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  1. Hi all, I have an issue where as when a light is turned off... lets say via a wall switch, it doesn't show as turned off on the C4 remotes or App. Or lets say the 'All off' function kicks in at 23:00 i cant turn the bedroom light back on via the remotes or app as its already showing as on but its actually off. I have a KNX lighting system integrated with C4 which is running on 2.10. The issues were happening before the firmware was updated. Any ideas are much appreciated
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    Quote for audio set up....

    I queried that actually and the price is defiantly correct for the TS-AMS24. I also thought the C165s were a good price as well. I think i'll go for the TS-AMS24, take one of the amps out for now swap out the silver 50s for something else. What are people thoughts on Polk Audio RC60i ceiling speakers? Online reviews seem good but not sure how they would compare to the Monitor Audio C165s.
  3. Hi all, just received this quote from my dealer to start off my audio set up. Seem's a bit pricey although i think the speakers are not a bad price. Any thoughts guys?
  4. Not sure if this is the same issue as im having but some lights on the C4 app appear to be on when they're not. When o try to switch the toggle to off in the app it goes back to on ina couple of seconds. Its really annoying. 🙄
  5. Thats fantastic! Thank you 😀
  6. I have 4sight and have had it for 2 years now, it runs out in July. If i buy HE and get a 4sight licence can i use the new licence after tbis one rins out?
  7. Wonder if its a different price here in the uk. Any uk users know if theres a combination package?
  8. Great thanks, my dealer said its £149 plus VAT. Thats without 4sight which is an additional 100 per year. Does that sound about right?
  9. I see. Ok so i have HE media edition. Is that something different?
  10. Hi guys, going back to my original query i mentioned to my dealer about the voice scene driver and he got back to me and said he's done some research and if i send a list over of which commands i would like and he'll see what he can do with the programming. Does this sound right? I feel that he maybe making it seem like more work than required to stick a fee on top.
  11. I have the new 2.10 software with the When/Then fuyncations
  12. Yeah apologies for the lack of info, i'm just keen to find out what the possibilities are and where to go next with what i have. 1 x HC 800 5 x TV set ups 1 x Projector 6 x C4-SR260 runing on several zigbee extenders. 8x8 Waystrom AV Matrix Fully integrated KNX lighting with 16 rooms, 1 x hall, 3 x landings, outdoor front and back. Each of these zones have multiple circuits. Integrated Heatmiser heating x 7 zones Integrated front and back door yale locks with remote access AV inputs - 2 x Virgin media tivo box, 1 x Android TV media player, WD NAS, Bluray player, Analogue 8 cam CCTV system linked to one of the HD outputs, with 2 separate IP cams (no C4 control), Dune Player media player. Integrated Texacom Premier security alarm - I've managed to use the alarm sensors and link these with the lighting via When/Then commands which is quite cool The obvious thing thats missing is whole house audio. I have cables installed running to my rack for multiple zones but haven't decided what kit to go for yet. Hope that helps!
  13. Thanks for this guys, i'll go back to my dealer again and let them know. If i dont get anywhere i might be back for a remote install. While i'm on the conversation of drivers... are there any other useful C4 free drivers that i could request so i could make the most of my system?
  14. Hi all, Just got myself a couple of dots to give my C4 system voice control. At the moment i can only see functionality for lights and thermostats, is there a way to use Alexa to switch on my TV's, adjust the volume and turn over the channel etc... I can see a whole bunch of voice commands for volume control that i disables because i have got whole house audio installed yet which i'm guessing these are for? Do i need a specific driver at all? My dealer said Alexa is for lighting and heating only. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Thanks for all your suggestions. I think i'll prioritise 4/5 zones to start with and will be looking at the triad 24 matrix as the initial investment and building up speakers as and when budget allows. Just to summarise would someone kindly suggest a kit list please with links to the details online so i can build an approximate cost? Tbh i have no idea if my 3/4k budget will get anywahere near the below. Audio Matrix - Triad 24 x 24 Whatever amp works best with the above A mid range ceiling pair of speakers A mid range bookshelf or wall mounted pair of speakers Also i'm based in the North East of England for reference. Thanks in advance all