 5 zones when the macro is triggered?
  10. Thank you @knowitall / @South Africa C4 user for the reply, I forgot to mention that I'm Composer HE beginner and I'm facing difficulties with the lack of the advance documentation. The reason I'm using wake up agent in this strange way I tried using media scene and added the 6 rooms (zones) each with it's volume preference but it played the media in all 6 zones at 100% volume. Shall I create one media scene for every room (zone)? Or one media scene per room (zone)? Should the script look like this? Activate media scene 1 Execute wake in room 1 Activate media scene 2 Execute wake in room 2 Activate media scene 3 Execute wake in room 3 Activate media scene 4 Execute wake in room 4 Activate media scene 5 Execute wake in room 5 Activate media scene 6 Execute wake in room 6 Or Activate media scene that include all rooms (zones) Execute wake in room 1 Execute wake in room 2 Execute wake in room 3 Execute wake in room 4 Execute wake in room 5 Execute wake in room 6 deactivate media scene What are other suggestions if I skip the wakeup agent?
  11. @alanchow I created 2 wake agents. I created a macro which is being triggered by Schedule It driver, when the driver execute the macro, the macro contains 5 commands: Execute wakeup agent 1 on room1 Execute wakeup agent 1 on room2 Execute wakeup agent 2 on room3 Execute wakeup agent 2 on room4 Execute wakeup agent 2 on room5 The macro is successfully being executed by the driver, but only the last 2 rooms is running, I tried shuffling the lines up/down but only execute the last 2 rooms. I'm pretty sure that this the case of this is not Schedule It driver. Can anyone please help? This is wakeup agent 1 This is wakeup agent 2 This is the macro
  12. Playing audio files to 6 zones

    @knowitall I'm using EA-5 16 Zone Audio Matrix 8 Zones Amp What I need to achieve is very simple, executing a macro that runs wakeup agent in 6 zones.
  13. Playing audio files to 6 zones

    The issue with announcement it only has 10MB limit and won't run the full track (6min). What I need is simply: When a macro executed -> play a music from my Music
  14. I'm using Composer HE, trying to create a Macro to send audio file from NAS to 6 zones using Wakeup and Maco agents: I have 8 audio zones. I created a wakeup agent to play an audio file. I created a macro to execute the wakeup agent to 6 zones. When executing the agent it only execute wakeup in two zones. I tried to add 500MS delay between each but no luck. Maybe there's another way to do it?