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    I like the idea, but with a msrp of 60 for the dummy switches, might as well spend the 140 On a switch.
  2. Ive purchased the irUSB modules from Videostorm, and now i am trying to add their driver into composer. It is in my drivers folder, and i tried to add it in composer as well via add/update driver. However i am unable to locate it either under media players or a search. Any suggestions? EDIT: As soon as i posted this i discovered my issue. For anyone else with this in the future, Dont search for irusb or try media player (Even tho that is how the driver is named) Search for either video storm, Or Universal Android Driver.
  3. Do I need a separate irUSB module for each fire TV? Even if they are located in the same location and on same project?
  4. How does the irUSB integrate? Does it require an it output from the c4 system? Will it work with the Ethernet dongle?