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  1. Hi there! I have a recurrent problem where my roku boxes diasappear and are not able to be controlled by the control4 system after a brief power outage or if they reset for whatever reason. The problem seems to be related to the roku boxes being assigned a separate ip address than the c4 system. My dealer has been great and usually just adds them back for me but wanted to see if I could get some help to do this myself via composer HE. I haven’t been successful in doing this and would appreciate any help. I understand the long term solution will be through DCHP reservations but just wanted to get them added back on for now. Thank you
  2. Looking for the 4K 10 x 10 video matrix.
  3. Yah- I do not think they have HDMI ports- it's the Velodyne SC-600, SC-602 The AVR's are Denon 881 and Denon 991
  4. The surround sound receivers are also centrally located on the rack. Probably will have a cable box, bluray player (older one from previous owner), may be an Apple TV? Never thought about the HDMI only output thing. Is a simple component to HDMI converter not a viable option?
  5. Thank you- Off topic from the original post but when do secondary controllers come into play? The dealers I've talked to so far have mentioned that the EA5 by itself should be sufficent.
  6. Hello! Background: first of all, I am by no means an expert on any of the below stuff and actually knew very little about home automation/AV stuff prior to buying my home. So just learning... I bought a home with an existing control4 system in place. The system was initially installed ~2011 and has not been upgraded since then. All the equipment including the control4, audio/video are in a central location with video previously transmitted throughout the home via CAT5E cables The system has been offline for a couple of years and per the dealers i've talked to, the current controller may not be working. 1 HC1000, 1 HC300. Regardless- I am planning on upgrading my controller to the newer EA-5 and reintegrate/program everything including switches, dimmers, alarm system, garage door, video distribution etc. My question is about the audio / video distribution: I have 12 TV connections throughout the home w/ older Samsung LCD/Plasma TV's. I plan on keeping these TV's since they work. I may buy 1 newer one. I have 3 rooms w/ surround sound including a home theater- each of these rooms have a subwoofer amplifier and receiver. I have a JVC Precision Projector and have no plans to buy a new one. I have another 9 TV connections in the home. As mentioned above, video distributed through CAT5E cables with video baluns behind the TV's Have ceiling speakers all throughout the home I have the following equipment running the audio/video: Sony Component Video Switcher CAV-CVS12ES (https://docs.sony.com/release//specs/CAVCV12ES_mksp.pdf) Control4 Multichannel Amplifier C4-16AMP-3-B Control4 Audio Matrix Switch C4-16S2-E-B I've looked into getting a LEAF video matrix vs JAP and am basically looking at AT LEAST $10k to upgrade the video distribution part of it. My question is: with my current equipment and hardware, is there a true need to upgrade? Especially since I am probably not buying 4K TV's any time soon. I am not picky and actually don't really watch a lot of TV but don't want the video quality to be terrible either when I do watch. From what I understand, my current Sony matrix switch, although a compnent matrix, does support 1080p video so I should still be able to get decent quality video? Just trying to get things up and running for now without spending a fortune. I am okay with "good enough" and will consider upgrading over time unless I absolutely have to. Just to clarify- none of the AV stuff in the home is functional at home right now. So I can't just turn on the TV and see what the video quality looks like right now. I don't know much about video signals/trasmission/distribution so not really sure what my current video switcher is capable of. What do you guys think?