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  1. slevittmd

    Motorized shades wiring

    TL:DR: Can the Cat5 cable that was pre-wired through my house to power motorized blinds actuall handle the load? When my house was built recently, it was prewired for just about everything, including motorized shades. I trusted my dealer at the time and didn’t ask maybe as many questions as I should have. It appears that they pre-wired all the location for motorized shades with Cat5 cable (I’m assuming, it’s a single cable with 8 smaller cables inside). Unfortunately, the people who I bought the shades from (local budget blinds dealer) also haven’t done this much, but assured me the Somfy motors would work well. They just installed them, but now have no idea how to hook them up. From what I understand, once the Somfy motors work with the Somfy MyLink, C4 integration is pretty easy. However, theyr’e currently installed, but not powered. The dealer said that hooking them up should be an electrician’s issue (which I disagree with). Will the Cat5 cable I currently have run be able to power these or did I get screwed? The motors are Sonesse 30 RTS.
  2. slevittmd

    announcements stopped working

    Can someone explain how the start and end delay work? What are they needed for? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. slevittmd

    programming with if/then

    I may remove the disarming based on above recommendations. Is there a way I could have done the nesting better? Where exactly would the “else” go, and how would that function? The geofencing is through the iPhone using the home app, and it actually works great. I’ve been using it to trigger an entry light when I get home at night and it hasn’t missed yet. I used to have IFTTT and the geofencing was not nearly as reliable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. slevittmd

    announcements stopped working

    Thanks. Guess I’ll have to give my dealer a call in the AM. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I was working in home composer tonight and I executed one of my announcements, which plays a doorbell sound in several rooms. The announcement has been fine and the first time I hit execute, it played the sound without issue. However, when I tried it again, it doesn't play anymore. I tried another audio announcement, and that one won't play either. I then tried to play music through the same speakers that the announcement would typically play, to make sure the speakers were at least still working. It took a lot longer than usual to start playing, but eventually did, and now the music seems to work fine. However, the announcements still won't play. Any ideas?
  6. I'm still not 100% clear on how to use if / then programming, and if I'm nesting things properly. Could some check to make sure that I've done this properly? Using the homebridge driver and the Home app, my iPhone flips a virtual switch in C4 so that it can track when my wife and I are home or away. Both of us are very bad at setting the alarm when we leave. So what I want to happen is that anytime I leave home, if my wife is not home, it will arm the alarm and turn off everything in the house (if she's home, it doesn't do anything). When I come home, it will automatically disarm the alarm. The way I've got it set up now makes sense to me, but not sure if I need to insert any stop's in there, if there is another way that would make more sense, or if this looks okay. I already know that the variables, macros, etc. are working properly, just don't know about the order and nesting of things. Thanks!
  7. slevittmd

    ambient light sensor issues

    I'm the only one?
  8. slevittmd

    annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver - FREE

    Any update on this driver? Is it still free? Does it stream video to the T3 touchscreens? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. slevittmd

    Doorbird Experiences

    Well that’s good to know. Any downsides of the annex driver? The driver I have, when it works, automatically rings on the T3 screens, brings up a live video feed, and allows me to speak to whoever is at the door through the T3 screens. Is this any different than how annex works? Do you know the cost of the driver, or if there is a free trial? Not very happy with the current driver I’m using. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. slevittmd

    Doorbird Experiences

    I'm not 100% certain, but pretty sure it's Cinegration. I don't think the Annex4 driver allows the video to work on the touchscreens.
  11. slevittmd

    Mac version of Control4?

    I've been using Boot Camp. But with a pretty new install, I've been making a lot of changes, and switching back and forth was getting annoying. Just switched recently to running Composer in Parallels, and it's working great!
  12. slevittmd

    Turning on lights if sunrise > 0700

    Been curious, and since you brought it up...what exactly does C4 consider to be day time and night time? Is night time just after sunset and day time after sunrise?
  13. slevittmd

    Doorbird Experiences

    1005 - if that sounds right?
  14. My ambient light sensors on the keypad dimmers seem to be picking up the LED light from the buttons, making it so that they won't dim when it's dark. I can actually see the LED light by looking into the ambient light sensor. This seems to mostly be a problem on the switches that are 6-button, not so much when there are volume buttons at the bottom. Seems like a pretty big oversight by C4. Any workaround for this? I think I've read something about sharpie marker, but where, exactly, do you do that? Pictures would be helpful. Any more elegant fixes?
  15. slevittmd

    Doorbird Experiences

    I've been pretty disappointed with the Doorbird so far. The app is okay, although I have had issues where they're gone before I get the notification - usually when I'm out of the house. However, the biggest disappointment is how unreliable it's been with the touchscreens. For a while, when initially set up, when you pressed the button, the touchscreens would ring and show up video right away. However, it was less than a day before this stopped working. Eventually, my installer got it working again, but it also stopped working again the same day. Currently, it almost never works. Not sure if it's the driver or something else, but the doorbird is hard wired and seems to be setup properly in C4.