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  1. Ilushka85

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Any updates on this ?
  2. Ilushka85

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    @alanchow any plans to support this update for long keypress in the kodi driver?
  3. @alanchow nevermind I see it was just released two days ago.
  4. @alanchow any update on this ?
  5. @alanchow after upgrading nvidia shield to latest update 8.0 the mini drivers for amazon, youtube no longer work. Netflix driver works however.
  6. Ilushka85

    Baldwin Evolved

    I use a generic ui button and integrated with the http commands of the connected ui for kevo
  7. Ilushka85

    T3 with WallSmart or Not

    FYI i had similar to wall smart manufactured... much cheaper then what they are selling for and have them available
  8. Ilushka85

    Baldwin Evolved

    There is no kevo driver but I have personally created one and have it working on my two locks.
  9. So the issue we have (I have 3 of these) is I turn on the room to Netflix. It turns on. Remote(sr260) does nothing. If I try to turn on another mini app it does nothing but then if I try couple times between mini apps Netflix is still up and remote starts to work. Other way to get it to work is turn room on off couple times. Or hit nvidia shield remote.
  10. @alanchow it seems to be working better but there is still a state i have when i turn on netflix via mini app and remote does not not control the system. If i hit the original shield remote things start to work or if i hit room off and turn back on netflix via sr260 it works
  11. Alan so I have been running it a bit with the shields now and experiencing a lot of stability issues. Movie list comes up empty but kodi is up. Old driver never happened. Sometimes other things seem to get stuck on shield now too
  12. @alanchowUnderstood but i thought in the last version (kodi full + shield driver) the name of the mini driver remains in the status
  13. @alanchow I am running the beta driver. Everything is good except.... if i have a mini driver like Amazon Video using this... after selecting watch-> Amazon Video the status on sr260 / t3 changes to show its using Kodi Control. Can it keep its mini driver status?