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  1. mindedc1

    Small Receiver with IP control?

    Onkyo also works well for IP control. I often shop the clearance area at Best Buy or woot for such items on clearance.
  2. I attached a 2.9+ Kodi driver that I worked up from the open source driver. This driver uses event model for the UI commands but it also uses an API connection for some things like triggering library refresh and also tracking state of the player. This lets you for example use programming off the state variable to trigger lighting scenes (playing vs paused) and get even more specific if its in the media player vs the UI etc... Documentation is on the documentation tab. There is also support for either wake on lan or an IR command to wake the kodi device. This is required for at least the minix uh9 player. You only need to use WOL if your player supports it. If you have a player that requires IR power on, get me the codes and I will add it to the driver as an option. Kodi-Isengard-Enhanced.c4z
  3. mindedc1

    IP controlled blu ray

    Sony! Also, Samsung can die in a fire... IR only..
  4. mindedc1

    4K media player

    It's an ugly world out there for 4K streaming. Outside of Apple TV (great product, limited in the ways you can integrate with C4 or anything else, I.E users are banging around in the menu designed for apple remote using the C4 remote - feels clunky), the Nvidia Shield is fantastic for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Movies Anywhere etc... If you are willing to throw $30 at it on top of the cost of the shield, the videostorm IRUSB gives you extremely responsive control of the shield and lets you directly open apps... for example, the family just hits "watch" and then selects "Netflix" or whatever. You can get the same integration from Roku with the native Roku driver but I've had problems with signal stability with the Roku. The rules from Netflix and Amazon are that you don't get UHD unless the hardware detects 4K60 4:4:4. Make sure if you are after online streamed 4K UHD your whole rig is capable of 18Ghz throughput: cables, TV, reciever, HDMI switches etc. I cant speak to Plex, but for Kodi getting proper 4K UHD output requires a streamer with hardware decoding, meaning that if you want to use a HTPC or a NUC, it's going to have to be modern and fairly pricy. There are hardware streamer devices out there that support 4K playback, but most of them run on Android which only recieved the ability to process HDR in Nougat. There is no actual color management, just the ability to pass the 10bit color for say HDR10 with P3 color space. What I have found is that at least on the shield the APIs are not properly implemented and if you're switching back and forth between standard 1080P content with rec.709 color space and UHD with P3 or BT.2020 color space is that it will get all off and wonky. The only device that seems to implement this properly is the Minix U9-H, which does handle it properly along with properly bitstreaming Atmos, DTS-MA etc. The catch is that the android OS shipped with the U9 has the same problem. The solution is to boot Librelec from a sd card. There is a kernel fork for librelec that enables all the hardware to support the 4K UHD output. It's painful to setup but it seems to be pretty solid. The one pain point with C4 and the Minix device is that it doesn't support wake on lan. I had to create an IR driver with just the single power on command which I fire programatically. I control and power off via the Kodi driver. This will all probably (hopefully) change over time as android gets better support for manipulating color space and the kodi developers perfect use on the platform. Right now there aren't enough people doing it to get developer attention.