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  1. I have a control4 matrix in mint condition. I bought it and then cancelled the project. C4-16ZAMSV3-B $400.00 plus shipping
  2. malfaqih92

    FS used ea1

    ill buy it from you if your willing to program it for me into my system
  3. malfaqih92

    Sonos playbar BNIB

    ill buy it for a lower price
  4. malfaqih92

    Anyone Use Linksys Velop with Control4

    ubiquiti is the best.
  5. malfaqih92

    Small Room Ceiling Speakers

    i can get you definitive techonology dt series for 100 dollars each
  6. malfaqih92


    I need a good amplifier for 16 zones. I know I would have to go with 2 amplifiers. What are some good brands beside control4 amps
  7. malfaqih92

    WTB EA-3

    I will sell you mine for 800
  8. malfaqih92

    Multiple Control4 C4AMP-108 Amplifiers

    I will buy each for 500
  9. I got 50 speakers for sale. Def Tech dt 6.5r In ceiling Would anyone be interested
  10. malfaqih92


    i got one for sale. control4 matrix
  11. malfaqih92

    Remote Installer

    Can someone install a driver for my HVAC system?? https://homeation.com/app-details/Carrier_Infinity_Driver_for_Control4
  12. malfaqih92

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    so I dont have to buy the SAM module? Just get this driver for my thermostat?
  13. Hey everyone. I have a carrier infinity system and control4 home automation. I just got new carrier infinity thermostats (SYSTXCCITC01-B) installed today. I was told by the HVAC tech that i can only use that thermostat with my HVAC system. I would like to integrate the system with control4, some people are saying I need a SAM module. I've done some online research and I haven't seen anything recently about that. Most posts were from 2006 till 2011 on HVAC forums. Can some one please help