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  1. F0ZZ

    Hisense Driver

    My Hisense didn’t have discrete input codes. We added a cheap Monoprice HDMI switch ($20) that does have discrete codes. Works like a charm.
  2. F0ZZ

    iPad vs anything else

    I suppose you could just use a digital 110volt timer. I haven’t given it much thought to be honest. Any touchscreen I mount would use a POE to usb/lightning adapter. If the injector for the POE is on a timer you could set it up to charge every 2 or 3 days for a few hours. Depending on how long the batteries actually last. On on a side note, Apple seems to feel the iPads can be plugged in I definitely. The OS is supposed to manage to changing and even turn it off if necessary. Obviously this hasn’t worked for everyone!
  3. F0ZZ

    iPad vs anything else

    Ya, didn’t think they would do that. Might need to set charging up on a timer.
  4. F0ZZ

    iPad vs anything else

    That won’t be an issue. But I’d like to see the mount work before I pass out the name of the shop doing it.
  5. F0ZZ

    iPad vs anything else

    I was given a $40 estimate for a white Lexan option. On the wall it should look very similar to the iWall product.
  6. F0ZZ

    iPad vs anything else

    I may use one native C4 grouch screen but my kids rooms and bathrooms will do fine with a tablet. no worried about the wall kits. I’m having them made for me. Any suggestions on brands or OS?
  7. I’m currently using iPads as our touch screens and haven’t actually considered any other brand. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to using other tablets? Functionality and speed are the same? I'm able to purchase iPads for a pretty good price but still higher than many other brands. Thanks,
  8. F0ZZ

    IP controlled blu ray

    My research pointed its way to SONY. Most of their new players seem to be IP controllable.
  9. Looking for an Sr260 or Sr250 remote. I’d be interested in the lithium battery and dock if available.
  10. F0ZZ

    EA1 x2

  11. F0ZZ

    Woody. The rack that Fozz built

    It helps a lot. I didn’t realize how many remotes I actually had until I put them in one spot.
  12. F0ZZ

    Labeling tips

    Thanks, i have some “flag” type labels. Not as pretty, but it sticks!
  13. Thanks. easy enough to make another cable
  14. I’m using the Coax inputs on my EA5. Do I need to use the Coax out to my amplifier or will the EA5 convert this to analog. I’m already using analog outputs and inputs for other products.
  15. F0ZZ

    Labeling tips

    Ya, I thought of that, but not before I terminated the cables. Hindsight is 20/20.