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  1. By "found" I mean I post another Thread on forums.control4.com and got helped by a good man Thank you again. RyanE
  2. I Found the solution: it's the HVAC_STATE_CHANGED Notify for Thermostat proxy. C4:SendToProxy(idBinding, "HVAC_STATE_CHANGED", {STATE = "off"}) -- STATE can be 'off', 'heat', or 'cool'.
  3. I am currently develop a thermostat driver use DriverEditor. Does anyone know how to change the main UI color based on the HVAC modeļ¼Ÿ For example, if current mode is heat, UI button should be orange; if current mode is cool, it should be blue. As showed in the Attachment
  4. with the code below. All I can manage to achieved is something like this <events> <event> <id>1</id> <name>Button 1 Press</name> <description>When NAME button 1 is pressed</description> </event> <event> <id>2</id> <name>Button 1 Hold</name> <description>When NAME button 1 is holded</description> </event> <event> <id>3</id> <name>Button 1 Release</name> <description>When NAME button 1 is released</description> </event> <event> <id>4</id> <name>Button 2 Press</name> <description>When NAME button 2 is pressed</description> </event> <event> <id>5</id> <name>Button 2 Hold</name> <description>When NAME button 2 is holded</description> </event> <event> <id>6</id> <name>Button 2 Release</name> <description>When NAME button 2 is released</description> </event> <event> <id>7</id> <name>Button 3 Press</name> <description>When NAME button 3 is pressed</description> </event> <event> <id>8</id> <name>Button 3 Hold</name> <description>When NAME button 3 is holded</description> </event> <event> <id>9</id> <name>Button 3 Release</name> <description>When NAME button 3 is released</description> </event> <event> <id>10</id> <name>Button 4 Press</name> <description>When NAME button 4 is pressed</description> </event> <event> <id>11</id> <name>Button 4 Hold</name> <description>When NAME button 4 is holded</description> </event> <event> <id>12</id> <name>Button 4 Release</name> <description>When NAME button 4 is released</description> </event> <event> <id>13</id> <name>Button 5 Press</name> <description>When NAME button 5 is pressed</description> </event> <event> <id>14</id> <name>Button 5 Hold</name> <description>When NAME button 5 is holded</description> </event> <event> <id>15</id> <name>Button 5 Release</name> <description>When NAME button 5 is released</description> </event> <event> <id>16</id> <name>Button 6 Press</name> <description>When NAME button 6 is pressed</description> </event> <event> <id>17</id> <name>Button 6 Hold</name> <description>When NAME button 6 is holded</description> </event> <event> <id>18</id> <name>Button 6 Release</name> <description>When NAME button 6 is released</description> </event> </events>
  5. I am currently writing a driver for my keypad. How can I implement my Device Events like this: