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  1. Does anyone have any ideas on how to determine when a power outage has occurred? I’ve got a some components on a UPS that I would love to be able to shut down after the power has been out for a minute or two (to extend runtime for the C4 controller and other critical equipment). I was thinking I would start a timer when the power goes out and have C4 turn off specified outlets on the PDU when it expires. When the power comes back on, C4 could turn the outlets back on. The UPS is not connected to the network or C4, so unless I want to replace it with a UPS that can connect to C4, I’ll need another way to sense the outage. Thanks.
  2. Dr. Venkman


    Also, I’d have to assume that the mechanical switch has a higher load rating than the existing wireless switch. I believe the current switch is limited to 1/2 horsepower motors. If you’ve got switched outlets on which you might want to run power tools, the zig bee switches often won’t cut it.
  3. Dr. Venkman


    Re: Amazon It doesn’t appear that there is any access to it in programming, so I’m guessing that you can’t start from a favorite (i.e.by pressing a keypad button). It looks like you have to go thru navigator. So you can’t cycle thru favorites or use it in a series of sources that you cycle. Still nice to have, but it would be great if you could start a favorite by pressing a keypad button.
  4. Dr. Venkman

    Panamax Control

    So maybe I have two questions... We have the VT4315-PRO, and the driver our dealer has installed is for the M4315-PRO. I can't seem to get C4 to control it at all - is it just not set up correctly, or is the VT not controllable by C4? The extent of my ability to troubleshoot: It is connected to the network, and BlueBolt works just fine (outlets can be turned on and off via BlueBolt). I watched my dealer set up the connection in C4, and the IP address is correct (and has not changed). In the Monitoring section of Composer HE, the debug mode is set to print, and on the Lua tab, it just keeps repeating the following: OnConnectionStatusChanged[6001/23]: OFFLINE OnBindingChanged[6001]: Not Bound
  5. Dr. Venkman

    Panamax Control

    Is there a good way to control Panamax outlets in navigator? Certainly, we could run commands for on/off by using custom buttons, but I'm wondering if there is a way to be able to control the outlets and see the state in the iOS navigator. I was thinking there may be a way to do it with a generic switch or as a relay. The on/off commands are there, and the feedback is there in the form of a variable on the Panamax driver, so I figure it should be possible, I just don't know how to tie it all together. Thanks.
  6. Dr. Venkman

    Programming with Advanced Lighting Scenes

    Yes, so long as you've configured the LED to "Follow Connection" in the keypad's properties (the LED Behavior drop down). You mean if the scene is not bound to the button, but there is programming on the button to activate/deactivate the scene? Yes, you'll need to set the LED to programmed and then create the programming to have the LED do what you want. I would vote strongly for binding the scenes to the buttons (and having the LED's follow the connection). You don't have to do any programming on the button at all. Press and hold functionality is automatic for dimming The ramp rates for your scenes stay intact (though this may be the case if programmed to turn on/off, I'm not sure). I believe that you can also press the button once to begin the ramp up/down, and then press it again to stop it (similar to the functionality on a dimmer). You don't have to do any LED programming. It probably gives a bit quicker response, and it's probably a little more reliable. The downside is that you need your dealer to add it (also, you can't see it in composer, so keeping the keypad buttons named properly or documenting the connections is important). I've made my peace with that, and there are a few workarounds to let you do a few things without bothering your dealer just for a couple of connections: If you just want to move buttons around from within a single keypad, you can reconfigure the keypad in composer and it will move the connections from one button to another. If you want to remove a connection, you can do the same, but just not map the connection you want to remove over to the new configuration When I added some keypads and didn't know exactly how I wanted them set up, I created a few empty scenes and had my dealer bind them to the keypad buttons. That let me tinker with the underlying scenes over time, and the binding was already there. I have also programmed a couple temporarily, and just waited until the next time my dealer was in the system to have him make the connection.
  7. Dr. Venkman

    Can I configure dimmer to show as On/Off toggles?

