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  1. Anyone having issues connecting remotely on iOS 12? Also what phone are you using?
  2. Shivam Paw

    Spotify Playlists Driver

    Can take a few more testers if interested. PM me with your email address
  3. My intercom anywhere doesn’t respect if I switch my iPhones ringer off. You can imagine how I felt when my phone goes off in college in the first lesson of the year and my answer to who it is, is “the gate” @RyanE
  4. Shivam Paw

    Spotify Connect playlist shuffle

    THATS the solution I’ve used with the default Spotify connect stuff
  5. Shivam Paw

    Spotify Playlists Driver

    PM me please with your emails if u can.
  6. Shivam Paw

    Spotify Playlists Driver

    Current Features: * viewing your Spotify playlists * playing your Spotify playlists to any Spotify Connect device * programming a playlist to play via C4 programming
  7. Hi If there are any dealers who’d like to test a Spotify playlists driver I’ve been working on then PM me. Documentation is included so just follow the steps to get it working. Currently in beta so I’m working on more features. I had browsing Spotify fully working as well but removed it for this beta as I ran into issues on T3s and EAs - worked perfectly on my phone... Anyone, if you’re interested then PM me. Restricting it to a couple of people for now. Cheers
  8. Shivam Paw


    Anyone wanna beta test a driver for spotify? Let's you list your playlists and play them to any Spotify Connect device and do so via Programming? PM me. Only 1 or 2 can test for now
  9. Shivam Paw

    D2S Door station programming

    if u execute the code with the execute button in composer does it unlock the door? does the door unlock through c4 at all? are u pressing the actual key button on the keypad after entering the code?
  10. Shivam Paw

    Security-Courtesy Light Programmin

    What’s actually not working?
  11. Shivam Paw

    Simple Control

    Confirmed!!! ios widgets siri integration ui redesign
  12. Shivam Paw

    D2S Door station programming

    What programming has you done nope You have to add it in the device properties in composer
  13. Just in case anyone is looking for it Model is SW-05-01 It should probably work with the SW-03-01 but not tested. avswitch_Wyrestorm_5X1 switcher.c4i
  14. Shivam Paw

    D2S Door station programming

    Composer Properties of the DS2 will allow you to choose a call group and I believe there's a setting to auto call the call group if the button is pressed. For user codes, in the properties section you can enter some user codes. Then in programming you can program when user code X is entered do Y.
  15. Shivam Paw

    Convert DS2 to Mini?

    Once you give into this the demands won’t stop. i don’t think it’s possivle but you could always make use of the keypad. Maybe get a smart lock that doesn’t have a keypad and then use the ds2 to unlock that door when the correct code is entered. Then have a code for your Wife that turns on her favourite music, unlocks the door and does some other snazzy things.