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  1. Shivam Paw

    Spotify Playlists Driver

    Heyo There’s one bug that’s really got my stuck. Is the driver still working for you as it should be though? When I break up for Christmas I’ll be able to get back to it. So hopefully will have updates for the new year
  2. Shivam Paw

    Help Post

    Poe 100% 😛
  3. Shivam Paw

    Help Post

    Take out the normal power and poe. Then try just poe. Whenever u have the choice. Use poe. Also make sure the port on ur switch is set to poe on
  4. Shivam Paw

    2018 C4 Black Friday Deal Thread

    How about everything for free ☺️
  5. Shivam Paw

    Items in Security Tab

    Experience buttons
  6. Shivam Paw

    Samsung Smart IR Driver

    I can’t seem to add function to it via the edit driver button as it doesn’t show in the default commands codes. Is this normal?
  7. Shivam Paw

    Samsung Smart IR Driver

    Cheers. Like this one. I edited it to include CH LIST and the actual settings menu as custom buttons. How come there's nothing mapped to DVR? I can't seem to do that in edit driver either?
  8. Shivam Paw

    Samsung Smart IR Driver

    Does that one have Channel Guide functionality? What button is the smart hub for? The one Im using has smart hub to guide and nothing for the actual guide
  9. Anyone got a IR driver for a Samsung Smart TV? Needs to have functionality for accessing the smart hub and also have all the normal buttons like guide working. Smart Hub would probably want to be mapped to something like DVR or available as a custom button.
  10. Create a group called All and add the T3s and mobile device to it. Min DS2 properties show advanced settings. Then there should be a way to turn off call via programming only. Make sure that’s off. Or it might be called smt like auto call group. Select the group u created in the drop down. I’m half asleep. Can tell u the exact stuff tomorrow if U still need :)
  11. Shivam Paw

    texecom premier elite Alarm

    What driver as you using? Whats SmartCom? What driver version? Ours is a texecom premier elite with com-ip. i know there’s a thing where you can only be connected to com-ip with one device. So to connect with Wintex for example I’d have to remove the c4 connection. What did you do with the sensors and when you say stopped what do you mean?
  12. Shivam Paw

    texecom premier elite Alarm

    It works pretty well for us. There were quite a few bugs early on which I posted about on here. Got most of them solved except for one: Arm the house, cancel the arm while it’s counting down. The countdown will continue although the house is disarmed. Now the only way to know it’s disarmed is by checking the telecom panel / listening for the beeping noise the texecom panel makes so if your panel is away from where you are you might have a mini heart attack the first time you cancel an arm like I did... you can disarm and arm and part arm from C4 programming so yes you can use the upstairs sensors to disarm (why though?) all the alarm sensors can be used in C4 programming if added to the project as well. You could technically do something with the standalone C4 sensors and the alarm so that when motion detected and if alarm is armed do stuff but you wouldnt be able to link it back to your actual alarm without the installer doing so. Useful programming we have: Double tap button near the door to full arm house. When full armed, set mocupancy to playback. When disarmed, set mocupancy to record. When full armed set Nests to eco. When disarmed set Nests to normal. Some stuff you can do with the sensors if they get added to the project would be if it’s between sunset and sunrise and the landing sensor is triggered then turn on the landing lights to dim to allow peoole to see where they are walking. When the alarm is triggered send out push notifications, take snapshots of cameras and send them and also play a scary announcement around the house saying “u are trespassing and you are being watched”. When house is armed turn on the nest cams around the house via the smart plugs and when disarmed turn them off (privacy ya know) Have fun!
  13. Anyone having issues connecting remotely on iOS 12? Also what phone are you using?
  14. Shivam Paw

    Spotify Playlists Driver

    Can take a few more testers if interested. PM me with your email address
  15. My intercom anywhere doesn’t respect if I switch my iPhones ringer off. You can imagine how I felt when my phone goes off in college in the first lesson of the year and my answer to who it is, is “the gate” @RyanE