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  1. Still not working for me. Should I ask my dealer to reinstall the driver or something?
  2. I've had a problem for a week or so where Alexa says "the device or group xxxxxxx is not responding". Is this related to this? Still not working as of now.
  3. It sounds you like you'll just need to download the latest version from the C4 site.
  4. Shivam Paw

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Good morning. Missed a parcel yesterday and he took it away because I couldn’t tell him where to leave it. That’ll all be gone soon.
  5. Actually I was wondering this today, are the end users Control4’s customers or are the dealers the customers? For me it’s a genuine question.
  6. I haven’t seen @wappinghigh in quite some time..maybe he’s amongst us in this very thread and we just don’t know...
  7. Shivam Paw

    Left overs after upgrades

    Is everything gone?
  8. Shivam Paw

    C4 Network

    Yeah it’s solid. What issues did you have?
  9. Shivam Paw

    C4 Network

    Pakedge if you can - your dealer will have training for it and it’s 100% backed by C4. Alternative could be the UniFi devices - a USG, Cloud Key, switch or two and a few WAPs would get you going. Stay away from any sort of consumer stuff like Apple and your ISP crap but you probably already know that.
  10. Everyone, let's take a deep breath and fix this Almost definitely, you've gotten yourself a bad dealer and/or network. Network wise, it needs to all be reset and built AROUND the C4 system - only then work with the other devices. Dealer wise, communicate with them, tell them what's going on. If they aren't helping then email Control4 and they will get you sorted. Finally, you mention an intercom app, that hasn't been released yet so feel free to tell us how it works
  11. Shivam Paw

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    SIP 1 & SIP 2 get auto filled in the web interface when you choose a call group via Composer. In composer -> agents -> communication there is a Group called Gate. On the DS2 driver properties I have set the Call Group to be Gate. This automatically makes the web interface User 1, number 1 & 2 the following: The Hallway intercom is a T3 screen. The Intercom that is in shivam's room is the universal SIP driver: I log into the Bria app using those credentials and this all works. I have now changed the password & username though This all works locally. Bria doesn't work in the background right now though. So if I have the Bria app open, and someone presses the gate button, the T3 will ring and so will my phone. I can then pick up and answer and speak via the T3 or the Bria app on my phone. However, I can't get this working remotely because in Bria I have to enter the Directors IP address - which obviously won't connect remotely. And I am unsure how to get it working remotely. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Shivam Paw

    Spotify & Apple Airplay

    Auto on is just an automatic start for the music
  13. Shivam Paw

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    SIP phone number 1 is now: sip:Gate@ This is a calling group that is on the C4 directory. It calls the T3 and my phone which is set up using the universal SIP driver. When using my mobile data the bria app won't connect.
  14. Shivam Paw

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Alright, so I got it working by doing exactly what I did last time, just using a different client (Bria). It works well when I'm at home and was actually easy to setup. It works locally when I am on my network. Any way to get it working remotely? I already have a domain with an dns ip updater on my USG but I'm not sure about what I need to do to get the sip server working remotely. Anyone had experience with that? thanks!
  15. hi, on my t3 if I go to intercom settings, I can't turn on automatically answer video and also in HE the send video checkbox is greyed out. Any idea why this is happening as it seems to mean I can't monitor the video of the T3.