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  1. Hi. We installed a few 8 channel dimming and switching modules in a project. The dimming modules are all working 100%, but we are getting intermittent and random failure on the relay modules (on/off loads). There is no fault detection when checking the modules. However, the relay module lights come on as if the circuits have been switched, but the lights/load it is connected to does not. We have 3 modules and they all work for a period of time, and then fail at random (an entire module at a time). Has anyone seen this before?
  2. RegicideCPT

    Panelized switching module issue

    Hi Gents. I've got an issue on site at the moment that has been persisting for the last 2 months. Install: 5 x dimming panelized modules 3 x switching panelized modules Each type running through a C4 done all switch. Problem: We have intermittent failure on the switching modules. Module 1 fails and modules 2 and 3 work. Physical reset... 6 to 24 hours later module 3 fails and 1 and 2 work. What do I mean by fail: There is no fault detected in composer. A physical switching on the module yields no actual switch. There is no "click" to show a change of state. However the light changes from off to on or vice versa after about 2 seconds. Yet the load does not follow. The only resolve is a physical reset using the button on the module. What we have tested this far? New router New luxul 24 port switch New c4 switch Static IP on the switching modules Dhcp on switching modules Adding them to the project via both of the above. Adding them via uddp. Checked network connectivity across entire network. Check outgoing loads as well as incoming. We are stumped and no one seems to have any idea what the issue could be. The funny part is that all dimming modules have never had an issue??? And we have one switching module in another section on the home with pool pump and rim flow connected and it's rock solid. Has anyone experience this? Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk