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  1. Hi, We are constructing a new home and I was wondering how to prewire the garage doors. We will have one EA-5 controller and we have two garages with 2 Liftmaster 8550 garage door openers that I would like to control. We've got the rest of the wiring all settled, but the issue of the garage doors is still open. Would 1 CAT6 from each motor to the EA-5 and 1 CAT 6 from each door sensor (total of 4 wires, 2 for contacts, 2 for relays) to the EA-5 be the correct way to prewire? Would that even work with the Liftmaster 8550? The C4 dealer that is contracted with our builder indicated i needed to wire from motor 1 to motor 2 and from door sensor 1 to door sensor 2 for the pre-wire which confused me but I think they might be assuming i may go wireless with the card access garage door package. Thanks in advance!
  2. Sharaabi

    New DoorStation Mini

    Hi everyone, I'm new to C4 and we are building a new home which will have C4. I just noticed they released a Door Station 2 Mini which is a smaller version of the DS2 w/o keypad. Can someone tell me what the difference is in this new model vs the DS2 w/o keypad? It looks like the retail list price is a few hundred bucks cheaper than the DS2 and has the same features? My dealer is saying they are going to replace the regular DS2 without keypad with the DS2 Mini on all their installs they are doing. Thanks!