    Thanks! I'll get him to install the driver, and then I'll program the switch/scene to follow each other (unless he can accomplish that with connections, which I was assuming was not possible).
  8. Dr. Venkman

    Can I configure dimmer to show as On/Off toggles?

    Thanks. Do you know the name of the driver, so that I may point my dealer in the right direction?
  9. Dr. Venkman

    Can I configure dimmer to show as On/Off toggles?

    Semi related: I have a couple of lighting scenes that I would love to be able to show as on/off switches in the GUI, rather than as scenes. Is there some way to do that? The only thing I could think of would be to have my dealer add a couple of dummy/virtual switch drivers and then I could program to turn the switches off/on based on scene activity (and vice versa), but that didn't seem like a particularly good idea. Also, I wasn't sure if the switch driver would function if there was no switch paired with it.
  10. Dr. Venkman

    C4 Network

    I would guess that you tried a different port on the switch earlier in the process, but just in case you didn't... When you test it directly into the switch with a patch cable, are you using the same port that you were using when it was in the wall? If not, give that a try - could be a bad port on the switch. Or a bad configuration on the port. You mention that the voltage is set right - do you need to set the voltage on those switches, or should it be able to detect that automatically?
  11. Dr. Venkman

    FS: HEOS Link HS2

  12. Dr. Venkman

    FS: HEOS Link HS2

    HEOS Link HS2. Purchased factory refurbished about 2 months ago (from accessories4less). I was trying to decide between HEOS and Sonos, and I ended up going with Sonos. I was thinking $175 shipped.
  13. Dr. Venkman

    Repeat skip Backwards 3 times

    You're programming off the room, yes? When the command is received in the room, it sends the command again two more times? So, each of those additional skip commands is triggering your programming again. As far as I know, there is no way to program off of the button press - just the room commands. You could try the programming below, and it would probably get it done (even if it's not all that elegant): Create a variable called "Extra Skip". When the command Skip Back is received in the room: If current selected device is DirecTV If variable is true Set the variable to false Skip back two times set the variable to true You might also consider setting the variable to true when the room is powered on. I'm not sure how it would handle quick, multiple button presses where the commands are still executing - probably it would just throw another skip in there.
  14. My dealer put both in our project. We use the IP driver, but I noticed an IR bud on the ATV during install and asked about it. He said he always does that, in case the IP driver ever fails. We have both drivers in our project, and the IR driver just sits there and doesn't do anything (the IR bud is plugged into an output on the controller, and I'm pretty sure the appropriate connections are made in composer for that). If ever the IP driver fails, he would just have to remote in and change HDMI input connection on the matrix from the IP driver to the IR driver, and we would be back in business (pending a quick update to the navigators). Never had a problem with the IP driver, though.
  15. Dr. Venkman

    Fireplace Door Sensor

    We have some Nyce contact sensors that have worked flawlessly for us. There is a C4 model and a standard model - you'll want the C4 model. I assume you're talking about a keypad button, not a touchscreen button, yes? You can use a timer to require a long press of the KP button. Create a timer for however long you want to hold the button (I like 2 seconds, but whatever is comfortable). Program the timer to ignite the fireplace when it expires (or check if the door is open, then light the fireplace). On the button that will be doing the controlling: On button press - start the timer. On button release - stop the timer. That way, if you hold the button longer than the timer, it will expire, and the fireplace will light. If you just press and release the button quicker than the timer, the timer will start and stop, and the fireplace won't do anything. EDITED TO ADD: if your dealer has set up a connection on that button already, you'll have to have that removed. There is also a roundabout way to remove it yourself. With normal loads, you can hide them in navigator. I assume you could do the same with the relay control. That might not be ideal if you're planning on using touchscreens, and it will prevent you from using your phone to light the fireplace while at home. You could use your alarm state or motion sensors as a proxy for occupancy and not allow it to ignite if certain conditions are met (alarm armed away, no motion in the room in the last 5 minutes, etc.).