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  1. oscarnyc

    Lutron RA2 Select

    The other question is what is the upside? Why not just get regular RR2? There seems to be a belief that Select is cheaper than RR2, but outside of a few hundred bucks on the repeater/connect bridge everything is the same. You are just limiting your option to use the seeTouch keypads, and fewer integration options. The value proposition for Select, as I understand it from the limited marketing I've seen, is for a homebuilder. Instead of spending $1k on 50 decora dimmers, sell your customer $10k of RR2 dimmers, pocket $6k or whatever, maybe $5500 after the limited programming costs. I'm not even sure you need to take Essentials training, let alone attend a 2 day Inclusive seminar in order to be authorized.
  2. oscarnyc

    Lutron RA2 Select

    I think that is incorrect. You can't use the seeTouch keypads in Select, only regular RR2. That is 1) to differentiate and 2) to make programming simpler. Pico's are only scene selectors, they don't have he scene toggle, green, timeclock mode, and path of light options. The idea behind Select is to reduce complexity of programming (hence the pre-engraved pico's which have some pre-set programming I believe), and therefore the total cost of install to the customer. Somewhat analogous to C4 releasing the when/then functionality. Requires a pro for initial setup, but then the customer can take over to a large degree. All these companies are trying to figure out how to navigate the brave new smarthome world.
  3. oscarnyc

    Lutron RA2 Select

    As far as I'm aware it uses the sames switches & dimmers as regular RR2, so I would imagine the prices would be the same and thus substantially more expensive than Caseta. Picos would be the same price, just as they are now whether used in Caseta or RR2 setup.