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  1. Claudio

    Light Switch Driver

    Thanks for confirmation about values Still not updating GUI with level. Is it correct to use "LIGHT_LEVEL" notify to update the interface about ON/OFF state, or do I need other messages? Thanks
  2. Claudio

    Light Switch Driver

    Thanks for suggestion! Something changed, now preview window in Composer reacts by hilighting ON/OFF buttons and they work, but still status does not reflect correctly: in preview window of Composer I still do not see anything in "current light level" and, for real (e.g. in touch) the toggle button still returns back to OFF state after a while. I am implementing a simple ON/OFF driver, without dimming level capability (and corresonding "set_level" capability set to false), is it correct to inform the proxy via "LIGHT_LEVEL" message, or is there another more appropriate message? In any case, is it correct to use "100" as level for light switched ON, or "1" would be correct? Thanks in advance! Claudio
  3. Claudio

    Light Switch Driver

    I have a similar problem with a driver with a LIGHT proxy binding (5001) and a network connection (6001). Everything works with commands, but I cannot update the user interface with state coming from the network connection... The first "strange" thing is that the preview popup in Composer does not hilight buttons neither offers any interaction, differently from other lighting drivers (cfr screenshot). The driver comes from the SDK blind proxy template, modified to use the LIGHT proxy/class instead of BLIND; the original one, of course, works well... When monitored inside a navigator, the corresponding item does not change aspect... Essentially the driver must act as a ON/OFF light. This is the list of driver proxies... <proxies qty="1"> <proxy proxybindingid="5001" primary="True">light</proxy> </proxies> ... and connections: <connections> <connection> <id>5001</id> <facing>6</facing> <connectionname>Light</connectionname> <type>2</type> <consumer>False</consumer> <hidden>True</hidden> <audiosource>False</audiosource> <videosource>False</videosource> <linelevel>False</linelevel> <classes> <class> <classname>LIGHT</classname> </class> </classes> </connection> <connection> <id>6001</id> <facing>1</facing> <connectionname>Commands</connectionname> <type>4</type> <consumer>true</consumer> <audiosource>false</audiosource> <videosource>false</videosource> <linelevel>false</linelevel> <classes> <class> <classname>TCP</classname> <ports> <port> <number>1607</number> <auto_connect>true</auto_connect> <monitor_connection>true</monitor_connection> <keep_connection>true</keep_connection> </port> </ports> </class> </classes> </connection> </connections> Capabilities: <capabilities> <on_off>True</on_off> <set_level>False</set_level> <ramp_level>False</ramp_level> <has_single_led>False</has_single_led> <has_double_led>False</has_double_led> <can_detach_buttons>False</can_detach_buttons> <can_detach_led>False</can_detach_led> <has_press_events>False</has_press_events> <has_release_events>False</has_release_events> <single_button>False</single_button> <double_button>False</double_button> <do_push>False</do_push> <do_release>False</do_release> </capabilities> The following code is used to notify the proxy of status change: function NOTIFY.LIGHT_LEVEL(bindingID, level) LogTrace("NOTIFY.LIGHT_LEVEL(bindingID = %s, level = %s", bindingID, level) --local tParams = {} --tParams["LIGHT_LEVEL"] = level --tParams["LEVEL"] = level local sLevel = "" if(level == 0) then sLevel = "0" else sLevel = "100" end SendNotify("LIGHT_LEVEL", level, bindingID) SendNotify("LEVEL", level, bindingID) end It calls the following function: function SendNotify(notifyText, tParams, bindingID) C4:SendToProxy(bindingID, notifyText, tParams) end Can anyone help me in solving the issue? Thanks