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  1. RR61522

    Using hc-200 in2.10

    Just out of curiosity, does this allow the hc300 to act as a ZAP? I have a customer this would be very useful for if so.
  2. I have had similar issues when a controller boots up before the router is booted far enough For the dhcp server to be started. A couple things to try are to set the ea5 to a static IP (not a dhcp reservation), or if your ups has the ability to set delay per outlet, delay the outlet the ea5 is connected to for a minute or so while the router finishes booting. Not sure what router you are using, but some of them take a couple minutes before the dhcp server is up and running.
  3. RR61522

    Is it possible . . . ?

    Definitely the best option.
  4. RR61522

    Is it possible . . . ?

    No part of the country that I know of, but I have seen it happen. Especially on residential projects built like commercial, and one hotel that was built recently... 30-40 feet is fairly common though. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JLLVRPU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_gtRZAb060V3GQ 2 of these, a Vera, and a keypad might be a solution to this particular problem though.
  5. RR61522

    Is it possible . . . ?

    Unfortunately, I’ve seen 100+ foot runs of bx around here, just depends on the inspector. It could be possible to get 2 more through it though, but an absolute PITA to do and would technically exceed code for max conduit fill %, so the electrician may not be willing to try.
  6. RR61522

    Is it possible . . . ?

    If I had to guess it’s probably armored cable and not conduit. i don’t have a great solution for the setup from what I am reading other than 2 dimmers in a box in the ceiling and a keypad in the wall. Or WiFi bulbs of some sort even though I try to avoid them whenever possible. Just remembered, what about fibaro dimmers and a Vera?
  7. RR61522

    Connect EA5 to component matrix

    I use this one all the time and name it whatever conversion it is doing. Works well, and don’t have to create “adapter” drivers all the time or remember what I named it when I created it.
  8. RR61522

    Why can't I firmware upgrade?

    I'm sure there is too...
  9. RR61522

    Why can't I firmware upgrade?

    You can not update because the HC-200 was discontinued 6 years ago. It would not make financial sense for them to continue developing newer software for them. In the world of technology, 6 years is a REALLY long time. There are many other manufacturers who would have stopped updating them after a year or two, so just be happy they have been supported as long as they have. I would be willing to bet that the old hardware does not have the power to handle all of the new features in the newer software without being really slow and buggy. I would also be willing to bet you would be one of the first to complain about your system being slow. I have a Bluray player that is 3 years old, and has not had firmware updates in 2.5 years. Would I like to have the features that some of the newer players have? Absolutely, but I also realize that technology changes rapidly, and companies cannot afford to continue updating their software forever. Control4 is one of the best technology companies on the market about supporting older hardware. Look at what happened to customers with Litetouch after Savant bought them. Lighting is one of those products you don't expect to ever have to replace. I have a customer with about 50 Litetouch keypads and 40 dimming/switching modules, and they have been SOL as things have been dying, so we are slowly replacing things with Control4 panelized lighting, because Savant no longer supports them.
  10. RR61522

    Sky TV Driver Macro

    No problem. It is much less time consuming to set it up this way. I have done a few manually when the lineup has changed, so I know the process very well. Also done it on Crestron back in the days before that had some ability to do drag and drop programming as well....
  11. RR61522

    Sky TV Driver Macro

    That macro is used if you set the channels up in the media tab of composer. When you set up your channels, you should have a new item under watch, that lists channels and allows you to select a channel from there. When you select the channel, it will turn the system on and tune to that channel. We use it for favorites for customers all the time. It also can be a handy way to set up alexa control of channel selection with some additional programming.
  12. RR61522

    Parallel Universe

    Unfortunately I feel like you are over generalizing the local dealers. I will absolutely agree there are plenty of bad ones out there, we have a couple locally we go behind all the time to fix things. Most of the remote dealers that are praised so highly are local dealers as well. I would be willing to bet that less than 1% of Control4 customers have any interest in DIY at all, and want a dealer who can maintain their systems for them. In fact, we have 1 customer who wants/has HE, and that’s only so he can change the sound his doorbell plays throughout his house. We have never had a customer complain about we couldn’t get to them fast enough. We are not in a super high end market either, so a large majority of our customers are middle/upper middle class, not the super rich.
  13. Edited my post to keep up, you got the first problem figured out while I was replying to that.
  14. You need to drop the command on top of the ? for the conditional, so it will become indented, and only happen if the selected video device is the oppo. It is a little finicky to get it in just the right spot, but your cursor will turn in to an arrow facing the right, instead of up or down. Other than that it looks good.
  15. Glad you got that working. If you have any questions about the process, just let me know.