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  1. RaviJ

    FS: Kwikset & Yale Deadbolts

    PM sent
  2. RaviJ

    FS: Silver Ring Doorbell + Driver

    Hi, fairly new to Control4. How well does this Ring integrate with Control4? I have a 10" wall screen - will it automatically show video on there when someone presses the ring button? Can i view the camera anytime I want? What about from my mobile? Willing to take this off your hands pretty quick if you can help me with the questions. Thanks.
  3. RaviJ

    2x 7" T3 touch screens

    What kind of condition are they in? I am located in Vancouver, BC Canada - is shipping covered be you?
  4. RaviJ

    (FS) C4 Demo Equipment

    How many years warranty do the screens usually come with? can you ship to Canada? I wanted to install this flush into the wall - what other hardware do I need? thanks!
  5. everything through native C4 drivers
  6. Yes latest OS. I also see the songs/titles changing and it looks like its playing but no audio can be heard. Same thing with XM. I also go to active audio zones and it shows no active zones even though I am playing music in my bedroom. I was hoping it was a software issue but have not heard back from my dealer.
  7. Having the same problem when playing music through Tidal and Shairbridge.
  8. RaviJ

    Alarm Parts

    I am actually looking to get an alarm system for my new house. Very new to Control4 as all I have right now is an EA-3 and 4zone matrix amp. Only thing automated at the moment is speakers. I'm assuming the panels/keypads work with C4 - what condition are they in? I need 1 keypad/panel 6 - door/window contacts 2 - motion sensors