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  1. Any idea why replaced with Savant system?
  2. fluid15

    Lutron RA2 Select

    Thanks for the info - but that's a downer, I thought (hoping) this would provide what I wanted but be a cost reduction. I mis-read somewhere that the multi-button seeTouch would work. I probably read multi-button scenes and just assumed that mean seeTouch, but it was referring to the Pico scene Controls.
  3. fluid15

    Lutron RA2 Select

    Right now my thought is this would be the desired path - from what I've read on the Lutron site, and on forums, is I would get the same functionality as RA2 but at a lower total cost. Since I plan on using C4 for home automation I don't need a lot of the functionality of a stand-alone RA2 or Homeworks system since C4 will take care of decision making. I'll still be able to use the RA2 multi-button seeTouch Keypads and other architectural options for primary areas, but lower cost Picos (and setup) in areas such as kids rooms/bathrooms/laundry/etc. And initial installation should be drastically reduced. I'm not sure if the Integrator I've been working with will view this as a money loss or see the big picture as more future business. He started off with Savant as my solution, but it didn't seem like a good value or offer anything that C4 can't do (but does have nicer interface). So from his sales perspective it's been lowered from Savant to RA2 to perhaps RA2-select.
  4. fluid15

    Lutron RA2 Select

    I have been leaning towards RA2 lighting for a new build, to be controlled by C4. I will use a few six button keypads for the busy locations such as kitchen and master bedroom/bath. RA2-Select now has me intrigued from a cost reduction standpoint ( i'm quite sure the house will exceed my planned cost ). Does anyone know if this will integrate with C4 just as cleanly as RA2 ... specifically, will I be able to create the same type of scenes?
  5. fluid15

    Araknis Networking Equipment

    Sorry if the answer is well known, but what is UBNT? I'm familiar with Ruckus, Ubiquiti, and Araknis but not UBNT.