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  1. Hello, Newbie for C4/2N and have a strange issue on Composer settings First of all, C4 and 2N works great together i can call from 2N to my T3 panel, with voice and video, forward calls to mobile, remote access to doorstation, open locks from TouchScreen, automation functions, etc. But have a bit of crap I fill username "panel" that is used by 2N for registration SIP account for internal network (calls to T3). After "2N-Intercom" becomes Idle 2N registered with this username and password in a moment and everything works! But after any reboot of EA-1, user name in Sip Information box become Unidentified_Device_224 (or 221 or 254 neverless) And of course 2N can`t connect it anymore, says Username is incorrect. I tried to use username - Unidentified_Device_224 and after reboot it stays the same but 2N still can`t connect Only one way to fix it, i just need go to Username tab in composer, overwrite it and then everything goes up Seems EA-1 just clear this data after reboot even if it visible in composer Everything updated. Does anybody have a clue ? Is it problem of driver ? composer ? EA-1 ? Thanks in advance