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  1. BuffaloC4

    Substream help

    No NVR in the system. Those settings save, but no change on infinity edge. I always thought there would be a secondary IP address for the sub.
  2. BuffaloC4

    Substream help

    Hikvision reads those settings. Infinity edge can see thumbnail but no stream.
  3. BuffaloC4

    Substream help

    Once I change camera setting I don’t have to change anything on composer side? Maybe refresh nav ?
  4. I have several hikvision cameras that I am unable to view in my infinity edge. I’m pretty certain they’re capable of sub streams but I don’t know how to accomplish this. Thanks for for any pointers.
  5. BuffaloC4

    Movie Streaming from WD MyCloud

    Any luck on connecting the WD MyCloud. I finally got mine online after adding "public" to the URL, but now when I scan the online device control4 finds nothing. The MyCloud was a gift and would love to integrate into my system.
  6. BuffaloC4

    Nest Secure

    I know. Not doing in for insurance. Just want to be able to high tail it home and get an alarm blaring when an alarm triggers. So I would use 4site to get the message to push to me. Def not the best, but my budget is exhausted. Thanks though
  7. BuffaloC4

    Nest Secure

    and I don't have home phone and don't wish another monthly bill. another caveat...
  8. BuffaloC4

    Nest Secure

    Did you mean Simon by GE? Is that C4 compatible?! Extra module required? You may have just saved me a cloud based headache. Cheers, BuffaloC4
  9. BuffaloC4

    Retrofit Kwikset 914 for C4

    Search forum before posting please. This question had been answered countless times. The answer is no.
  10. BuffaloC4

    Nest Secure

    No ill will on my end. Its "hot new idea" in the sense that Nest made it public knowledge their products required no in wall. If I somehow could learn such wireless security system software and if such panels were made available to the public I would likely do it this way. My ex-boss schooled me in composer but never gave me much security insight. The security keypad runs on batteries in this wireless system you speak of?
  11. BuffaloC4


    Just keep trying. If you have access to the software you'll eventually figure everything out, except for advanced programming (that's another beast)
  12. BuffaloC4

    Nest Secure

    You are right, but its beyond me. I don't know anything about buying or programming a security panel. I bet Nest would make it simple. I don't know why im even defending the idea. Im just willing to take stupid end user shortcuts.
  13. BuffaloC4

    Nest Secure

    It's a modest home. I have 2-Zones of irrigation. Both run off single solenoid-> Relay.(found at irrigation supply store for $50) Hoses run along side of the home in trenches that were there when i purchased. All audio video and network wires in trays in an unused basement. Electrician did his thing obv. for 120 at TVs and rack and about 6x6 button dimmers. Most zones of speakers are resting on bookshelves or a credenza. Although i do have a couple zones of in ceiling and in wall. I was really lucky. The spot I chose for my rack closet was right above where an extremely old security panel sat in disrepair. I took doorbell, and assorted door and window contract wires and put them into I/O's. Its half assed, but serves several nice purposes, and cost next to nothing. For a 27 year old who doesn't know where he wants to live in ten years, its a great solution.
  14. BuffaloC4

    Nest Secure

    I would love to this product work with c4. I'd probably be the only one to use it, but i just can't install a security system in home im not certain i am going to keep. and no it will not add value to my home in my market. I managed to do audio video lighting hvac sprinkler with minimal permanence, but it doesn't seem like I can do the same with security until now.
  15. BuffaloC4

    Control4 Addict

    I'm wondering if anyone else has genuinely become addicted to using/reading about Control4? I realize that it is a pretty interesting job, or hobby in my case, but I'm wondering if anyone has experienced any social or mental problems from the sense of "control" that always surrounds. I tend to want things to work my way on my schedule. This could be a chicken/egg problem. I may be a controlling person that found the perfect control platform to get obsessed with! But why do I find myself reading about how people control their gates and fish tanks, when I don't work in the field anymore, and don't own a gate or a fish tank! Also, when at friend's places or Airbnb, I never remember to take the key out of the door after use. So accustomed to my Yale! I'm only 26 and I've been in my c4 home from 5 years. Just looking for general discussion. -BuffaloC4