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  1. Thepritch88

    LED Indicator Programming

    You could create a macro which activates away lighting and turns off all AV. when button is double tapped run the macro, then in programming you could choose the macro on the left hand side and program the LEDs off the macro. so when macro runs, change LED X to colour X, delay 5 seconds, change LED X back to normal off colour.
  2. Thepritch88


    I'd be interested to hear what colours other people use. I use white as i think it gives a more clean, modern look.
  3. Thepritch88


    Qmotion do a range of different style of blind and I’m pretty sure they do curtain rails as well. I know a supplier in the south east if you need one
  4. Thepritch88

    Help with WiFi camera

    what do you want to do with the camera? do you want to be able to view it on C4 navigators on touchscreens and onscreen displays? or do you just want to get notifications and snapshot emails?
  5. Thepritch88

    Single gang switch for both lights and fan

    I wouldn’t recommend dimming a fan either, you can programme one of the loads to just turn on and off and not use the dimming function of the unit
  6. Thepritch88

    Single gang switch for both lights and fan

    If your in the UK there is a control4 dual load dimmer that comes in 1 gang format
  7. Thepritch88

    New Wakeup Agent!

    I've never used the wakeup/goodnight agent but the Wakeup agent lets you set them from IOS devices, you set up the "scene" in the agent and it appears in a drop down menu on the app along side a time wheel which you can set to when you want it to go off.
  8. Thepritch88

    Temperature Sensor?

    yea i guess they are a bit expensive if your just using it for temp readings, they're £130 here in the UK.
  9. Thepritch88

    Temperature Sensor?

    The C4-Z2IO has a built in temperature and humidity sensor that is very easily integrated in to control4. This little box is awesome, it even works as a zigbee extender after a recent firmware update.
  10. Thepritch88

    Smart life items programmning

    smart life integrates with IFTTT, which in turn integrates with control4
  11. Have you logged in to IFTTT and seen if there's any errors in the activity log? i would also check IFTTTs connection to pushover. you could also log in to pushover and check the connection to the control4 system. Then if you have HE i would look in the driver properties and see if the driver is receiving the right message from pushover.
  12. you should find it in composer without needing to search the database, if you look in the my drivers section on the right hand side of composer, scroll down to square lighting and you should see the dual load dimmer, switch and loads drivers there.
  13. Thepritch88

    New C4 Apple Ios App

    the IOS app works fine without 4sight. i only ever get that message when im not on my home wifi, double check your on the same network.
  14. I’m not sure what your asking here, I wasn’t referring to a matrix in that statement. If your asking what I meant by digital audio being able to carry multiple channels? I was referring to the fact that you can send formats of audio that contain multiple channels of audio like Dolby digital, trueHD and atmos down a digital audio cable
  15. that is weird. your dealer should log it with c4, they might not know about it if it is a bug